Alistair Gibson

Alistair Gibson was a Loner from May to July 2012.

Alistair Gibson

by Nat



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April 17, 2010









80 lbs.
42 in

170 lbs.
57 in

200 lbs
6ft 2in

Alistair is rather large for a coywolf, the wolf blood obviously being the dominant allele. His muscles are well developed and thick, showing that he obviously takes care of himself. His eyes are of mix color; a mix of bright blue and toxic green. It mostly mixes around his pupil, and around the sides the colors are solid. His coat is a fine cream, with tan socks on his left front leg and right back leg. This same color continues under his tail and inside of his ears. However, Alistair does have some unique physical traits...Unnaturally physical traits. A few splatters of dye here and there, nothing much. A bit of pink over his left eye and his tail, and three simple colors on his back. No biggie.....Except that it is a pain to re-dye. One of his most prominent features is the brand of a skull upon his left shoulder. Finally, Alistair has a few piercings here and there, one on his lips, three on his left ear, and a septum piercing...Along with a few nipple piercings BUT THOSE ARE A SECRET SHHH. Finally, the most loved part of Alistair; his multicolored hair. He tends to spike it upwards in a mohawk-like manner, usually using a concoction of honey in order to spike his hair upwards.


Like his parents, Alistair is very much like a wanderer. Alistair has a carefree sense about him, easygoing and calm in all situations. Alistair is a fun-loving creature, searching for pleasure high and low. Ali always has a smile on his face, and it's pretty difficult to take it away. Alistair gives smiles freely, along with friendly banter and silly jokes. Alistair isn't afraid to make himself look stupid just to make someone else happy.

Alistair is a carefree sort of guy, usually forgetting stuff he simply doesn't want to do. Alistair is the the type to drop it if it proves too difficult or too much effort. He doesn't care, why should he? All that matters is fun. Alistair never takes insults, mostly because they are just words. He always replies with a smile and never get's angry. Alistair is a friendly guy due to this, making friends with just about everyone. However, this doesn't mean he will instantly trust you.

Alistair isn't what one would call loyal. Quite the opposite. Alistair is flirty and always open for one-night stands and such. Not only that, but Alistair does happen to be bisexual. He leans more towards the male sex, but hey, either works. Alistair isn't the type to keep a mate forever, but who knows? Maybe someone will simply capture his heart and take him away. Alistair, despite not being loyal, wishes for his lovers to be loyal to him, and only him. Alistair is very possessive, and tries to protect those close to him with all he got. Alistair is fearless, not afraid to do anything. If planes still existed, Alistair would jump from them. He would look into the eyes of a demon with a cocky grin on his face, saying 'come at me bro' just for the hell of it. Ali is rather reckless and rash, after all. He certainly isn't the most intelligent being, but he has just enough smarts to get him out of tough spots. Let's call him street smarts, alright?

Despite being difficult to anger, everyone holds burning fury somewhere, right? When angered, Alistair is the type that will want to be alone. When not able to get away from other beings, he would mostly likely blow up...Not literally. As in, he would begin to argue and raise his voice. He would feel guilty about it later on, mostly because Alistair is a rather caring and worried creature, despite his carefree nature. Ali despite his willy-nilly nature, does have standards. No killing without a cause. Always stick by friends. Take care of those that you have hurt, even if they resist. They are the simple morals that Ali feels the need to go by.


Alistair was born into a rather carefree life on the coast of California. His parents were travelers, searching for pleasure. Alistair naturally also learned how to surf from his parents. Brandon and Elise were free spirits, wandering to where they pleased. They frequently smoked, took drugs, and simply did stupid things. Alistair went along with everything, soon becoming just like his parents.

His parents were not sworn to each other; meaning they wandered away from one another frequently. Neither of them really cared. They weren't like mates, more...Partners in crime. Alistair has no knowledge of other siblings, but he is sure that there is more Gibson spawn, besides him.

At a young age, Alistair left his parents to go after his own calling. Like his parents, Alistair deeply loved the ocean. Alistair has a strong passion for surfing. He thought it would be a simple goal, simply making a surfboard and traveling the world looking for the perfect wave. However, due to his naturally mischievous and curious nature, Ali got into some trouble. One time, he met a few cannibals that were interested in him...Not in a friendly manner, either. Alistair luckily, escaped. Also, he was caught by a rather militaristic pack, which branded him with a skull. The skull represented that he was basically a slave that you could beat. He would eventually be killed, but Alistair escaped with the aid of a distant relative that resided in the pack.

Along the way, Alistair acquired his piercings and various dyes. He also gained knowledge of carving, storytelling, and weaponized combat. Alistair was able to make his first surfboard, but it was sadly to weak and became flimsy in the water. Alistair learned how to make simple jewelry from scraps of metal and flimsy plants, along with a few shiny objects that would substitute for a jewel. He has learned a variety of skills that may or may not be useful, but what the hell? A skill is a skill. On his journey for the perfect wave, Alistair soon made his way northeast, slowly heading towards Nova Scotia. That is when he began to gather various items.

It started out with a horse. A trained black friesian. Now a stolen trained black friesian. The horse caught Alistair's eye, and he couldn't help but take it. After he escaped from where he found the horse, he named it Dolaidh. Which in Scottish, means 'world ruler'. Soon, Alistair gathered old bags, which he strapped to Dolaidh. After getting bags, Alastair began gathering a whole bunch of stuff...Most of it stuff he doesn't need.

Finally, Alistair made it up to Nova Scottia. It's a bit cold for his taste, but it had waves. He soon decided that he might as well take residency here for awhile.


  • Parents: Brandon Gibson & Elise Smith-Gibson



  • Species: horse
  • Sex: female

Dolaidh is a tall female, standing around sixteen hands. Dolaidh has a chestnut coat, a warm brown color in the sunlight. Dolaidh is a noble lady, but her personality is not the same. Dolaidh is hot-headed and loves to buck strangers. She trusts very few, and even then she likes to buck them for amusement. Dolaidh is a highly intelligent creature, almost as if she get's what is going on in a conversation at all times. Dolaidh loves to nip and chew on hair, and is known for just generally being annoying. However, Dolaidh can be relied on in times of trouble, mostly because it is hard to scare her.