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PlayerSighet Montaray?
Date of BirthMay 15, 2010
Age2 years old.
LuperciYes (Ortus).
Birth placeBritain.
Current packAniwaya(will join).
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Sighet Montaray is rebellious, loving, crazy, and outgoing. She's never shy, but she is very stubborn and loves being right. She likes having attention on herself and strives to meet new people. She loves riding horses, singing and dancing, and carving charms out of wood.

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1.  History

Sighet was born into a strict catholic family pack in Britain. Her mother forced her to endure years of "lady making" involving reading great literature that made the poor girl fall to sleep and walking with books on her head. She hated each moment and bumped stubborn heads with her mother. Her father was a coward and never spoke against his nazi wife, making Sigh loath him for lack of bravery. Both her parents were very old when her mother gave birth to their one and only litter. She was the only girl from the litter which gave even more pressure on her shoulders to be the "perfect little princess."

After years of grudges and tense atmospheres she came to age where living by herself was a beautiful option. She began to plot with her friends and the gaurds of the large estate, working to gain freedom on the night of the nearest full moon. Her plans were spoiled by a distrusting friend, however, and her mother threw her into the basements. This was, perhaps, were she gained her claustrophobia from. She was allowed a visitor from a kind old wolf who taught her how to make charms and gave her the structure her mother ordered. She learned to love carving and never stopped after she gained freedom.

Shortly after her year mark she received news of her mother passing with age. The cowardly man who suppose to be her father let her out and didnt give chase when she instantly took off. She traded her carvings along the way until she got to a pier and found a boat that would take her to the US. Going there, she ran about until settling temporarily down with a tribe of coyotes in the southern states. The coyotes let her in and taught her of Native American ways. She fully abandoned the catholic ways she been taught for Indian traditions during this time. She learned how to ride horses and received a black paint mustang when she decided to leave. She named the horse Boaz and took off north. On her way she paused at a gypsy camp full of musicians and pierced her ears and eyebrow. She also received dancing lessons and found out she had a good singing voice.

As time passed on she left the gypsy camp to find the north area of Novia Scotia where she stumbled onto Aniwaya borders and joined. The story is yet to end, however, now that she has just begun.

2.  Personality

Sigh is a wild child. She has rebel blood coursing through her viens and does well to remind others about it. Growing up in a strict catholic home she was pushed to the limit. This was her main cause for leaving Britain and coming to North America. She is a friendly, out going girl. She's never met a stranger. She oftens sprints to meet new people and shoves her friendship down their throat(hehe). Sighet has several hobbies including horse riding(she has a black paint mustang named Boaz she found along her journey), carving charms from wood, dancing and singing. Most of the time she considers herself a "jack of all trades".

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Her mother was a tough, catholic woman that tended to force Sigh into "lady like" ways that were both suffocating and dull. When she began plotting to run away her mother found and locked her in the basement for several months where she carved charms to pass the time. Her mother passed due to old age(she was already very old when Sigh was born) and Sighet was released by her cowardly father who let her run off. She has not missed them or regretted leaving since.

3.2  Friends

N/a yet.

3.3  Acquaintances

n/a yet.

3.4  Enemies

Her family.

4.  Skills

Her skills were required in her history, carving being her most practiced art. Because of this trait she makes her own wooden jewelry and trades various carvings for different things. Horse riding comes in when she stayed in a place where tribal ways inspired her to abandon catholic roots for a more native American look on life. Singing and dancing was taught to her when she spent limited time in a gyspy camp. While partying and getting drunk she was often times seen as the entertainment while singing loudly and dancing about the camp fire. She carries these arts with her as she joins Aniwaya.

  • Horse Riding
  • Singing and Dancing
  • Carving charms from wood

5.  Appearance

In the fall and winter her base coat is a creamy beige color decorated with patches of tan and darker gray. During spring and summer this bleaches to white leaving her with lighter colored patches(though the patches don't bleach a lot like the cream). She has deep sky blue eyes with hints of lighter turquoise. She has three piercings in each ear and an eyebrow piercing above her left eye.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Sigh is a luperci by birth. She prefers optime most. Her second favorite is her larger secui form and her least and most rare form is her tiny lupus.


She is a tiny wolf that measures in under average for her species and very petite. Because of this she hates this form and rarely uses it.


In this form she is a bit larger than average wolf size, making her appear more normal. Her mane is thick on her neck and shows up more black or dark gray against her multicolored fur. She prefers this as her four leg form because it could pass as a "normal" lupus form.


She is very petite and tiny still in this form, measuring in at around 5'3 ft. and 100 lbs. Her body is curved and made up of long legs even though she has a tiny butt and chest. Her hair is black with streaks of the calico colors in it(most noticeable is the tanish color in her bangs). She wears a simple black tube top and sweats with a belt on it for carrying various objects(unless she goes nude which is more common compared to her wearing clothes).

6.  Notable Threads

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