Allegro Aston

Allegro, by Giggle Dracon
Name Originunknown
Date of BirthJanuary 3, 2007
Subspecies100% canine lupus
Birth placeNova Scotia
Current packPhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateDecember 14, 2008
Joining RankLoas
Most Recent RankTenes

Previous Pack


Allegro is a young wolf with many ambitions, desire and beliefs about everything. Overall, you will find a nice, sweet, naive wolf but digging deeper, she's more of a stubborn asshole. Allegro is very annoying and pushy, demanding whatever she wants all the time. However, she is a bit confused and lonely. Allegro likes pushing people's buttons and annoying the crap out of anyone she finds.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Previous Mate
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1.  History

Allegro Aston was born in Nova Scotia, which is obviously 'Souls. Her mother was Antoinette Gagnon and her father was Wilhelm Duceppe. Her littermates, Andante Duceppe and Coda Gagnon, were always nice to Allegro, but they were certainly never close. She always found herself mingling with her mother, or perhaps, other adults. Pups never seemed to interest her. Especially curious ones. They always would get their snotty, nosy little noses into other's buisness.

Allegro grew up slowly, maturing ever so slightly. She seemed to think she was older then she actually was. Allegro in her young age was still, technically, the same wolf she was as a puppy. Nothing dramatic happened to her personality, and as a result, she was very reliable to her closet friends and family. Allegro was a loner until she became of age, two years, and went on her own. After the day she made the journey to Phoenix Valley, she never saw her silbings and parents again. Allegro certainly doesn't plan on it.

Allegro joined Phoenix Valley. Soon after, she took a mate: Pendzez. Today, she is a proud Tenes of Phoenix Valley with her beloved Pendzez as her mate.

2.  Personality

Allegro is a outgoing, loving sweetheart on the exterior. She loves helping people out and doing whatever she can to satisfy everyone. Her heart, however, is sometimes too big and gets her into trouble. On the interior, deep underneath her giggly, happy go lucky outside, Allegro is very shady, moody, outspoken and stubborn. It's either her way or the high way. She, oddly, takes interest in pissing the shit out of people and is incredibly annoying.

If you had to put Allegro Aston in a sterotype, it would probably be 'bipolar sweetheart with some sexy sass'. Oh, indeed. <3

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents - Antoinette Gagnon and Wilhelm Duceppe
  • Sinlings - Andante Duceppe and Coda Gagnon
  • Extended Family - Aston Family

3.2  Previous Mate

4.  Appearance

Allegro Aston looks nothing like her family. Her siblings and parents were mainly artic, or perhaps tundra, but never timber. She is, of course, Artic and Tundra but she looks as if she's timber. Allegro has gray fur with many black specks covering her stomach and running up her back, tip of tail and on her feet, almost 'bootlike'. Allegro has simple chocolate brown eyes. They're round and always eager for something interesting to happen. She looks like a child, still being two years old, but her build is quite stronger. Allegro looks muscular; with a build on the large side, but is actually rather scrawny. She eats well, but always always found a way of becoming thin. A little scar runs up the back of her neck, rarely noticed. She got it from playful battle as a pup. It isn't deep and wasn't serious at all, but Allegro sometimes brags about how terrible and venonmous it was. Of course, it wasn't.

Allegro's looks are very simple and are nothing to be bragged about. She was never focused on appearance, so it doesn't both the young wolf. She admits, however, of sometimes wanting to be beautiful.