Cambria Marino

Cambria Marino

Cambria, by Alaine
Name OriginCambria; "beautiful life, full of expression"
Marino; "of the sea"
Date of BirthApril 7, 2009
Subspecies50% Italian wolf, 25% Arctic wolf, 12.5% Timber wolf, 12.5% Cascade Mountains wolf
Birth placeCrimson Dreams, 'Souls
Current packCrimson Dreams
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateApril 7, 2009
Most Recent RankAedile

Cambria Marino was born in Crimson Dreams on April 7, 2009 to Kansas Sadira and Savina Marino. She fell in love with Mati Church, and when Crimson Dreams disbanded and the Marino family sailed back to Italy, Cambria took Mati with her.

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1.  History

Cambria was born to Kansas Sadira and Savina Marino on April 7, 2009. The first few months of her and her sibling's lives were spent mostly inside the safety of Haven Manor under the watchful eye of her parents. As she grew older short trips outside would be taken and she grew a strong love of flowers and butterflies. One day she and her sister, Amata, decided to try and catch one of their favored insects and succeeded. Their mother found them and had to break the news that they could not play with the butterflies for they were delicate and could not handle such stress. The two girls were distraught and upset and were comforted by their mother who found them a stuffed butterfly toy that they could play with. Her life continued as any normal puppy, meeting a few new faces and playing with her family and packmates.

However, in July of 2009 Cambria was exploring inside the manor on a rainy day and came across a pack that belonged to the current Commander, Naniko. Inside the pack were some of the drugs Naniko was taking and a packet fell out and Cambrias inadvertently breathed some of the stuff in. What it caused her body to do distressed the pup greatly and she cried out, being found by Anu who then called for her mother. The Commander was confronted by the two and eventually kicked out of the pack while Mati tended to the ill girl. For many days after the incident a deep depression overtook the Marino and she could find no joy in anything. But one day when her sister brought her a caterpillar, whom they named Leafy, to take care of, Cambria was able to shake off her sadness and focus on her new task.

2.  Personality

Cambria is a very calm and peaceful soul. She takes pleasure in the simple things in life, like the beauty and wonder of the world around her. Around her family and friends she is upbeat and happy, but around strangers she is shy and cautious.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Romance

3.3  Friends

3.4  Enemies


4.  Appearance

[Lupus reference, by Alaine]

Cambria, by Alli

Cambria has chocolate brown fur and her eyes are beautiful sea foam green. She has a black beauty mark near the corner of her right eye. Her ears are tipped with cream and she also has cream socks on both of her back feet.

In all forms she is very slight and slender. While in optime form her hair is a rich dark chocolate color and reaches just below her shoulders; bangs fringe across her brow. She wears a silver necklace with three butterflies on it that her father gave to her.

Optime reference by Kiri.