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Xyza Glow

by Sunny



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Xyza is slightly slender, dark brown almost black fur with a reddish brown bottom snout and underbelly. Other than the color she more resembles a coyote than a dog, pointed ears, slender legs, etc. Her eyes are also a very cold grey/blue color that seem almost like clear ice over water.

In Optime form she keeps her black hair very clean cut into a bob with straight bangs across. She wears a long flowing brown skirt and a wool knitted top. Her top is an off white contrasting her dark brown fur to look even darker, it is sleeveless but has a turtle neck & it stops just above her waist exposing her reddish belly above her skirt. She carries a large woolen satchel.


In her state of delusion... Often activated through fear. Western accent - She develops an odd accent resembling that of an old western cowboy. Accent Reference and Switch to Lucidity reference as well Paranoid - Her belief in the presence of sky people has her constantly in a state of paranoia that she has been chosen to join them like her father and brother has. She does not want to be taken and is terrified to be. Skittish - She is scared of every new creature and wolf she meets when in this state. She will try to avoid them at all costs but from time to time she must engage with a creature. At times dangerous - If she does not like a person's look or actions she will attack believing they are disguised sky people. Those who have taken form of a creature to take her away. Hoarder - She is constantly collecting very random items believing they are the treasures she has been sent to seek. It is the only way she will be kept from being taken by the sky people. She may gift you some of these random items in order to keep you from telling anyone about her whereabouts. Confused - While she remains in this state it seems as though she views objects as different things. Her memory often changing and shifting between different things. What she calls herself one moment she might call herself something completely different the next. Same goes for objects, the Sky People and at times even your character will gain a new identity to her.

In her lucid state... Almost always brought on by touch. Polish Accent - Her normal Polish voice returns marking her state of lucidity Voice and accent ref Kind - She can be quite friendly and will probably approach those who she hopes might be able to help her on her journey. Youthful - She can be quite curious and questioning. Her skills are limited so she might ask if you have food, will probably trade for decent items she has collected. Sweet - Her mannerism can be quite adorable and she can be easily loveable in this state. For those who meet her only in this state it can be quite a shock to meet her in her paranoia. Unaware - She has adapted to losing time to blank memories. She's unaware of her alternate and will often ignore any comments made to her other self. If a person is persistant in trying to make her aware it will often just cause an episode and the true Xyza will be lost again.


Born to the Rosa Berlin as an illegitimate daughter along with her brother Zeka it was destined for them not to be accepted into their homeland pack. Europa their sister helped raise them until they were suddenly stolen from their mother's grasp at 8 weeks of age. Xyza remembers very very little of her mother and sister that she had not known until the night of her father's death.

Growing up with her father was a very difficult thing for the young girl. He was an extremely paranoid dog with beliefs that go beyond the world to that of the outreaches of space. The beliefs of the extraordinary rubbed off on the girl but her brother remained untainted by Lorenz's delusions and left the pair at the age of 8 months. Xyza after that fell further into a state of paranoia believing her brother was abducted by sky people as her father drilled it into her that was the truth. Xyza at times has moments of clarity and lucidity but are very rare.

When her father died/was "taken by them" he finally mentioned the pack where her mother had been from and that her name had been Rosa. During her times of lucidity she had made her way to the pack and learned that she had a sister. Europa treated her with disgust and was quick to send her off on a wild journey to find her other siblings. It had taken almost a year for the girl to find the land known as souls. In her state of delusion she believes the sky people had brought her to Souls' on their sky ships to find their lost treasures. But in her lucidity she is quite aware of her journeys to seek her sister and brother in the new land.

Her state may be reversible with a stable environment and supportive people. So far she has only wandered Poland with her father and the path to Souls alone. It is unsure if her condition is hereditary or a forced state of mind.

Family: Berlin

  • Mother: Rosa Berlin
  • Father: Lorenz Glow
  • Siblings: Zeka Glow
  • Half-Siblings: Io Berlin, Galileo Berlin, Europa Berlin
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