Glaiven, by Libri
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of Birth
Age1 year
Current packDahlia de Mai

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Current Pack Dahlia de Mai

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SignificanceGeneral member

Glaiven is a young wolf currently living in Dahlia de Mai.


Glaiven was born in a litter of four to Farren and Tyne. One of her brothers died at birth, but she continued to stay close to the rest of her family until she set out from the pack at a young age in search of a new dwelling. Her parting was sudden, and she left without any destination or goal. Something inside Glaiven was pulling her away from the life she had grown too comfortable in, towards new experiences and surroundings. She mainly traveled alone; only on the rarest occasions did she travel with other wanderers. This was not due to her being antisocial, Glaiven felt unprepared to get too close to anyone for fear of being slowed down on her journey. The only problem was that she didn't know where her journey would take her. Although her story is not that extraordinary or spectacular in any particular way, throughout it she learned everything that she knows today.


On the surface, Glaiven is quiet and easy-going, almost on the verge of passive. Underneath her unassuming demeanor, she is intensely passionate about standing up and protecting herself and those close to her. Because of this, Glaiven tends to dive right into things if someone or something poses a threat. She is very volatile and can occasionally act in ways she regrets; impulsiveness is one of her greatest weaknesses. Glaiven finds a positive side of most things, but has a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor. Even though she is stubborn and headstrong, Glaiven's trustworthiness and loyalty makes up for the fact.







Glaiven is willowy and short of stature at a mere length of about five feet and a height of three and a half feet. She wouldn't stand out much if it weren't for her large, bright gold eyes and her silver-gray coat that glows in a certain kind of light. Glaiven has few markings except for a small white patch on her chest and a slightly darker gray mark above her right eye. Despite her forgettable dimensions, she manages to keep a fair amount of muscle on her slim frame, weighing in at 85 pounds.

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