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15 July 2010






Mia Tuk is a healthy pup with a size and weight just right for her age. Apparently, she will turn out to be a rather imposing female judging by her slightly broad shoulders. Her body and legs are covered by a light gray color, while the paws and ears are almost black, as if rubbed with coal.

Her long and thin tail loyally bears the same pattern as most of her body, except for its white tip that spreads to almost the middle of it, being the sole testimony that her birth resulted from the union of a gray wolf and an arctic one.

Her eyes are of a brown that turns to a sandy color when light reaches them, modifying not only her expression, but being in constant touch with her mood. Light itself has a rather firm direct influence on the pup who seems, at times, to even consume solar energy with the same greed a plant that has just passed through winter would.


Bubbly and inquisitive. If she were to be described in only two words, that would seem to be the most suitable at first sight. However, Mia Tuk is more than just an overexcited, playful puppy. She's not just a child that obviously watches the days pass by or simply plays them trough. Although she can't quite seem to keep her mouth shut and her curiosity at bay, she can tell when a situation requires seriousness and a faint proof of maturity.

She experiments feelings of guilt and frustration almost just as often as she does with joy and enthusiasm. She can admit her mistakes and can recognize her defeat. When something proves to be too much for her to handle, she doesn't force her luck or try to go against the laws imposed by nature. She is aware of both her age and her strength and as such, she would never dare to challenge fate (unless she has a very good reason for it).

She is honest and her sincerity lays within the limits of her comprehensive capacities. Since she is , most of the time, a magnet for trouble, she finds herself in the need to make use of one or two innocent lies every now and then. Other than that, she fears she will be forced, at some point to bear the conscience of divided loyalties. Fate cannot be seized or dragged back from its innate course - that was a lesson that the pup had learned the hard way.


Parents — Meda & Wanderer

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