Jimson Morris

Jimson Morris

Jimson Morris, by Shmee
Name Meaning--
Name Origin--
Date of BirthJune 2009
Age3 Years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus familiaris -- Great Pyrenees
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeSouthern US
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Jimson was born and raised in what was once known as the American southeast. After the decimation of the human population, his family continued to protect the sheep herd as they had done for generations, eventually moving into the farmhouse, taking on the human family's name, and trading the sheep as the canine population of the area became more advanced. The original human community was one of farms, and many of the working dogs did as the Morrises had and began to make livelihoods out of the trades of their former human masters.

And so it was into this tightly knit, rural community that Jimson was born. His family was a loving one, and his childhood happy. However, near the end of his second year of life, the community was subject to a particularly harsh string of tornadoes, and the Moore family homestead was no exception; the farmhouse was razed, the sheep scattered and killed, along with most of Jimson's family. He and his two surviving brothers were taken in by a neighbor who was lucky enough to escape most of the damage, but it soon became apparent that there would be no way to rebuild the life that they had before. Bereft and unwilling to settle into a life that was not what he once had, Jimson set out to find his own way.


In reality, Jimson is a quick thinker, very observant and very intelligent. However, he has found that because of his size and brute strength, it is often assumed that he is a dullard -- and he has also discovered that he has no problem allowing others to assume so, as he can often gather quite a bit more information from people who don't think he comprehends what they are saying. So he is content to play the role of a simple country boy while hoarding knowledge and information that might benefit him in the future.

He is a bit stubborn about doing things he doesn't want to do, and persistent when there is something he wants but is having trouble achieving. He is slow to trust, but once he does he trusts wholeheartedly. He is also very protective of those he considers his own, and does not hesitate to physically defend them from any danger. Jimson is very aware of his size and has no qualms about using it to his advantage when it is necessary. He has a soft spot for small children and animals, and will often take in abandoned young or injured animals and nurse them until they can take care of themselves.


One's first impression of Jimson is that he is very large, very fluffy, and very white. His shoulder reaches almost thirty-six inches in Lupus form, and in Optime form he is a full eight feet and almost three hundred pounds of bulky muscle. His head is large and square, and he has the low jowls which are common in his breed. While he is not lacking in muscle definition, it is not immediately obvious, as he is covered in a coat of long, dense white hair. In Optime form his mane and tail are positively massive, the former often falling into his eyes if he doesn't tie it back. The snowy landscape of Jimson's pelt is only broken by two rusty patches on his head, which stretch from his dark brown eyes to his floppy ears.

Jimson owns no clothing; he deems it unnecessary because of his fur density, and also a bit uncomfortable. He carries with him a large courier bag, a bow and quiver, and a staff which most might consider a small tree. His expression is usually a gentle one, with an almost goofy sort of smile often gracing his drooping lips.

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