Unatsikanogeni Adahy

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Unatsikanogeni Adahy is a skilled farmer of the Great Tribe.

During the Great Tribe's war, Unatsi failed to act in his original role as warrior, and was ridiculed for it. Upset and indignant, he considered abandoning the Tribe -- but his spirit guide urged him not to abandon his Tribe and instead start fresh in AniWaya to grow as a person. He spent a few months in AniWaya before the hurricane of September 2012 brought his life back into perspective. He returned, not quite skilled or matured, and began to mend his mistakes and grow.

Seasons after returning to the Great Tribe, Unatsi met Ava Ray, a wandering Englishwoman, and fell for her. (Literally. Several times, ow.) However, the woman was charmed by his clumsy but genuine attempts to romance her and teach her his culture, and eventually had children with him: Uleyvsv and Galilani Adahy. However, wanderlust led Ava off again before her children were fully grown, and Unati's daughter Lani left in search of her not long after.

Unatsikanogeni Adahy

by Nat



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Date of Birth

07 July 2008





ooh-na-chi-ka-no-gey-nee a-da-he




lives in the woods




Birth place

Great Tribe


Red Wolf


97% Red wolf
3% Dog




Pack Great Tribe
Rank Digalogisgi


Pack Great Tribe, AniWaya
Rank Ayastigi, Tsulvwisdanehi

1.  Appearance

Unatsikanogeni is a red wolf, and he looks like a typical member of the species—other than his one defining feature, his white arm.

His coat is predominately made up of brown and light rust; the former covers the top half of his pelt, while the latter mostly lines the edges between color. He is dappled with black in places, such as the nape of his neck, tip of his tail, and his haunches. His underside is off-white. This color also crawls up his left foreleg, ending at the withers; it's attributed to a mutation from his dog blood. His eyes are forest green.

Unatsi is of average size for a red wolf (a bit smaller than his grey cousins), but he seems underbuilt and rangy from a life of little work and little food. This is magnified in his preferred Optime form, where he also has a bit of a feral hunch. He has a small scar at the left corner of his left eye, which looks normal enough but causes him to have a bit of a facial tic.

While he rarely decorates himself except for ceremonies, he normally wears a deer hoofprint necklace and occasionally braids beads into his dark mane.

1.1  Coloration

  • Brown Derby (#412915) & Raw Sienna (#CE8649): base fur color; brown overlaying sienna.
  • Asphalt (#0C0804): dappled and streaked through fur, also tail tip.
  • Almond (#EFD8C3): underside, right arm.
  • Kilarney (#33602C): eyes.

1.2  Forms



Optime (Preferred)

60 lbs (27 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

170 lbs (77 kg)
38 in (97 cm)

187 lbs (85 kg)
6ft 1in (73 in) (185 cm)

Average red wolf appearance.

Large and bristling in a clumsy, stupidly violent kind of way.

Feral, hunching posture. Looks even more "underbuilt" and skinny. Shoulder-length is pulled back so there are no bangs.

1.3  Other


  • Deer hoofprint pendant on necklace.
  • Multicolored beads (mostly green/orange) braided into mane.


  • Small clump of scar tissue at left corner of left eye; causes a twitch.

2.  Personality

Adorkable, Butt Monkey, Cowardly Lion, Motor Mouth

2.1  Demeanor

  • Initially nervous, talkative, timid, quick to apologize.
  • Even more talkative upon befriending; passionate.
  • Blustering and loud when agitated.
  • Very pessimistic, very submissive, but very inclined to extroverted if a bit timid.

2.2  Details

  • Fears: Storms, fighting, anything that moves really.
  • Motivations: Learning his new lesson and lessons from Udanvti.
  • Traits: Neurotic, locquatious, cowardly, eager, indignant.

2.3  Ideals


Spirit guides and Tribe culture/spirituality/history, crops and farming, other cultures and how they compare to AniWaya's.


  • Species: Believes all species are equal, and even prey animals have souls.
  • Non-Luperci: Distasteful, but not unduly cruel, toward them.
  • Human Behaviors: Agrees with those the Tribe emulates, feeling that they are progress and an advantage to survival.


Probably likes girls. And is probably afraid of girls. :|


Probably for spiritual purposes, and otherwise if someone force shim into it; he's probably a pushover if this crap is shoved at him. Peer pressure ftl.


Adheres to AniWayan belief systems!

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Udanvti is his spirit guide!
  • Anatole is one of his acquaintances whom he likes!
  • Saqui is a young farmer and yells at him a lot oh no!
  • Aranck was an Ookah of the Great Tribe, and is someone that Unatsi looks up to.

3.2  Family

Only notable member of the family is his brother, Uleyvsv Adahy, who was killed when they were young and was the catalyst for Unatsi's desire to become a warrior (and consequently his downfall).

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Unatsi is fluent in both Cherokee and English, with a heavy accent in the former, clearly marking him as from the Tribe. He's clearly understandable to English speakers, however, as long as he speaks at a normal speed. His accent gets heavier when he's angry, upset, or otherwise stressed and excited about something, and he tends to ramble and mumble and stammer and everything else. Also he talks ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
  • Scent: Unatsi smells very much like his tribe: a blend of wapiti, wood, fire, animals, and marshland. His personal scent marks him as relatively submissive and not the healthiest creature; he also tends to smell like deer.

4.1  Residence

Great Tribe

4.2  NPCs

  • Udanvti, spirit guide

4.3  Abilities


  • Farming: Unatsi has gotten better at farming under the instruction of others in AniWaya and the Great Tribe. Some of his duties include sowing seeds, keeping track of available food, and storing plants for future use.
  • Categorizing: Unatsi excel at remembering lists and categories. For example, while he might not be an excellent hunter, he can tell you about different prey based on their range, scarcity, or difficulty. This will come in handy for remembering what certain plants do and storing them properly.
  • Drumming: From a young age, he was interested in the ceremonial drums and loved to just bang on them. Since then, he's adopted rhythm as an art form and is eager to put the drums to use in ceremonies and celebrations.


  • Fighting: Despite being a former Ayastigi, Unatsi has almost no skill in combat. He was taught and carried out the basic duties of his rank, not many of which involved a chance to actually fight. He failed horribly when it came time to actually defend the Tribe, and that moment has kept him from ever wanting to pursue the skill again. He's prone to freeze up when a situation starts to escalate.
  • Personality: Unatsi is a neurotic individual and tends toward butting into conversations, rashly launching into action, and being too hard-handed toward others. These and other personality traits leave him hard to get along with. However, under his spirit guide Udanvti's guidance, he is slowly fixing his problems.

4.4  Inventory

Personal Items

  • Leather sack for carrying his stuff
  • Writing quill; no parchment or ink yet
  • Small hide drum


  • Hand-scythe
  • Other tools, yay

5.  History

5.1  Pre-'Souls History

Unatsikanogeni Adahy had a normal childhood in the Great Tribe, save for one disaster when he was about three months old. His brother, Uleyvsv, was killed by a loner while they played outside the territory. This made Unatsi decide to follow the warrior path when he grew older, fearing what might happen if he was attacked too.

Shortly after Achak Aatu was selected as Chief in January 2010, the Great Tribe found itself at war with its neighbors. Although Unatsi had no problem performing the basic duties as Ayastigi (such as guarding borders, escorting hunters, and creating weapons), he failed when it came time for true war. Remembering his brother's death, he did little more than cower. Some of the kidnappings were specifically attributed to his inability to act.

Full of shame and ridiculed by the other Tribe members, Unatsi desired to leave the Tribe. He felt like he didn't belong and resented his former comrades for it. However, as he began the journey, his spirit guide, Udanvti the doe, chose to appear. It took a few days, but she showed him that his outsider's feelings were only a fault of his own -- he was not thinking about the Tribe, but himself, and he did not have the good grace to see and hear that the Tribe was disappointed because they had put their hope in him.

Unatsi was still undecided about remaining, and Udanvti suggested that he "start over" in AniWaya rather than completely leave his belief system. She made him approach the Kalona and explain his intentions before coming with him on the journey to Nova Scotia.

5.2  'Souls History

Unatsikanogeni Adahy reaches Nova Scotia and joins AniWaya in July. He quickly has to learn to adjust, and so the first few weeks are spent scouring the territory for anything familiar and getting to know his fellow Tribeswolves; he takes a shining to Io Berlin and Anatole Aston right away. He doesn't do much in the way of advancing his profession, however, and flounders without a direction to go in.

Eventually, Unatsi kicks himself into gear and attempts to do some harvesting. Unfortunately, he's going about it completely the wrong way and gets yelled at by a newcomer, a farmer from the Great Tribe named Saqui. He is eager to learn under her brusque guidance, though.

The only notable event of August is the Fast, which Unatsi partakes in as a spiritual individual. He becomes very weak from not eating but manages to survive, with some encouragement from an outsider yearling, Adelle Vilhelmsen.

After only a couple of months in his new home, a hurricane hits. Unatsi helps his Tribe in what ways he can, including reinforcing the Town Hall and saving the animals. He gets lost a few times, but he showcases selflessness and a desire to protect his Tribesmates: first when Aranck Eluwilussit is injured, and then when he panics over the state of the tobacco fields.

Udanvti sees that her charge has come a long way and is on the road to mending his view on the world. She talks to him about it, and Unatsikanogeni decides that he really wants to be a contributing member of the Tribe -- but the Great Tribe instead of AniWaya. He wants to truly redeem himself to those who'd once taunted him.

Unatsi says farewell to his newest friends, thanking them profusely for their generosity and kindness, and heads back home.

5.3  Post-'Souls History

Seasons after returning to the Great Tribe, Unatsi met Ava Ray, a wandering Englishwoman, and fell for her. (Literally. Several times, ow.) However, the woman was charmed by his clumsy but genuine attempts to romance her and teach her his culture, and eventually had children with him: Uleyvsv and Galilani Adahy. However, wanderlust led Ava off again before her children were fully grown, and Unati's daughter Lani left in search of her not long after.

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