Keeleigh Sadira

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Keeleigh Sadira

Keeleigh, by Marit
Player Deedee
Date of BirthSeptember 23, 2009
Birth placeDahlia de Mai


Keeleigh Sadira is the daughter of the late Mew Sadira and Lubomir Varg and brother to Dexter and Vesle. Her whereabouts have been unknown since September 2010.

1.  Brief description

Dexter and his siblings were born to Mew Sadira and her past mate Lubomir Varg. At the beginning, the three had much contact with their mother's aunt, Hanna, as well as their mother, although their father, had run away some time before their birth, suffering from cowardice and alcoholism. When the pups were 3-4 months old, their mother was nearly killed by an unknown individual inside Dahlian borders (Jan 3, 2010). She lived, but disappeared on February 8, 2010, never to return again. Presumably abandoned, the litter stayed with close friend of Mew, Alexey Koios, in the same household as Mew's nephews, Conor Soul and Emwe Soul.

Keeleigh was of normal size, though notably smaller than Dexter, when she was born. She was the second in birth and in size, but not when it came to craving her mother's attention with crazy antics. She seemingly adapted quickly after her mother's disappearance, but while she had been young, she had not been young enough to forget. As a 1,5 years old female, her pelt had similar markings to her father; a gray overcoat and a lighter tummy, but her face and build resembled her mother. Built more for speed than brute strength, she was in many ways the opposite of her brother, and in quarrels she took a sneakier, more indirect route. She is outgoing and clever, and loves (and craves) attention from anyone that will give it.

Her whereabouts have been unknown since September 2010. She is unaware of her uncle's death and of Vesle and Dexter's disappearance, and will likely believe they are still in DdM.

2.  Family

See the Sadira family for more information.

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