Vicare de Lioncourt

Vicare de Lioncourt

by Sharaiza?



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Date of Birth

03 March 2008




Chaotic Neutral





Vi, Vic, Viccy


Icarus (Etruscan)






Birth place

Areas or Packs


Mexican Grey Wolf


100% Mexican Wolf




Current pack Vinátta
Current rank Risna


Pack Ranks
None? (I)

Vicare de Lioncourt is a Mexican grey wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) born near Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 3, 2008. Previous to his arrival in 'Souls, he lived in one of a large network of family packs. He is the father of two daughters, neither of which followed him to 'Souls. Along the journey that took him north, he was transformed into a luperci, and upon his arrival in Nova Scotia, he joined the newly formed pack, Vinátta after meeting Saul Stormbringer at the border.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Vicare's speech is unaccented English. He has a gift for speaking fluidly and eloquently without the use of elaborate terminology. While not always loud, his voice is resounding, clear, melodious, and obviously the voice of someone who speaks well and often.

In day to day communication, he is concise without being brisk, his tone usually carrying a pleasant and quasi-teasing lilt. He addresses others in a down to earth manner but is as capable of speaking formally as he is of swearing without a second thought. When he entertains with his storytelling, his words become rich and descriptive, his voice flowing and able to capture and project the subtle nuances of emotion.

1.2  Abilities



"I know a thing or two about how to knock a wolf off his feet."
— Vicare de Lioncourt

Vicare grew up in a society where all the young males sparred for fun. Later, he sharpened his skills in order to defend and provide for his family, and while he is far from the brawniest wolf or luperci, he has a knack for hitting pressure points and knowing when to strike. He's light on his feet, quick to react, and intuitive enough to give him an advantage over most opponents.

Strategy and Problem-solving

Logic is one of Vicare's strong points. He tends to be cool-headed under pressure and can remain calm enough to run the parametres of any situation through his head, visualizing pro's, con's, and possible consequences. He rarely acts on pure impulse, always choosing the path that makes the most sense to him.


Being a well-practiced speaker with a keen memory for details, Vicare is also a master storyteller. He enjoys collecting and passing along tales of all sorts and was famed for his ability to entertain a crowd of any size and disposition. His flare for words and talent for imagery enables him to bring a tale to life, and though he is yet unable to read or write, he maintains a vast mental repository of tales from all sources.



If there was one deadly sin that captured Vicare perfectly, it would be pride. His hubris is his downfall, and he is prone to arrogance and overestimation of his own abilities.

Cold Weather

A native of the southern United States, Vicare is not yet used to the harsh winters and cool springs of Nova Scotia. He complains often about how cold the weather is, and while he is not devastated by the effects of the cooler climate, he is more affected by cold spells and snowstorms than natives of the northeastern seaboard. As such, he is more prone to weakness in the colder months of the year.

1.3  Residence

Character resides in Jordheim of Vinátta located in the Commune of the Salmon.

1.4  NPCs

NPC Name

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Note: you can find a template for all your NPCs here?. For brevity's sake, this larger template only includes basic information regarding NPCs.

1.5  Inventory

KnifeDeer SkinFrithr Necklace


  • Hunting knife received from Saul Stormbringer
  • Frithr necklace received from Saul Stormbringer

2.  Appearance

Lupus Vicare, by Locke?

Vicare is a pure Mexican grey wolf. He is of average height and weight with tawny fur and markings typical to the species. The most notable part of his appearance is the set of claw mark scars over his left eye. His lower right foreleg also carries a set of scars, and he is often seen wearing a wooden owl charm around the same ankle.

Sizing Chart





100 lbs
(45 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


150 lbs
(68 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


170 lbs
(77 kg)

5ft 11in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Lupus form.

2.1  Forms


In regards to build, Vicare is fairly balanced all around. He’s streamlined and falls easily into a fluid stride, though to say that he has a sprinter’s build would not be exactly true. Standing at about thirty two inches at the shoulders in lupus form, he isn’t overly tall, but nor is he short, and though he’s not rippling with bulky muscles, he has enough strength to defend himself and pose a threat in a fight. His ears and paws are slightly larger than average, giving him a somewhat perpetual boyish appearance.


In the secui form, not much more is different from his general appearance, except for the longer tawny mane that falls to right above his shoulders. He keeps his build and muscle distribution, simply transferring it to a more elongated and heavier form.


In Optime form, Vicare stands at about 5'11". He is slightly lighter and skinnier than average but not to a tremendous degree. His longer hair falls to just above his shoulders, and in optime form, it is a shade lighter than his normal, appearing to be a golden dirty-blonde. He wears it loose and swept to the side, out of his eyes.

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