Saqui Utina

Saqui Utina

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Jine 20, 2011




Lawful Good



Sah q ee


N/A for now


First: Favorite
Last: Woman of my country


First&Last: Native American




Birth place





75% Common Gray Wolf
25% Dog (Tervuren)




Current pack AniWaya
Current rank Tsisdu Kanati


Pack Ranks
AniWaya (I)
20 JUN 2011 - 29 NOV 2011
AniWaya (II)
27 JUL 2012 - SEP 2013
Tsisdu Kanati
Rabbit Hunter

Saqui is the daughter of Nayati Utina and Liliana Utina. She is a wolfdog, born into AniWaya where she currently resides. When she was a little over three months old, she was taken from AniWaya to live in the Great Tribe. Upon wanting to live her own life, she headed back to AniWaya. She arrived in 'Souls, heading to the AniWaya to join in July 2012. She lives there now as a hunter of the pack.

In October 2013, she journeyed to The Great Tribe to bring news of AniWaya's situation following the sickness and the disappearance of the spirit guides, and returned again in February 2014.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Saqui's accent is not thick but noticable as she speaks more Cherokee than she does english.

She thinks before speaking normally, unless it's in a stressful, embarrassing, or a situation that deems strange to her, then she tends to mix her words up at times.

1.2  Abilities



  • Achery: Which she learned from her father
  • Hunting: Learned by her father
  • Weaving: She's good at reed weaving and will move to cloth and wool soon, she learned from a weaver in the Great tribe



  • Singing: Some people are good at it but she's just not one of them
  • Dancing: She has two left feet, but could be taught to dance better with patience and time.
  • Berries of all kinds... she is a sucker for them and will almost always stop to pick some when she sees them

1.3  Residence

Saqui lives in a hut that was referbished after the hurricane somewhere in middle of town.

She once lived in a hut at the edge of town and started a small patch of land in growing berries, but the hurricane blew it away.

Before moving to AniWaya she lived with her father Nayati Utina and brother Kuruk Utina in the Great Tribe.

1.4  NPCs


Saqui's mare, a black horse with a tan/grey mane and tail. She is a great horse for Saqui, though she trusts no one else and is rather mean when it comes to anyone but Saqui handling her. She is a lifetime companion and is currently pregnant which is due in May of 2013.

1.5  Spirit Guide


Awenasa is her spirit guide found when she was able to leave her father and discover her true self when she was but a young girl, has been around her since and is loyal to the girl, and does her best to let Saqui know that she's not doing something right.

Awenasa is a river otter, though can be found around Saqui much of the time even without the river source, though not often.

1.6  Inventory

Sleeping FursBaskets

Household Items

  • Sleeping furs
  • Woven reed/wood baskets she made, perhaps 3/4 of them are hers

Personal Items

  • Bow and Arrows, bow given by her father
  • Satchel that keeps furs and such in, brings with her nearly everywhere.

2.  Appearance

Saqui is a wolfdog and looks like a Belgian shepherd in colors but has the build of a wolf. She is built more stocky than anything else, a solid build for a wrestler than that of a beauty. She has wide hips, broad shoulders and a stoic stance.

Sizing Chart





107 lbs
(48 kg)

32 in
(82 cm)


154 lbs
(70 kg)

38 in
(96 cm)


180 lbs
(82 kg)

5ft 11in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.



She looks very much like her mother, with the multi tones of brown and a splash of black on her muzzle and ears. She has much shorter fur, and is built like a wolf rather than the dog her mother was. She does not have hair.


She looks about the same as her Lupus form


She looks much as she does in Lupine and Secui form except she has long wavy hair that she keeps in one full braid.

Build & Species

She's a smaller size than expected, with a thick muscular frame from hunting and working out in the fields most of her life. She tends to be quite confident in herself and proud, a trait she got from her dad. Being part dog Saqui has retained the coloring of her mother as a belgian sheepdog as well as the herding urge her kind get but as she is more wolf she is built like a wolf with the long large feet and thinner muzzle

Coloration & Fur

  • Old Copper (#754C2C): fur
  • Zorba (#A29185): underbelly
  • Black Marlin (#372416): muzzle
  • Jelly Bean (#1F8297): eyes

2.1  Accessories

  • the only thing saqui wears is the tie that keeps her braid in :)

3.  Personality

Saqui's personality is much like her father's. She is prideful of her pack and shows it. She says what is needed. She is sometimes shy when it comes to new wolves, though when greeting others at the borders takes pride in the honor or meeting another pack member then she is open with them... but not by much. She is far more open with her friends than with aquaintences and even more rare she will show a playful side to those she truly trusts.

  • Fears:
    • A love one dying, ever since her mother's passing she fears someone else really close will die as well
    • She is afraid of heights! :O
    • Rejection
  • Motivations:
    • Her family, which includes her pack
    • She has a natural determination
  • Traits
    • Hunter
    • Gatherer/Knowledge in plants
    • raw determination in what has to be done
    • Speaks Cherokee and English fluently

3.1  Demeanor

She is usually very quiet, and likes doing things in silence especially with those she does not know well. She doesn't normally come up to others on her own accord unless it is needed. She always treats everyone with as much kindness as she can but when it comes to her pack and friends she will stick up for them with her dying breath. She doesn't show herself meekly, instead she stands straight and shows that she is a proud wolf who takes nothing for granted.

When she encounters friends she greets them much more warmly than those she knows less. She is more talkative to them, and is more apt to stick around them for a longer period of time. She is only playful around those she trusts the most. She doesn't let everyone too close to her heart for fear of losing them as she had lost her mother.

Saqui loves gathering plants and weaving. She enjoys shooting and hunting. She shows that she is adequate in many things and that is from learning in the Great tribe.

3.2  Outlook

She is an optomist introvert, though she is a proud woman and does not show all the qualities of an introvert as she will meet a wolf's eyes and challenge them, but she stays to herself in most concerns.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

Her bias is her pack. It is the right in everything. Even though the event with Maska happened, she knew it had a reason and that he was nothing but a worse outlaw than Dawali was. She will stick up for her pack no matter what. She won't back down even if much of it is wrong according to another pack. It is only wrong when the laws of the great controdict it.

Other Biases

  • Species: She has no particular bias towards any species
  • Non-Luperci: She thinks it would be best they were infected but would not enforce it
  • Human Behaviors: She is only interested in the native american aspect of it.


She is heterosexual and monogamous


She has little to do with alcohol but sees nothing wrong with smoking as many in the great tribe do it for ceremonial reasons or a way to calm ones self. She only does such thing for ceremonies and stays clear of most substances.


Saqui's religion is of the spirits that shape things much as the great tribe and AniWaya believe in. The great spirits are what control life around them.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

What's their relationship like with their family? Do they like being part of it, are they indifferent, or do they dislike it?

Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

  • Grandmother: Sandra Vess
  • Grandfather: Zin Vess

Paternal Ancestry

  • Grandmother: Talulah Utina
  • Grandfather: Ohitekah Udalulv Utina

Extended Family

4.2  Key Relations

Claudius Aston

The first AniWayan to greet her when she first comes back as an adult. He has become a fast and true friend and her feelings toward him grow more steadily as she becomes closer to him. He is her best friend and she thinks about him more than most with the exception of her brother and father.

Io Berlin

Being the second canine she met in AniWaya she is more reserved about her, though she can talk animals with the woman. She enjoys her company and likes how she treats the animals even if it's different than what Saqui was taught by her mother and the Great Tribe. They are not that close but she thinks of Io as a friend

Ulilohi Ehn

Being the Councilwoman of AniWaya Saqui has great respect for the woman and shows it as best as a young woman can do. She is considered her leader and she will do just about anything Uli says though does not see her quite as a friend as they have not really had much contact

Ksenija Russo

Is considered a friend, though not extremely close. They have been through much and help one another out with one thing or another. After Ksen left Saqui felt bad and knew she would miss her friend and hoped she would visit often.

4.3  Caleb Utina

Her adopted son after finding him at the border with his own dead mother. She is very protective of him and loves him as though he were her own child. She may complain about all the food he eats but she is always happy to make the boy happy.


Those she has met but doesn't know all that well, either she has not had much interaction, or they are now gone; Aranck Eluwilussit, Unatsikanogeni Adahy, Baird Byrne, Mihael Wood, Jiya Chandraki, Sighet Montaray, Jacinto Lykoi, Thorn Russo, Terra

5.  History

Born in AniWaya to Liliana Utina and Nayati Utina, the beginning of Saqui's life is hectic and scary until after her mothers death and she moved back to the Great Tribe where her life became more quiet. When she became old enough she let her father know she was going back to AniWaya, though he argued she stuck with her plan to leave. Even though he was angry they still left one another on good terms.

5.1  Timeline


  • June 23 Saqui and Kuruk were named after 3 days outside their mothers womb Source
  • July 29 A little over a month of life and Saqui's life is turned around, where she is taken from her home in AniWaya for fear of her families life Source
  • OCT 03 Saqui's mother is killed in a riding accident and within days she is taken to her new home in The Great Tribe. Source



  • 27. Saqui comes back to Aniwaya after a little less than a year of living in the Great Tribe with her family. She finds herself at the borders of AniWaya and meeds Claudius Aston Source
  • 29. Saqui meets Io for the first time and discusses things about the tribe and helps her with her horse by caring for his hooves Source


  • 01. Saqui meets Aranck and Unatsikanogeni Source
  • 06. Saqui meets Mihael Wood Source
  • 06. Saqui meets her first outsider, Baird, and discusses AniWaya and Spirit guides with him Source
  • 07. Saqui meets Jiya the young girl and discusses the great tribe with her Source
  • 19. Saqui meets Sighet and speak of AniWaya and Sighet's old pack Souce
  • 21. Teaches Unatsikanogeni how to harvest plants and treat them after finding him hacking at brush in the marshes. Souce
  • 27. Saqui formally meets Ulilohi who inquires her about her budding bushes in front of her home.souce
  • 29. Saqui meets Jacinto and his son Kuba Source


  • 02. Saqui meets Thorn and helps him gather jars and lids Source
  • 19. A huge hurricane comes and Saqui Helps to fortify the town hall '^source
  • 20. Saqui tries to secure the animals in the stable and there is an accident where a horse is spooked and she gets her arm broken Source


  • 01. Saqui meets Ksenija 15
  • 13. Awenasa is hunted down by Terra who freaks out when Saqui explains to her that she is a spirit guide. To make up for it She hunts something for Terra Source
  • 27. Saqui gets tired of her cast and takes it off on her own. Claudius catches her in the act source
  • 29. Finds Everly in the graveyard and explains what she knows about the AniWayan War Source


  • 04. Saqui witness Anatole having a hard time using a bow and helps him improve source
  • 04. Grace gives pack members things they need after the hurricane took much of what they owned source
  • 19. Saqui returns a doll to Claudius and they speak of their families and also admit to one another of liking each other Source
  • 26. Saqui is invited to be the greeter of the friendship Ceremony and give things she and others have made to pack members Source
  • 27. Saqui finds a puppy and his dead mother at the border of AniWaya. She takes Caleb in and adopts him Source


  • 25 (02 DEC)
  • 26 (07 DEC)
  • 27 (12 DEC)




  • Saqui journeys to the Great Tribe to inform them of the sickness and the disappearance of the spirit guides.
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