Asgeir Exultare

Asgeir was a high-ranking member of Sangi'lak, where he was the mate of X'yrin Exultare. He is an honorary member of the Nomads, taking the Exultare name as his own. His birth name was Peregrine Ceston. He spent his final days with Lyris Stryder as a Subord in New Dawn, before peacefully passing away in January 2015[1].


Asgeir, by Nat
Date of Birth18 Dec 2003
Date of Death28 Jan 2015
Subspecies50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
50% British Columbian wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place
Current packN/A

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New Dawn



Previous Rank(s)Prospective, Acknowledged, Esteemed
SignificanceHigh-ranking member

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1.  History

Asgeir was actually born Peregrine Ceston. His parents were very laid-back and earth-loving individuals. Their relationship was very much cliche, mushy, and love at first sight. Asgeir loved his sister Lorena, who was his constant companion for their first year. His childhood was fairly simple: He was given what he needed, helped to acquire things he wanted, and was loved unconditionally by his folks, just like Lorena. With the help of the nearby pack which his parents traded with and were loosely affiliated with, he learned to fight with a spear and began woodworking and carpentry.

When he was about a year old, his parents had a second litter. While they did not by any stretch of the imagination neglect Lorena and himself, he felt they were paying the new litter more attention (and to be fair, since the new litter were infants, they probably were from necessity). He resented the new litter more and more as they grew, feeling that they were less driven to learn and less intelligent besides. Lorena left first, drifting away to be the mate of a male she'd found and fallen for. Asgeir was not far behind her, taking his spear with him. He was mostly empty handed; he carried a few tools and his spear.

He acquired his horses from a pack he stayed and traded with. The pack was in need of some chairs and a table, and help raising a building. Thus Sunny and Speck joined him. While he was staying there, he used some of his free time to start construction on a wagon. He salvaged wheels from a nearby human settlement and constructed the rest. From there, he reasoned, he could carry more pre-made wooden items and not have to carry all his tools.

For years Asgeir lived the life of a wandering merchant, taking orders with the promise to make good on them, and eventually filling them with items purchased or bartered for from elsewhere. The remarkable thing was his ability to remember who wanted what, and where: Asgeir had never learned to read or write more than his name.

As he traveled, Asgeir became aware of a medical issue. He has a condition known as ocular myasthenia gravis, which causes one of his eyelids to droop and for that eye to get tired more easily than the other. It occurs in spells, randomly, but fairly often, which is why he wears a cloth over his right eye(to avoid double vision, as well). Despite this, he met his fair share of lovely ladies, some of whom in looser-ruled packs requested his "help". As such he sired a pair of litters, though he is not aware that they came to term nor what names, genders, or number of children. He also earned his nickname from a group of Luperci who were impressed with his skill with a spear, especially in the face of his condition. Thus passed the first four and a half years of his life.

On one of his furthest expeditions north, Asgeir met Karina. The woman was a beautiful cream-coated Central Russian Wolf who had migrated to Nunavut along with a couple of her brothers, other merchant-minded and craft-trained Luperci, and a group of Eurasian wolf sailors who had lived in Norway. They sailed from Lisbon to Freetown by way of Barbados, and traveled north from there. The going was rough; of the twenty or so passengers that started out, only between ten and fifteen survived. Both Karina's brothers were swept overboard in a squall, so it was with sadness that she went on. Lacking the escort of her brothers, she remained with the group of merchants she began with.

After the months at sea, it was not strong in any of the merchants' minds to travel onward just yet. They remained in Freetown, plying their wares and regaining their land sense, as well as stocking up on supplies for the travel ahead. Karina caught a glimpse of Asgeir doing the same, but it was the same day they were leaving and she did not have the opportunity to approach him. Serendipitously, he had bought word of their mission and destination, and while he did not make it up to Nunavut till nearly a year and a half later, wending his way southwest first, he did make it eventually.

He spent much time there, getting to know and eventually becoming mates with the lovely Karina. He was devoted to her exclusively. When her next estrous cycle arrived, he fathered four puppies, and they raised the children, two male and two female, till they grew of age and left. Afterward, Karina fell ill. It came on quite suddenly, and within just a short time, just a few months, Asgeir was robbed prematurely of his love. He left just after her funeral, with little further reason to remain within the town. He became a traveler again, though his journeys did not take him far, merely to Freetown, where he remained for a few scant weeks, and then onward to 'Souls.

2.  Personality

One trait, for good or for ill, that Asgeir has always portrayed is a certain BRUSQUENESS of manner and speech. He tells it as he sees it, no matter what others might think and regardless of tact. This, paired with his JUDGMENTAL nature, can easily lead to hurt feelings. He is inclined to basing his opinion of others on what they look like, or what they are reputed to do. He is a SKEPTIC and a SARCASTIC SMART-ASS, having seen enough ill in the world that he tends not to see the good. And even when he does see it, he mocks it.

He is WITHDRAWN, especially since the death of his beloved mate, and if he's pressed beyond what he's comfortable talking about, he can get quite TEMPERAMENTAL. He is PROUD and STUBBORN, refusing help from others because he's determined to do for himself. This can be seen both as an asset and a loss, when accepting the assistance could save him much time and energy. Conversely, he is PRACTICAL. Everything can be used, or re-used. He is generally level-headed, despite his judgmental nature and despite getting grumpy from time to time.

Asgeir is DYSLEXIC. Because he found it so difficult to learn to read, he is ILLITERATE. He can recognize his own name and a few other words, but is most definitely not a recreational reader. He has a weakness for booze, specifically whiskey - any malt, any age. He's a borderline ALCOHOLIC.

Asgeir's voice is portrayed by Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance





Prefers Optime form.

Tall and heavy, but not overly bulky -- most of his strength and musculature lies in his arms and shoulders from years of work with the spear. Prefers Optime, but takes Secui occasionally for travel without wagon or horses. Lupus form is nearly never taken.

Vaguely agouti in coloration, Asgeir's long, coarse fur runs tan (#D5D1C5) from fingertip to elbow and toes to knees, as well as on his cheeks and throat. A warmer cream (#DED7C0) fades in at knees, elbows, and chest, running on either side of his shoulders and thighs and on the underside of his tail, where chocolate (#4E382C) becomes the predominant color across his lower back and sides. He also has a stripe of it atop his head from between his ears through his hair. Clay (#B86B49) runs down his nose, on his ears, in a cape on his back, just below the withers, and down the topside of his tail, which ends in charcoal (#303030), the color of his face and hair. A touch of silver (#9F9F9F) runs along the outside of his cheek fringe, within his ears, and underneath his eyes. Said eyes are a brilliant golden (#F99513) hue, but dulled somehow by the melancholy he wears in them. He keeps a tartan draped around his head, concealing his right eye unless he absolutely needs the use of it.

Asgeir bears more weight in his thighs as he hunches as he walks, seeming shorter than he is as a consequence of that.

In Lupus form he stands 40 inches at the shoulder and 5 feet, 3 inches long, and weighs 147 pounds. In Secui he weighs 260 pounds, stands 45 inches at the shoulder, and is 6 feet long. In Optime form he stands 7 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds.