BirthdayJamuary 9, 1986
Join DateDecember of 2001.
Rejoin DateMost recently, September 2012.
LocationCentral California

My actual name is Laura, but in the world of Souls I go by Shmee, which is a bastardized derivative of Rashmi, my first Souls character. I'm originally from west Tennessee, but currently reside in central California because my husband decided to join the military or something and uproot us from everything we knew. I'm generally a nice person. If I'm online on AIM, that means that I'm being more or less social and won't be bothered or annoyed if you want to talk at me. I'm a reader, writer, artist, Pagan, animal lover, housewife, and hermit. If you really want to know more, IM me or go read my blog.

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1.  OOC History

I joined Souls not long after it was formed with Nirupama Rashmi. I joined Storm, was promoted up through a couple of ranks (I think) to Beta, and eventually was allowed to form my own pack, Clouded Tears with Leesa? playing Argent Noirci as Rashmi's mate and co-alpha and Krystine playing Krystine Dragmire as Rashmi's beta. Um, I did a bunch of shit, including quitting a rejoining about a hundred times, playing Delate Kliminawhit, Darkling Owl, Atlas (who was a puppy and won't get his own page because I don't even remember what pack he was in), and some random coyote whose name I don't remember. I think I also played an African Wild Dog at one point, but that may have been another RPG >>. I dunno, my memory's for shit. Anyway by late 2004 I was mired in college and couldn't spare the time for RP anymore, so I killed off Nirupama Rashmi. I think I OOC administrated for a while, then tried again with Kiska in 2005, then gave up completely. I lurked from time to time at Souls between 2005 and 2010, and finally got the bug again in January of 2010 and joined with Cerridwyn. And quit again, and joined again in 2011 with Jeremiah Ezekial. And quit again... and joined again in 2012 with Jimson Morris. Yes, this is a pattern with me.

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