Alae Sidhe

Alae as Lupus, by Shae
Date of BirthFebruary 9, 2009
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMonaghan, Ireland
Current packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateApril 4, 2011
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankSubordinate

Previous Pack

The Sidhe

Joining dateBirthright
SignificanceChild rank

As always, Alae's complete profile is still under very heavy construction. This will probably be one of the most complete resources you could find on Alae anywhere on the internet, so keep checking back periodically for updates! :o

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
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    2.   1.2  The Luperci Sidhe
    3.   1.3  Kael, the Great White Owl
    4.   1.4  Departing Monaghan
  2.   2.  'Souls History
    1.   2.1  Dahlia de Mai
  3.   3.  Personality
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  5.   5.  Abilities, talents and skills
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  6.   6.  Appearance
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    3.   6.3  Eyes
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  7.   7.  Notable Threads
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1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

        Alae grew up in Monaghan, Ireland in a pack of native born Luperci known as The Sidhe. The Sidhe are fairly large in number, inhabiting a village of their own with a population reaching 60 (and since then is very possible for the numbers to have risen). Tight-knit, outsiders were usually discouraged and distrusted by the majority of The Sidhe, even as considerate and kind as they could be to strangers. Protective of their territory bounds, it was a rare event for outsiders to be accepted to run among them, but only those who were worthy enough of the pack's devotion and loyalty would then be indicted. Born to Arylia and Vale, Alae is the second daughter among four siblings from her litter. Arylia gave birth to Alae in the prime of her life, when she was nearly blind and was defeated with battling Alzheimer's for half of her life. Arylia died when Alae was six months old, to which Vale passed Alae to the guidance and teachings of her grandmother, Senra Sidhe, who is one of the most profound figures in Alae's life and is the inspiration for who Alae is today.

        Spending her afternoons tending to the garden to help Senra cultivate herbs and plants for cures and medicinal purposes, Alae learned a great deal of medic abilities during her time with her grandmother. Senra was viewed upon as The Sidhe's wise shaman who held the abilities of plants, aromatherapy, and holistic healing to come into contact with the actual Aos Sidhe themselves, and for quite sometime Alae was glamoured by Senra's amazing ability to cure the wounded, the sick, and those who needed spiritual guidance in their lives through psychoactive herbs and rituals. One of Alae's biggest interest with Senra was of holistic healing and Baptiste yoga; influences Senra picked upon from her journeys in her younger life throughout the Middle East, India, Asia, and a little through the culture of Gaelic Aos Sidhe mythology. Convinced that Baptiste and different forms of meditative yoga help cleanse the soul and spirit, Alae absorbed as much as Senra could teach her in her time about meditation and holistic healing.

1.2  The Luperci Sidhe

        In Irish mythology, the Aos Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') are a supernatural race compared to fairies and mythical elves who either live underground, across the western sea, or in a parallel world that coexists with the human (Luperci) world. These so called Aos Sidhe are the human and Luperci ancestors, spirits of nature, or could also be gods or goddesses. They are not equivalent to the winged or diminutive fairies we run wild with in our imaginations. Rather, they are otherworldly human beings (or Luperci) who resemble humans (or Luperci) in size and appearance. They are tall, with a melodious voice, and could be described as stunningly beautiful, but at the same time could be terrible and hideous. Aos Sidhe are not meant to be glorified, for they are just like any other ordinary creature with their faults and balance. Ever since the disease spread to every creature in the Canis species, since the beginning of this mutation there was a group of ancient wolves during the first times of the shiftings who truly believed their genes, or a part of themselves, were considered one with the Aos Sidhe. Whether it was to cope, shift the blame for this disease, or find a reason for their shiftings, the Aos Sidhe lore seemed to play some significance in this, and thus these certain wolves believed in this as a way of culture and life. It is believed this race have powers to move quickly through the air and change their shape at will. While Luperci do not have wings, their "changing of the shape" is the main drive behind this belief. The Lupus form is thus considered the most sacred out of the three shifts, which might sound strange being Optime would give a creature more impressive ability and a gift to be more imaginative. However, Lupus is considered the original form of every Luperci's ancestors, and The Luperci Sidhe feel that in the wake of the disease, their ancestors should be honored by the Lupus form. The Luperci Sidhe consider themselves fiercely protective of their legacy and roots. It is no wonder many who are born into this culture have a very protective streak among them when it comes to their family heritage, territory, and possessions, as did in Irish and Gaelic folklore of Sidhe who were protective of their groves, trees, mounds, and hillsides.

1.3  Kael, the Great White Owl

        When Alae was eight months old, one night she happened upon a wounded Harfang chick in the dead of night (and almost claimed it as prey to bring back to the pack). Whether its parents abandoned the chick for unknown reasons, or it fell out of its nest, Alae took the snowy owl back to the village with her to nurse it back to health as she found it in a withering condition. Kael is known as a male snowy owl, due to the fact he is virtually almost pure white (and females have more dark scalloping). When Kael was able to reach prime health once again, Alae attempted to set him free into the wild again. Even returning to the place she found Kael, the nest had been empty and abandoned ever since. Despite her efforts to re-release Kael, the Harfang found a newfound companion and means of survival in Alae. To this day the owl remains in the company of the Sidhe, either soaring from above, or sometimes will perch upon the ridge of her shoulder. Snowy owls are known to be nomadic, so accompanying Alae on her journeys thus far have not been an issue for Kael, nor does he ever leave the proximity of Alae. Kael is not defined as a Spirit Guide to Alae, despite the Spirit Guide belief the AniWaya Tribe in 'Souls believes Not holding a particular set personality about him, Kael is rather seen as the observant onlooker in the backdrop of things. Unknown whether or not Kael could speak or even comprehend speech reasoning skills, it is assumed that he cannot talk, nor is very attentive or obeying with commands.

1.4  Departing Monaghan

        With Senra behind her inspiration of travel, her grandmother bode Alae to be explorative and open minded about the world. Despite her rather close ties with family and the kin of her culture, there was a certain trigger of wanderlust that whisked Alae away from the confines of Ireland to become a traveling rogue. Knowing that her journey alone (Kael would provide somewhat support) would be dangerous, she was provided all the necessary tools needed to embark on her adventure of destiny. With her parents and siblings not necessarily agreeing to such a thing, they semi-tolerably accepted the fact of her womanhood at one year old, and it was her time in life to seek her destiny beyond the horizon. Giving a heartfelt farewell, it was the first step Alae and Kael took to starting their adventure into the world with each other.

2.  'Souls History

2.1  Dahlia de Mai

3.  Personality

        Previously a shy and reserved child, Alae has since blossomed into an individual with confidence, although still keeps her reserved nature about her. It isn't the she's quiet per say, but more so speaks when necessary to the conversation. Alae holds fascination value in everything she happens to come across. There is nothing that will not catch her interest, as she has been successful in possessing the curiosity of her childhood through her adult years. Her eyes catch sparkle at anything that is significant in artistic, literate, or creative value, and couldn't survive in a world of static mind and action. Although she is not fully devout to any particular religion or spiritual practice, Alae finds select Buddhist teachings appealing to the ways of life, even though they are not strictly followed (the religion itself can be lightly applied as a title but the lessons could be deeply embraced). Heavily believes in the balance of life, whether it is for better or worse. This in turn has led Alae to be a tolerant, kind, and patient individual. She is more observant than engaging or participating as the aggressor in conversation, but once somebody has struck a comfortable enough chord with her, she will gradually blossom in personality and openness with time. Just like with the balance of good and bad, Alae has the ability to have an aloof, savage, and rather unforgiving side of her when it comes to negativity or to those who are a threat. Her kindness is certainly no means to proclaim any weakness from her, for it takes a certain circumstance or situation in order to bring the more primitive side of her out.

4.  Relationships

4.1  All Friends

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4.2  All enemies

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4.3  Love Interests

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5.  Abilities, talents and skills

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5.1  Strengths

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5.2  Weaknesses

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6.  Appearance

Overall appearance

6.1  Luperci Forms

Alae is agouti colored, with varying shades of cinnamon, brown, cream, and lighter tones of gray and black. Her peppered patterns are more prominent throughout her tail, flanks, back, and mane. Her eyes are a light azure, mirroring the blue of a clear day's sky. The majority of Alae's heritage is Mackenzie Valley. Most commonly sighted in Optime form, and least sighted in Lupus. She is more comfortable with being formal in Optime, and informal with Secui. Amazingly flexible, Alae is able to contort herself into unusual positions with self practice of yoga, and has a strong tolerance for equilibrium.


Alae only uses this form in meditation or self-ritual. Alae considers the Lupus form sacred to the heart and soul of an individual, as she believes is the form of connection to her great ancestors of her heritage and of all wolves, and should be respected as such. For another to witness Alae in Lupus is also a very meaningful sight to see (and must be a meaningful individual for Alae to reveal this to), as she feels Lupus is the side of her which is most closely connected to her instinctual soul. In Lupus, Alae appears medium sized to her species. 83lbs (39kg) x 31in (74cm)


Switching into Secui when threatened, Secui is used more so when physically challenged by enemies, or as a benefit for scaling land that is too treacherous for her Optime to endure. Alae's Secui is also beneficial for hunting large game, and has an usual ability of dexterity of her claws and paws when using them in combat or as tools to dig, climb, and claw. 163 lbs (61 kg ) x 38 in (92cm)


Most commonly shifted form. Voluptuous, with broad hips (think hourglass figure). She is not lithe and willowy, but average in curves and stature. Her legs and calves are the most defined from miles of travel, and has adequate toning in her arms and abs. Her hair begins to fawn downward at the back base of her head, which cascades down all the way to her lower back in layers. Two strands are braided behind each ear, and fall to the front of her shoulders just below her collar bone. 193 lbs (89kg) x 6ft5in (193cm)

6.2  Stature

6.3  Eyes

6.4  Scars

7.  Notable Threads

7.1  Bleeding Souls threads

7.2  'Souls threads

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