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by Frost





Cali, Maryland; Prescott, Arizona; BF, Idaho


20th February, 1990


1st: 12th October 2009
2nd: 1st November 2010


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Hello lovelies. :) I am Frosty the snowperson, Frost, and FROSTAAAAAAAY (as in the frosty commercial for Wendy's), among other amusing names. So... I suppose I'll start with a bit about myself. I'm from a small county (that has been doing nothing but growing since I was born) in southern Maryland, and have been going back and forth between it, another small town in northern Arizona, and yet another small town in southern Idaho. This means my time zones tend to vary from EST to MST to AST (Arizona Standard time, which doesn't observe DST), sooo... it's hard to figure out what time I'm online during what time of the year, as well as the weather outside. (It's more often snow than not these days.)

While I haven't necessarily been an active RPer, I have been on and about for quite some time now. I came to 'Souls on the coat-tails of Alaine, whom I'd been RPing with for several years prior (starting with Giderah RPing) back in 2009 and have been popping in and out since, most often in the form of a lurker, as much as I dislike admitting it. :C I hope to change this after I graduate from college this May, 2014. :)

After collaboration with Alaine upon joining, I dropped my initial character idea (Ailbhe Latis) in favor of my new muse, Sylvie Ciel, whom most older players will remember me as. I picked up Miriette morte dre Soul in my early days, and later Rin Itou for a brief rejoin, but overall since leaving back in 2010 I've had some difficulty putting in the time needed to keep up with 'Souls activity requirements.

Also, as a sidenote, like a lot of soulsters, I draw as a hobby off and on. More often than not I color things rather than draw, though. If you'd like to collaborate, let me know. :) I'll color something for you.

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  • If you wish to have interaction with my character, but do not want to thread (or I am not taking threads), we may be able to sort out OOCly an occurrence between our characters.

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Aria Soul
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