Belial Valentine

Name Meaning"worthless" "worthy, strong, powerful"

'Souls Profile


Overall, he's a dark, dusky gray that appears nearly black. Down his muzzle, throat, and underbelly stretches pale silver, almost white. His eyes are red. On his left hip, extending up along his back is a homemade brand of unknown meaning and origin, and in his face and ears are a multitude of silver piercings. Various other self-inflicted and otherwise scars mark his arms and body.


He was born. He exists. The end.


Too cool for school. Overt hippie personality. He suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, which is displayed in odd rituals and behaviors.


He joined Dahlia de Mai briefly.


  1. organ grinder (Conor Soul, Oct 2010)
  2. we're off to never never land (Nayru, Oct 2010)
  3. overcast (Saul Stormbringer, Nov 2010)