Artemis Marino

Artemis Marino is the daughter of Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira, born to their second litter. She was born and raised in Crimson Dreams alongside her two siblings, Parker Sadira and Silvano Sadira.

Artemis Marino

Artemis, by Erin
Date of BirthMarch 26, 2010
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packN/A

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Crimson Dreams

Joining dateMarch 26, 2010
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Artemis Marino was born as the second puppy in the second litter between Savina Marino, the Commander of Crimson Dreams, and her mate, Kansas Sadira. Her brother, Silvano, was born first, and her sister, Parker, was born after her. From the beginning, it was very obvious that, not only was Artemis the most outgoing and boisterous puppy of her litter, but she was proving to be the most rambunctious puppy that Savina and Kansas had birthed in either of their two litters.


She is loud, excitable, rambunctious, boisterous, and adventurous. Even at such a young age, Artemis is a little hell-raiser who is going to give every adult in contact with her gray fur. =D




Artemis' fur is white and gray, tipped with silver. As she grows, she will be white with silver timber markings. She has soft, light blue eyes. Her stature is generally small, even for her young age.