Slade Auctor

Slade Auctor

by yours truly
Name MeaningNot sure; "Auctor" is a Latin word that relates to "author"
Name OriginSorin's imagination
Date of BirthApril 4, 2009
Subspecies100% Canis latrans thamnos
Birth placeSomewhere north of 'Souls
Current packCercatoriDArte
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Cercatori d'Arte

Joining dateDecember 14, 2010
Joining RankIncidente di Parola
Most Recent RankIncidente di Parola


Joining dateEarly 2010
'DepartedDecember 14, 2010

Unnamed Pack

Joining dateApril 4, 2009
DepartedMay 31, 2009

Slade Auctor was a member of Cercatori d'Arte, where he interacted with the locals and led a pleasant albeit rather plain life. He then dropped off the face of the earth. The nice end of his story is that he found a true and final home elsewhere and is still living there as an old fart if he hasn't already passed away. The dramatic end is that, being a naive non-Luperci youth with no fighting ability whatsoever, he was killed shortly after disappearing. Perhaps he'll be picked up again someday, but for the time being it's up to the imagination.

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1.  History

1.1  Early Life

Slade was born into a small, unnamed pack of coyotes who lived north of 'Souls. He had two siblings, but both were smaller than he and were born dead.

His mother, the dominant female, wanted to raise him herself, but the pack wasn't recovering well from a harsh winter. Around the time Slade was weaned, famine was inevitable, and she was having a difficult time keeping the pack together. Eventually she made the decision to disband, but she didn't want Slade to grow up living as a loner. Soon she found out about a small pack of Luperci living nearby; though she didn't know much about this pack, she gave Slade to a female named Lila without telling the Luperci much about herself. Still, Lila promised to raise him and take care of him well.

1.2  Puppyhood

Lila belonged to a pack who were prejudiced against anyone who wasn't a Luperci or a wolf, and while she was still prejudiced she wasn't sure if Slade was a Luperci or not and decided to raise him as she had promised. She knew that she and Slade would be banished, possibly killed, if they were discovered, so she raised him away from the pack territory in a small den in the middle of the forest. She never shifted out of her lupus form; he was already somewhat small in size, and she didn't want to appear intimidating. Besides, if he turned out to be a regular canine, she didn't want to make him feel inferior.

Instead, she began telling him about Luperci as if they were a separate species, not going into extreme detail with any of her stories. Slade was satisfied to listen to these at first, but soon he wasn't satisfied with them. He wanted to know that the heroes looked like, where they lived, what they said. Lila playfully suggested that he add detail himself; he took this literally and began to turn simple "fairy tales" into short stories. They were still extremely simple, but impressive for his age. Lila didn't really listen to them most of the time, but her praise spurred him onward.

Slade frequently wondered what his former life had been like, and asked Lila about his birth parents. She could only tell him what she knew: his mother was a coyote and had given him up. As he did with the legends, he wasn't satisfied with this lack of detail, and began to come up with stories of his own. Soon he made his first original character, Jag Auctor, a perfect example of a hero. Slade said that Jag was his father, and often made up tales of survival. Again, Lila didn't listen, but continued to praise him.

1.3  Adolescence

Around six months their relationship became a little rocky. Slade demanded to know what Lila thought about Jag; was he a hero? Could he be a good role model? Could he really survive a fall from a cliff that was a billion trees tall? (He didn't know about units of measurement, so used the approximate height of adult trees.) Even though she answered how she thought was right, with some of the more detailed questions Slade figured out that Lila wasn't listening to him. He even threatened to run away because she was being careless. She knew that he was an adolescent and realized that this was probably the reason, and didn't take him seriously.

Slade couldn't stand her false comments, and he felt betrayed. He wondered if she had ever really listened to him. One night he really did run away; he didn't intend to go far but ended up getting terribly lost. At first he panicked, and to calm himself he began telling himself another story about the infamous Jag Auctor. Suddenly he realized that his story related to his current position: Jag was lost in a deep woods at night, alone, and was having trouble trying to get his bearings. Slade tried to find a way back to Lila but ultimately gave up when he saw the sun rise. He slept in the safety of a bush.

Lila, meanwhile, knew that he might begin shifting soon and couldn't stand the thought of her poor, confused son alone in the forest and began searching for him. Unfortunately she was so frantic she passed right by Slade, relying on her voice to find him instead of her nose; he was, of course, fast asleep and couldn't hear her worried cries. Eventually she was too tired to go on and forced herself to return to the den, hoping that he would be there. He was, looking a little ashamed, but nonetheless he was there.

Slade told her his account on the runaway incident. He said that, the next morning, he was hungry, and from watching her hunt and his own imagination - which filled in the details - he managed to stalk a squirrel. He didn't make the catch, but soon he realized that he had chased it so far that recognized his surroundings, and made his way back to the den; he had reached it shortly before Lila had. She made him swear never to run off again, and in turn he made her promise to listen to his stories.

1.4  Early Adulthood

From there, life continued as usual. Slade kept trying to hunt, but now that it didn't affect his survival he slacked a bit and didn't manage to catch anything.

The entire incident foreshadowed him running away again. It started when Lila gave up hope of Slade ever shifting. He had often asked if he was a Luperci, and she had to lie that she didn't know, since as far as Slade knew she was a regular canine as well. When Slade was about a year old she realized that he wasn't a "late shifter"; he never would shift. She told him the complete truth, about her pack and the fact that she was a Luperci and he wasn't. She worded it gently, but again Slade felt betrayed and wouldn't listen. She had to shift to make him believe that she wasn't lying. Slade almost wanted to run away again, but he forced himself to be obedient and continue living with her. Still, they argued frequently, and he never acted the same towards her.

Unfortunately, around this time the ignorant leader of Lila's pack had finally gotten around to realizing that she was gone and searching for her. He finally found her den; Slade was out, practicing his (lack of) hunting abilities, but the leader was able to scent that a coyote had been with Lila. They started a harsh argument.

Slade had been thinking a lot during his hunting. He finally accepted that he needed Lila's help to hunt, and that he needed to stop pushing her away. He managed to catch a already dying mouse and began to take it back to her as an apology gift when he heard harsh shouting. He hid himself until he realized that they were arguing about him. He felt terribly guilty and made himself run away, not trying to be quiet; Lila wasn't lying to the leader and was instead arguing to keep Slade alive, and he wanted to let them know that their problem was leaving for good. He purposely snapped a brittle twig, which instantly stopped their feud, and then he ran. Out of what he heard, the leader tried to go after him but Lila attacked; after that he didn't see or hear her again.

Coming to 'Souls

Slade had run away for the second time. He started to resort to his stories again, putting Jag in the same positions he was in and figuring out a way to survive. Hunting was difficult and for a few weeks he only ate enough to keep himself from starving; this played a huge factor in his stunted growth. Eventually he got much better at it, managing to keep himself full by moving wherever the prey was most abundant.

His nomadic life was okay, and Slade never wanted to socialize; he had only really "socialized" with Lila, which made him shy in social situations, and he was starting to fear Luperci. However, as he traveled south and closer to 'Souls, he met a few Luperci and Lupus who were friendly or not-so-friendly, and he came to realize that both kinds of canine were equal. He started to enjoy the few times that he met others, even though he was still awkward and shy, and when he heard about a few packs not too far south in an area called 'Souls, he decided he was going to go there.

1.5  Life in 'Souls

Coming soon, yup.

2.  Personality

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3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Character's relationship with family since 'Souls is totally family-centric/obsessive. 8D

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

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5.  Appearance

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White fur, blue eyes, oh wait... Aliquam enim. Mauris sagittis. Nam felis. In vitae sapien. Sed et nulla.

5.1  Luperci Forms

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