Aduladi Ehn

Aduladi Ehn

by Libri



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April 22, 2011





Aduladi (Wish/Want)
Ehn (family name)


AniWayan (Cherokee)



Great Tribe
Ehn family

Birth place

Great Tribe


Mackenzie Valley Wolf



Aduladi Ehn is the sister of the former leader of AniWaya, Ulilohi Ehn.

Aduladi is the current ambassador and minor trader between AniWaya and The Great Tribe. Although she still holds her rank as Ayastigi in the war path, she fulfills her duties as the Ganuseda, Ambassador, a co-rank for the Great Tribe. She journeys between the two tribes once a year.

Travel Calendar

Indicated below are the estimated times of arrival and departure:

Departure from The Great TribeArrival in AniWayaDeparture from AniWayaArrival in The Great Tribe
March 1May 1June 1August 1

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1.  Appearance

by Zyn

Aduladi is 100% MacKenzie Valley wolf, and thus quite large compared to females of other subspecies. Still, she is not the giant that her sister, Ulilohi.

Her pelt sports normal contrasts in color (lighter undersite and "mask", darker back), and her primary color is a light brown. Her eyes are brown with a subtle hint of gold.

Aduladi sports dyes on her face and body in dark purple/indigo. Though she sometimes changes the colors and markings up, she most commonly has an arrowhead and its base on her forehead, and three dots under each eye. Her body dyes vary much more, but she often dyes simple patterns onto her upper arm or thigh, and has at times dyed the tip of her tail.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: [RARELY USED] -- Height: 28in (73cm), Weight: 70lbs (32kg), Length: 4ft 5in (135cm)
  • Secui: [NEVER USED] -- Height: 4ft 8in (144cm), Weight: 161lbs (73 kg), Length: 4ft 2in (127cm)
  • Optime: [PREFERRED FORM] -- Height: 5ft 11in (180cm), Weight: 220lbs (100kg)

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Head/face: dye patterns in various colors. She prefers blues, magenta and indigo. Changes them a lot.


template by Despi
  • Base color ranges from Leather (#9c7e61O) to Rodeo Dust (#CAB49E)
  • Markings range from Persian Blue (#2226bc)
  • Eyes are Brandy Rose (#bd9478)

2.  Personality

Aduladi is playful and rebellious, and stubbornly likes to do the opposite of what she is told, especially in regard to her siblings. She does not lack respect for her elders and her culture in that sense, but will very often bend the rules or behave at the very peripheries of the unacceptable. Deliberately delving into the outright unacceptable happens very rarely for her, because she has no desire to make herself an outcast, although if she does something of this magnitude, she will have thought it through.

She makes mistakes like everyone does, but will fiercely and aggressively defend herself if confronted with this fact, often outright denying her flaws and mistakes. This does not mean she allows others' mistakes to pass without comment.

Aduladi is very tightly attached to her family, her litter-siblings in particular, and cares greatly for her father, who have always indulged her. She generally favors her brothers, two in particular, but she cares a lot for all of them (though, obviously, to various degrees). While she is stubborn and strong-headed, Aduladi will defend her family members, in particular her favorites, with the same ferociousness (if not more) with which she defends herself.

Aduladi is light-hearted and quite spontaneous in day-to-day life, and will often have a joke or saucy comment in store. She could be perceived as a very mocking persona due to her jokes, but warmth lies underneath for those she takes a liking to.

3.  Relationships

One in particular friend that goes here, not made yet.

4.  Family

The Ehn family is a safe family without any larger conflicts. She is somewhat in (personal) conflict with her family name, though she does not have quarrels in the family exactly. More like the rebel youngest sister who is wanting independence.

4.1  Immediate Family

  • Parents: Unnamed (M) & Unnamed (F) Ehn
  • Littermates: Unnamed (F), Unnamed (F), Unnamed (M)(favorite)
  • Siblings in other litters:

5.  History

Aduladi was born to the Ehn family, an ambitious and old family name in the Great Tribe. Her litter is currently the youngest one to her parents, and though she has younger cousins in her extended family, Aduladi very much views her litter as the runts family.

Aduladi grew up well; her family is ambitious on behalf of their children and pride themselves in the many Masters and council members that has born the name Ehn. Stubborn in reaction to this pressure, Aduladi has not yet picked a path in life, nor has she acquired a spirit guide, and she continues to drift along as the days go by in the Great Tribe. She has taken up numerous hobbies but has rarely dedicated herself to any of them, thus she has general or superficial knowledge on a large range of subjects and trades/crafts. Life can be dreadfully boring, but she amuses herself with bothering her brothers or hanging out with her friends who, often, have not chosen profession paths either.

Aduladi decided to leave home after numerous quarrels with the council about choosing a path and taking a real role in the Great Tribe as she grew into adulthood. As an Ehn, a lot was expected from her. When she had been a youth, it had been more acceptable for her to linger and live in between the ranks, not quite in one rank or another, but after her first then second birthday passed, more and more pressure was put upon her.

Aduladi put a lot of thought into her decision, months of consideration and planning going into her choice. After stating to her father that she hoped she never "grew up" if it meant a life of stiff customs and losing her freedom and individuality, the young adult packed her bags and left her family behind to discover herself.

Aduladi wandered for several months (April 2013-August 2013) before coming across Ulilohi's tribe while hunting on the peninsula. Aduladi remained in AniWaya long after her sister's departure, only realizing after Salsola and AniWaya organized a trading day that she was still interested in seeing more packs. She became the 'Ganuseda, Ambassador, in the Great Tribe, performing this co-rank duty primarily over her war rank of Ayastigi''.

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