Dexter Sadira

Dexter Sadira

Dexter, by Marit
Name Origin?
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 2009
Birth placeDahlia de Mai

Dexter Sadira is the son of the late Mew Sadira and Lubomir Varg and brother to Keeleigh and Vesle. He currently lives in Dahlia de Mai.

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1.  Family

See the Sadira family for more information.

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Dexter and his siblings were born to Mew Sadira and her past mate Lubomir Varg. At the beginning, the three had much contact with their mother's aunt, Hanna, as well as their mother, although their father, had run away some time before their birth, suffering from cowardice and alcoholism. When the pups were 3-4 months old, their mother was nearly killed by an unknown individual inside Dahlian borders (Jan 3, 2010). She lived, but disappeared on February 8, 2010, never to return again. Presumably abandoned, the litter stayed with close friend of Mew, Alexey Koios, in the same household as Mew's nephews, Conor Soul and Emwe Soul.

Dexter was the largest of the three children, and the fastest in development. Despite his parents' small frames, it was quickly obvious that he had inherited a broader skeleton, and as he grew he became somewhat of a little wrestler. Always keen to show off his superior physical strength (that is, compared to his siblings), he would often poke and bother his sisters. With time, his timber markings turned brownish, and his eyes took the green of his mother. No trace of Lubomir was visible in him, as the male had been gray-furred and small of build. Dexter grew up to be a quiet, but strong male, never hesitating in helping with chores that required such a strength as he had. Having never really known his mother, he is hesitant to speaking of her, and considers Alexey, Conor, Emwe and his siblings to be his family.

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