Nirupama Apollyon

Nirupama Apollyon, by Sie
Name OriginMother's name, Stormy's surname
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 2004
Age> 5 years
SubspeciesCanis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeClouded Tears
Current pack--
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Current Pack


Joining dateApril 16, 2010[1]

Previous Pack


Original Joining date??
RanksSubordinate, ??

Nirupama Apollyon is the daughter of Nirupama Rashmi and Salvaged Eternity. She was raised by Rain Oriel as a member of Storm. She lived in Bleeding Souls during this time, but left in search of her uncle. She returned to the lands only to find it abandoned, and moved south to the lands of 'Souls.


Apollyon is the firstborn in a litter of three. Her litter is the one which killed her mother, Nirupama Rashmi, alpha of Clouded Tears. She, along with her two brothers Nirupama Hale and Nirupama Tsunami, was raised by Rain, the daughter of Ravyn, who was a close friend of her mother's. Rain did a fine job of raising the three pups in the Storm pack, but soon after reaching adolescence Apollyon left the pack to search for the only other family she knew: her uncle, Darkling Owl. She felt that he should know of the death of his only sister.

Her journey was not fruitless; after two full years of searching, she found her uncle, and was deeply disappointed when she did. He was huddled in a den far from Souls, and had very, very few brief moments of lucidity. A nearby pack, Soleil Levant, had taken pity on him and, despite the fact that he contributed nothing to the pack they brought him food every day and made sure the old wolf hadn't soiled himself. Apollyon did not tell Owl about her mother; why would she, when he had so little to enjoy in his sparse moments of lucidity anyway? Instead, she took the responsibility off of the pack of good Samaritans and took care of Owl until his last day, another year after she'd first found him.

After the death of her uncle, Apollyon spent another year with Soleil Levant, but she she eventually segregated herself from them; she became a quiet, broody wolf, and not long before she left was met with caution and sometimes disdain when she deigned to leave her uncle's den.

Upon leaving the pack of the rising sun, the wolfess headed back in the direction of the land of her birth. It took her another year and a half to backtrack her way back to Souls, for she did not travel hard, and would often camp out in a particular neutral land if she took a liking to it. Upon returning, she was shocked to learn that not only had Storm dissolved; all of the packs she had known when she was a child had done so, and the whole of the population had shifted east and reformed there.


Despite starting out as a lovely if slightly rebellious child, living with the burden of her mothers death and then the loss of innocence at watching her uncle degenerate and pass has left Apollyon cynical and moody. She has little patience for what she considers stupidity or naivete, and is quick to snap with a harsh word or sarcastic reply. Once one breaks through the cracked exterior and gets her to open up, however, there is still a core of sweetness to be found. Very, very deep down. She's mostly just a crotchety old lady, despite only being middle-aged.



Please see the Eternity or Nirupama family pages for more information.

Nirupama has connections with the Eternity and Nirupama families on 'Souls.


Apollyon is almost always in Lupus form unless otherwise specified.

She is a medium sized wolf, solid black with lime green eyes. She is starting to go grey a bit around her muzzle.

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