Vimala Misra

Vimala Misra

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January 6, 2009






50% Indian Wolf
25% Common Gray Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf



Lineart by Mikaela-Flippylove


Vimala is of a thinner build than most; the wear and tear of a nomadic life has taken its toll on her body and it shows. Her fur ranges from a creamy color, mostly on her underside, to brownish-grays along her back and framing the top of her face. Her eyes are a golden brown, and the left one bears a small curved scar beneath it. In Optime form, she gains short dark hair that falls just below her jawline.


Quiet and a bit mysterious, Vimala can be difficult to get to know. She is very reserved, but a hard worker and a dedicated friend. Spirituality is a large part of her life; while she doesn't adhere to anything that could be recognizable as a human religion, her family has always held the spiritual side of things close to their hearts.

Vimala was taught to hunt and prepare meals for her family, as per their tradition of females providing for the males. She knows very little about humans or their way of life, despite having lived among Luperci.


She was born to a traveling family of wolves who had roamed the world for several years. The group originated in India and gradually made their way across the ocean over multiple generations. Her ancestors were pure Indian wolf, but interbreeding has created Vimala's spectrum of wolf subspecies.

Around one and a half years into her life, Vimala decided to pursue a different life from the traditional nomadic ways of her family. She broke free from her birth pack as they passed through what was once the northern United States, running away in the night and disappearing without a trace.


Parents — Devi Misra & Agni Darzi
Siblings — Sanjiv Darzi (m), Kaur Misra (f)

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