Simcha Fletcher

Simcha Fletcher is a current member of The Great Tribe. Simcha is a skilled craftsman/archer, whose hobby it has been to create ornate bows and bows for war or hunting for most of his life.

He was previously a member of AniWaya, but left in August of 2016 to join The Great Tribe along with Tiva Ajila, Aranck Eluwilussit, and Orléans Aston.

Simcha Fletcher

Photo by Furlined
PlayerNone; pack NPC of AniWaya
Previous PlayerAadi
ProfileForum Profile
Name MeaningSimcha: joy
Fletcher: arrowsmith
Name OriginHebrew, Middle English/Old French
Date of Birth2007
Birth placeUnspecified
Current packAniWaya

Current Pack

The Great Tribe

DatesSeptember 2016—present
RankEqua Gatlvska (Adept Craftsman)

Previous Pack


DatesDecember 2011—August 2016
RanksEqua Gatlvska (Adept Craftsman), Gatlvska (Craftsman)

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1.  History

Simcha joined in December 2011. In 2012, he led a series of archery workshops as a part of the Winter Festival. Since joining he has been highly involved in the tribe and participates in all of the meetings and events.

2.  Relationships

Simcha was not born in the Great Tribe or AniWaya and joined later into his life. Despite this, he has adjusted very well to the AniWayan traditions and has made a number of friends who saw how eager he was to learn more about the tribe. He is very close friends with Tiva Ajila and is familiar with Aranck Eluwilussit and Frodo Silvertongue. He also good friends with Claudius Aston, as they are in the same tier.

3.  Appearance

template by Despi

He is 5 years old, a gray and tan wolf with muscular arms due to his archery training. Blue-eyed, his dark grey fur gives way to a smoke and cream mask, echoed in a similarly colored belly and socks.

3.1  Gallery

Image by Furlined

3.2  Colouration

  • Shuttle Grey (#686A70): main coat colour
  • Abbey (#494C52): top of the head, ears, shoulders, and back
  • Silver (#C7C7C7): underbelly and 'socks'
  • Thatch (#B9A29E): nose stripe and mask around his eyes
  • Torea Bay (#11418E): eye colour

4.  Personality

While Simcha may not be the cleverest of wolves, he is loyal and trustworthy, and greets anyone with a kind face and friendly smile.

5.  Threads

If you mention Simcha in a thread, feel free to add it below!


  • Surprises (Nov) with Claudius: Simcha is mentioned for helping Claudius fix up a hut in the wake of the hurricane so that Claudius has somewhere to live.


  • Together we dance (Mar) with AniWaya: Simcha dances in preparation of Anejodi (stickball).
  • Detsonigi'a (Aug) with AniWaya: Gemma is promoted to the skilled level.
  • Uwohiyusv (Aug) with Aranck and Claudius: Simcha talks to Aranck, who suspects that a human curse is the cause of the sickness. In a panic, he relays this information to Claudius. Shortly thereafter, he finds himself growing sick and from then on, believes that the human curse is the reason.