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Name OriginBased on Drizzt Do'Urden
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2009
Age> 2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus communis
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeChaos pack, Russia
Current packLoner

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


DatesApril 19, 2011[1] — current

Previous Pack


Joining dateJanuary 1, 2009
SignificanceMember; birthpack

Drizzt is a former Loner and participant in the Sequoia Plot.


Drizzt was born into a violent pack, who attacked anyone and everyone they came into contact with. This pack was known simply as Chaos by other packs. The Matron, Malice the Trădătorul, ordered her blood thirsty underlings to attack every pack and loner they found.

Drizzt was born on a day that was celebrated by Chaos as "The day of Spiders", a day dedicated to their packs founder, Lloth. To 'celebrate', Drizzt's pack would go out and hunt down nearby wolves, other packs or loners, and slaughter them, bringing in only a few survivors, if any, to sacrifice upon an alter to their dead First Matron. Malice, heavy in labor, gave birth this day during the blood sacrifice. Drizzt was therefore believed to be a Champion for Chaos, gifted to them by the Gods, in the name of Lloth.

The Russian wolf was raised to live up to this belief, being forced into training at the earliest possible age, being six months, to be versatile in his fighting abilities, having him attacked by multiple opponents, in different situations, and whether he had a weapon or not. If Drizzt failed to react to the situations in time, he was beaten mercilessly, which happened more than often enough. His most common opponent was his genetic father, Alexy.

Next came his training to make him fast, quiet, and cunning, forcing him to sneak into other packs territory and steal food, or bring back an item, sometimes a personal item of another wolf, sometimes a piece of the wolf. He was even ordered to kill members of his own pack, even his older brother, Eliez, who had abandoned the pack.

The young wolf's brain was made into that of a machine. If his Matron said jump, he would jump, tuck, and roll. He was emotionless, quick minded, swift. An assassin. A murderer.

But on his first birthday, Drizzt was faced by a situation that all his training hadn't prepared him for.

As the Day of Spiders approached, Drizzt began to question the ways of his people, and his own morality. His brutal murders, and the senseless slaughter of other packs over his short life span began to twist his unprepared psyche. By the time the ceremony arrived, Drizzt, although maintaining a solid and composed demeanor, was a mental wreck. His mother called him forth to the sacrificial alter, where his father lay strapped down.

Handing Drizzt a dagger, she whispered for him to gut the man, to chop off his ears, carve out his ears, ANYTHING the young man desired... Anything...

Drizzt spun upon his mother, driving the dagger to the hilt into her left bicep, then punched her the throat to stun her. While she fell, Drizzt grabbed his fathers scimitars, glanced to the older man, then sped off, drawing the thin blades to fight any who stood before him.

After a few short fights, Drizzt came face to face with his older sister, Brizza, who attacked him with a maul and butchers knife. Brizza stood closer to eight feet, and was much stronger than the boy. She easily carved Drizzt's chest, making a off handed cross, which forced him to his knee. As the female raised her maul, Drizzt lunged up and smashed Brizza's nose with the pommel of his scimitar, using the opening to run away.

Less than an hour later, Drizzt was running through a nearby forest, attempting to lose a hunting party that was coming after him. Eventually, the boy managed to disappear into a river.

Drizzt made his way to western Europe, making himself a home in old France. Here, he managed to find a balance in his life, and began working out his mental issues. However, as he worked through killing the only sibling who was like him, a small hunting party found and ambushed Drizzt, nearly catching him again. But his harsh upbringing saved him here, allowing him to fight off the five wolves and escape, even striking down two of the attackers.

With his mind again being tormented, Drizzt searched out and took the first available ship to the lands across the sea, where even his families long reach would never reach... he hoped.

Growing up, Drizzt learned several languages from his mother and siblings, including Romanian, English, Lithuanian, French, and German.


  • Distant- Due to his upbringing, Drizzt doesn't usually get emotionally close to others.
  • Kind- Though he can be vicious when angered, the dark male has a kind, if walled off heart.
  • Stoic- Having killed many of his own relatives, Drizzt attempts to ignore his emotions when making decisions about others.
  • Passionate- When Drizzt believes in something, he is willing to do anything to protect it.
  • Trusting- Though he won't get close to others, Drizzt is always willing to trust those who seem friendly.



  • Parents — ?? and Alexy
  • Siblings — Brizza




  • Members of the Chaos pack


  • Eye Color: A deep lavender
  • Fur Color: Light grey coat on his back. His belly, legs, underside of his neck, and his chin are dark black.
  • Body Type: Drizzt has a lean, muscular body.

Drizzt was branded with a spider on his left shoulder, as a sign of his pack affiliation, noticeable in his Secui or Lupus forms.

When he was escaping, Drizzt suffered few wounds. He does however, bear a cross shaped scar on the left half of his chest and an ugly scar across his left forearm.


  • Height: 48 inches (4 feet)
  • Length: nose to tail: 82 inches (6.83 feet)
  • Weight: 200 lbs.


  • Height: 62.4 inches (5.2 feet)
  • Length: nose to tail: 78 inches (6.5 feet)
  • Weight: 265 lbs.


  • Height: 84 inches (7 feet)
  • Weight: 298 lbs.

For killing his older brother Drizzt was awarded a set of studded leather greaves, and left gauntlet. His torso is only protected by a fitted leather vest, over a long sleeved shirt. He also wears Gi pants, and has a leather belt, which he straps twin scimitars to.

Drizzt also owns a beat up travel cloak, the cowl easily shadowing his face, while the end flapped by his knees. He carries a small backpack with a few items, books mostly, and puts his armor in it when he shifts.

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