Sunki Utina

Sunki Utina

Sunki, by Gen
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 2008
Date of DeathNovember 2, 2019
Age11 years
Subspecies100% Gray wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeThe Great Tribe
Current packUnknown

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Previous Pack


Joining dateJune 9, 2011
MeaningMedicine woman

The Great Tribe

Joining dateSeptember 15, 2008

Sunki Utina was a former member of AniWaya. She originally hailed from the Great Tribe.

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  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Optime
    2.   4.2  Lupus
    3.   4.3  Secui
  5.   5.  NPC's
    1.   5.1  Spirit Guide: Una - Female White-Tailed Deer
    2.   5.2  Donoma: Arabian mare

1.  Relations

  • Father: Ohitekah Udalulv Utina
  • Mother: Talulah Utina
  • Siblings: Nayati Utina, Chumani Utina , Sewati Ayelasdi Utina, Cha'tima Utina

2.  Biography


3.  Personality:

Sunki has a habit of being rather quiet and gentle. Her nature is more motherly, and her roles as a priestess helped to nurture her mothering tendencies. She is a healer by trade and personality. With all, she is accepting and kind, and has a smile for everyone. One must truly prove to be the scum of the planet to make Sunki dislike them, though she will try to reform anyone and try to see their golden parts. However, those that do earn her hatred will get in leaps and bounds. When she hates someone, she hates them with a firey passion. If she deems it necessary, she will attack in defense of her beliefs.

But Sunki is stubborn to a fault. She is persistent and determined, which both help in medicine, especially with patients in weak states. She is also rather stubborn in her opinions and beliefs. Rather zealous about her opinions, Sunki can seem a bit opinionated, though she never means to convert anyone to her side of the story. Passionate and proud, she can't help it really. As her brother spoiled her quite a bit, being his only sister, she does have high standards, both in healing and in life. She will take the best if she can, and try to upgrade to the best if she can't right away. But she will still be willing to give it away if it will help anyone else out.

Rather joking, she has a wise humor, much like Una. Her wit is less crude and more situational.

4.  Appearance

4.1  Optime

Sunki is a very pale grey blond, with much of her pelt going from cream to a light sand hue. Her mane is one such place, where the hair is entirely of a blondish color, especially since she had styled it enough to increase the colors visible in it. Most of the time she keeps a large full braid in her hair, with smaller braids built from the excess shorter strands of hair. Each of the smaller braids is closed with a few colored beads, usually red as well as a leather tie beneath them. The large braid uses a leather thong and two purple ended feathers are held in place by the thong.

She does not keep many decorations about her, though she wears a solitary necklace with three purple beads to match the purple in her feathers and her markings. When she attained the priestess rank in the Great Tribe, she had painted her face with an upside down crescent in deep purple and two arm bands of the same color. However, she had planned to expand on this when she reached the master rank, but now has to start over. She will not remove her current markings as a sign of pride. Around her wrists she has a few leather thongs with a bead or two each, all of a different color.

Sunki's eyes are a light ice blue, a little more saturated in color than her older brother's. However they are not very icy at all, and are usually warm for whomever she is gazing at.

To say that Sunki is female is evident by her curves, as she is a very curvy female, with an hourglass shape, though she does not make any move to emphasize it. Sometimes she will wear clothing, though mostly it is a pastel colored dress, but only for special celebrations, if even that. Around her waist will usually be a belt with a couple of leather pouches for herbs found by chance.

4.2  Lupus

Sleeker and more narrow, Sunki has a higher agility and flexibility than larger wolves, though she is significantly weaker in terms of strength and stamina. So she is more wiry in lupus, despite being very curvacious in optime. Her braids transfer to her lupine form, though she will rarely be in this form simply because it is not her preference; more can be done on two legs with hands. If she finds herself without weapons, she will hunt this way. There is more sandy colored fur on her in this form, mostly located on her back.

4.3  Secui

Bulkier, and so Sunki does not use this form often at all, if ever. If it were used, she would usually end up messing up her braids and break her necklaces, so she does not like to use this form, even for quicker, deadly hunting.

5.  NPC's

5.1  Spirit Guide: Una - Female White-Tailed Deer

Una is Sunki's spirit guide. While many seem to have opposet gendered guides, Sunki has a female white tailed deer. Her spirit journey had come around the age of a year and a few months, when she had grown sick. At the time she had been training as a medicine woman for the Great Tribe, so she chose to forsake the masters and take her spirit journey while ill. While gather herbs, she encountered the white tail deer in the woods. It had been about three days into her journey, and she returned with her spirit guide as well as many herbs to use for medicine. Una is a quiet guide, speaking gently and calmly, with more soft wisdom than brash guidance. Una prefers to hide herself from most other wolves, namely as she is a prey animal in their eyes. Only close friends of Sunki will see Una.

5.2  Donoma: Arabian mare

This white Arabian mare's name means sight of the sun. The mare came to Sunki from the Great Tribe's stock, the daughter of a bay stallion and a white broodmare. Donoma, whom Sun sometimes calls her White Light (the two names are used interchangeably and the mare responds to both), is not bred for stamina, though she has a good deal considering her sire's size, she is more built for speed and agility. Sunki has trained her to handle her riding bareback and with a saddle, as well as being accustomed to hunting from horseback with bow and arrow, though the woman prefers to hunt without her mare. Donoma is of breeding age and Sunki hopes to have her dam foals for her tribe.

Donoma was a gift to Sunki from Nayati, who had traded for the mare and gave it to her for her first birthday, as she was, and is, his only sister.