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BirthdayMay 16th
LocationNorth Carolina, USA

Hey. I'm Catherine or Silver online. And I'm mostly a really boring person but that's okay. 8D

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1.  About me

I am a college sophomore studying marine biology, because I like to look at fish. I really enjoy music and tend to get obsessive over various musical artists that I enjoy. I'm a geek, nerd, whatever you want to call it, who basically spends most of her life staring at her laptop screen or playing video games.

'Souls is really my first REAL roleplaying experience, and I love it very much.

If you see "silverxflamexx" (or occasionally, "cjsilver") anywhere online you can probably safely assume that it's me. I'm not creative with names.

2.  Where to find me

If you see the name "silverxflamexx" pretty much anywhere, that's probably me.

3.  My interests

I really like music. Like really really. And nerdy things like video games and anime. Also art; I make graphics occasionally but my actual drawings etc are not all that exciting.

4.  Characters

4.1  Inactive