The Complete History of Tayui Aston

The history of Tayui Aston is a long one: she has been consistently roleplayed since 2004 and her life is split into several sagas. For a shorter compilation of her history, return to her main page. This page contains descriptions of specific threads to create a full and robust history. Read at your own risk!

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Born as Tayui Aston-L'leh in a litter of four, Tayui was never very close with any of her siblings. Barthélémy had always been more afraid of her than she him; Honoré had frightened Tayui with his cheerful antics; and Aurèle had never been too friendly to Tayui. Instead, she found a friend in her half-brother, Daedalus Reed: the son of Torben Liebe and Amarante Reed. In addition to Daedalus, Tayui's closest friend and confidante was her (dead) aunt, Viola Aston. Tayui never realized Viola was a ghost, and this was what caused many of her family members, specifically Aurèle, to dislike her.

The Conspiracy

Amarante and Torben had originally been mates; however, it had not been a happy mateship. With Daedalus' assistance, Amarante had planned to bring Torben down. Torben had no knowledge of these plans, and a few years after the birth of their litter, he and Amarante had chosen to break off their mateship. However, Amarante had never expected Torben to find love again, so when he took Adélaide, Tayui's mother, as his new mate, this only enraged Amrante further. When Adélaide gave birth to her first litter of puppies, Amarante felt used and cheated and sought to exact revenge against Torben.

Amarante soon discovered that Daedalus had befriended Tayui, the result of Torben's new mateship. Daedalus refused to partake in his mother's plans, but Amarante retaliated and blackmailed Daedalus with the assistance of her daughter, Liesl. Amarante still loved her own children and did not want to see any harm to come to them, so she could not bring herself to banish Daedalus for knowing her plans. Instead, she forced him into silence and was free to carry out her plans.

On a deceptively calm day in January, Amarante, Liesl and Daedalus (supposedly) murdered Tayui's younger siblings: Karina Liebe and Éloise Aston. Amarante, however, was not as conniving as she thought she was. She and Liesl got into an argument; Liesl wanted to kill Daedalus for his inactivity in the plot, but Amarante refused. Amarante was unwilling to harm either her son or daughter. Liesl chased Amarante out of the pack's territory.

The Guilt

Alone, Liesl continued her mother's wishes, but with a renewed ferocity. She murdered Karina, but quickly, the magnitude of her crime caught up to her. She could not bring herself to murder Éloise, and could not even bring herself to look Daedalus in the eyes anymore. Daedalus was able to convince her to abandon Liesl to abandon her plans. However, Liesl had committed a great crime, and she could not live with the guilt.

That night, she set fire to the pack lands and committed suicide, leaving all the evidence to point to Daedalus. Although Daedalus had been the only one to help her, Liesl had forgotten to destroy the letter Amarante had blackmailed Daedalus with. In the end, Liesl could not admit to her crimes, and took her secret to the grave, further implicating Daedalus as the murderer of Karina.

Daedalus, however, could not reveal his true actions out of fear from the stigma it would cause in the family. He had fallen in love with Honoré, litter mate to Tayui. Although he had never acted on his feelings, Amarante had caught wind of it some time before and used this information to blackmail him.

Tayui's Family Tree

Liesl's suicide note was simple and to the point: "Although I do love my brother Daedalus very much, I could never love him like he wanted me to. I am sorry everyone, I tried to stop him, but I failed you all. Please live on without me."

The Fire and the Betrayal

Tayui, broken-hearted to find that her brother had betrayed the pack and betrayed her trust, fled from her home. Daedalus chased her and attempted to explain the situation, but it was all for nought. Tayui was in hysterics and refused to listen to reason. In a last attempt to make her see reason, Daedalus and Tayui got into a fight, which Tayui lost horribly.

She received a scar that cut across her eye, staining her one eye red and received a number of other wounds from the fight. Following her fight with her brother, she began to wander south in search of a new home.

2.  Bleeding Souls History

2.1  2005 – The Omega and the Subordinate

Previous Packs

Jaded Shadows

DateFebruary 10, 2004 – April 1, 2008
Duration4 years
Previous RanksAlpha Female, Beta, Gamma, Lehrerin, Jager Fuhrer, Jagerchen, Wahren, Aufpasser, Lehrling, Subordinate, Omega
SignificanceLeader alongside Fatin Kali
Co-RanksSpiritualist, Baird

Shadowed Sun

DateApril 5, 2008[1] – August 26, 2008[2]
Duration~4 months
SignificanceCo-Founder, Co-Leader
Co-RankShaman, Bard


DateAugust 26, 2008 – September 27, 2008
Duration1 month


DateSeptember 27, 2008[3] – December 7, 2010
Duration2 years
MeaningOn the Medicine "Path"


DateDecember 7, 2010[4] – May 7, 2011
Duration~5 months


DateMay 7, 2011[5] – August 2011
Duration~4 months
RankThe Confidant
SignificanceFounding member
MeaningThe Trusted


DateAugust 2011 – September 2012
Duration~1 year


DateSeptember 14, 2012[6] – June 9, 2017
Duration5 years


DateJune 9, 2017 - present

Tayui was accepted into Jaded Shadows as Omega of the pack. She was nearly turned away at the borders, however, she later came to suspect that Mordulin Aika pitied her and allowed her to join.

Her firend Fly Agaric became involved with Rain Oriel, with whom he later had two children, born in July 2005. When his children were still young, Rain died. He asked Tayui Aston to look after Ember, since Aiden had run away at this point. Fly confessed that Blodbane had killed Rain and asked Tayui to look after Ember for a few days while he collected himself.[7] He crossed the Yawrah nearer to Storm territories and two days after Rain's death, Fly died.[8]

Fly later returned as a ghost in January 2006 to ask Tayui and her mate Shaeniire Vanim to look after Ember.[9] He later returned in May 2006 as a ghost to thank Tayui and Shaeniire for raising his children.[10] He brought news of Shaeniire, who had died since the last time he'd returned to Bleeding Souls. This was the last of Fly's visits.

2.2  2006-2007 – Moving up in the World

Tayui came to love Mordulin as a leader, idolized the older female and made Mordulin her hero in many respects. Tayui slowly rose in the ranks, and held the following: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Lehrerin, Jager Fuhrer, Jagerchen, Wahren, Spaher, Aufpasser, Lehrling, Subordinate, and Omega. She befriended a few members of the pack, but remained rather reclusive for the first year while she was there. She wandered out from the pack lands fairly often, almost always itching to go somewhere.

She slowly climbed her way through the ranks in Jaded Shadows, eventually coming to know some of her pack mates better. She began to learn low-speech from Pilot Haddon, and met a rather foul-mouthed crow named Bandit. Her mission to learn low speech soon morphed with her mission to salvage as many useful books as possible from the human city. This led to an expedition with Kieran Heartsong in 2007 to recover some books.[11] She also began writing a history of Bleeding Souls and was trying to find wolves who know the histories of founding packs and past goings-on.[12]

In June 2006, she met with Mordulin and they discussed Shaeniire's recent death.[13] They discuss what happens after death and what they think should happen.

In August, she ventured to Storm to find Ember.[14] She was met by Skoll who then informed her that Ember had died a few days prior.

2.3  2007 – Gamma and Beta

In January, she meets with Piper, Phoenix and Zorish at a pack Gamma meeting.[15]

In March, Tayui meets with Skolll. She tells him about Shaeniire's death and Skoll tells Tayui about his trouble with Inferni.[16]

On April 18, 2007, Tayui finds Spade lingering at the edges of the pack's territory. Tayui eventually recognizes him as the interim alpha that took over for Mordulin when she was injured outside of the packlands. They discuss how the pack has changed and Tayui invites him to join.[17] Two days later, she ventures to Storm in search of a wolf who can speak to squirrels. She meets Pilot, who teaches her some low speech.[18]

In May, Tayui meets with Kaena Lykoi to make sure there is no tension between Inferni and Jaded Shadows. Kaena assures her that the only monster she wanted was Salvaged Eternity, who is now long-dead.[19]

In June, Tayui and Fatin discuss puppy names for Fatin’s upcoming litters. Tayui suggests Merit as a name for a puppy and Fatin likes it enough to use it. Tayui reveals that her uncertainty of having puppies and Fatin tries to comfort her. Fatin paints her and the two.[20] A few days later, she meets up with Fatin's mate and father of her litter: Ravesque. Tayui helps him decorate his puppies' den; they paint it and end up chatting for a bit.[21]

In July, Fatin gives birth to four puppies.[22] Tayui finds another member of the pack, Niko Lane, waiting near the entrance of the den. Fatin beckons them in to meet the newborns. A few days later, Tayui talks to Jackal, a recent joiner. He explains that the packlands are rather large and Tayui offers to show him around the network of underground caverns.[23] After this, Tayui meets Phasma Kiles, the Alpha of Syemv.[24] Later, she also ventures to Clouded Tears to learn more about the pack. She meets Colibri Haki and leaves shortly after.[25]

In August, Tayui decides to venture to Clouded Tears to meet the Alpha, Laruku Tears. She brings news of Mordulin's disappearance and the two chat about the lands and their homes. Tayui is surprised to find out that Laruku thinks Clouded Tears is not really his home and tries to suggest some sort of alternative. Their meeting ends somewhat abruptly when Laruku realizes Tayui pities him and Tayui returns to Jaded Shadows.[26]

Tayui accepts Kieran Heartsong into Jaded Shadows on September 10[27] and Kirazi on September 11.[28] With Mordulin's departure in September,Tayui and Fatin discuss what to tell the rest of the pack. Fatin suggests that they lead as Alphas together and Tayui quickly agree. They also continue on to discuss Fatin's children and what to do with the pack in the coming future.[29] Later that month, Tayui meets Minuet after having accepted her earlier in the month. She explains about her project to write a history of Bleeding Souls and Minuet is interested in it. They chat a bit about this.[30]

In October, she meets Lucifer Sawtooth, who tells her about Chimera as a part of her goal to write a complete history about Bleeding Souls.[31] Later, she meets a young puppy Kansas. She explains what a mountain is and then they get on to the topic of family. Tayui reveals the Sadira's she knows and thoroughly impresses the young puppy.[32] A few days later, she is re-acquainted with Calypso who then joins Jaded Shadows.[33]

2.4  2008 – Alphaship with Fatin

She and Fatin acted as Alpha's of Jaded Shadows since Mordulin's departure, and continued to do so through the winter months.[34] In the spring, however, a fire ravaged the lands of Bleeding Souls, forcing them to flee Ashen Mountain. Tayui lost her way and her pack, eventually finding a mountain farther south.

3.  'Souls History

Tayui lost track of Fatin in the fire and finds Pilot Haddon. The two decide to form Shadowed Sun together, and meet up with some who are interested in becoming potential members. Along with with Zexion, Kieran Heartsong and Skoll, they form Shadowed Sun.

3.1  Shadowed Sun

Tayui formed Shadowed Sun on April 5, 2008 alongside Pilot Haddon, Kieran Heartsong, Skoll and Zexion. They sought to create a pack intent on learning and sharing knowledge. Tayui and Pilot pooled their books together in a pack library, open to any pack member or even non-member.

She kept herself busy attending to pack matters for the first few months, and eventually began to venture forth, out of Halcyon Mountain to explore the surrounding area. She met many old friends, including Colibri Soul and Lucifer Sawtooth, promising to visit each in turn.

Shadowed Sun grew and eventually reached 9 members. By August, however, their numbers began to falter. After Skoll is killed and Lubomir Varg disappears, Tayui and Pilot decide to disband the pack.[35]

3.2  The Vagabond

After the disbansion of Shadowed Sun, Tayui began to wander South, exploring all there was to 'Souls. She came in contact with Agani, and met Vedr.[36][37] She stayed with him for a few weeks, sharing a cabin Overgrowth Sunrise with him, returning spontaneously. Eventually, she left him to seek her own fortunes on her own.[38]

Later, she meets Anu and learned that Pilot had formed Crimson Dreams, and was invited to join if she so desired.[39] She eventually declined, deciding she still had much exploring to do.

Some time after meeting Anu, she came across her sister, but learned little regarding her birth pack.[40] Suspecting her sister is hiding something important from her, Tayui later vows to find her again and force her to divulge this secret.

She later hears rumours of a tribe: Aniwaya.[41] She begins to investigate the tribe, and eventually contacts the group of wolves.[42]

3.3  The Tribe Member

Peace and Family

Tayui joined Aniwaya, and is on the Medicine path, ranked as a Kunikoti. She came to grow quite fond of AniWaya, as the members were so warm and welcoming. Additionally, this was the first time in two or three years that Tayui was not a leader of a Shadows' pack, and greatly enjoyed being a member. She took the time to truly enjoy herself and continue her research.

Five days after joining AniWaya, she slept with a wolf named Haku and became pregnant.[43] She gave birth to four puppies on 31 December 2008: Claudius, Ocèane, Attila and Noir.

Two days after sleeping with Haku, she encountered Ember Phoenix, a member of AniWaya and old acquaintance of hers, being attacked by a coyote, Hybrid Holocaust.[44] She was able to knock Hybrid out and bring Ember to safety; however, like her namesake -- Ember Agaric -- all she wanted to do was return to Storm. After this, Tayui swore she would try to keep an eye on Ember, even if the girl didn't need it.

A few days after this, she spoke with Dawali, trying to better integrate herself into the tribe and understand their ways.[45] They spoke about AniWayan traditions regarding death, dying, and mateship. Although Tayui was still trying to figure the tribe's social rules and customs, she was beginning to understand it a bit more.

On 2 December, Tayui brought Ember with her to a pack meeting, where Ember joined the tribe.[46] They met up with Pilot, whom Tayui had not seen since they disbanded Shadowed Sun. It was a welcome reunion for all of them.

30 December marked Tayui's reunion with her sister, Aurèle.[47] It was a strange reunion, as Aurèle was covered in blood, and at first Tayui suspected the worst. Of course, she rationed that her sister had simply been out hunting; as a loner, Aurèle would have had to make all her kills herself. Eventually, Tayui convinced herself that nothing suspicious had occured. Aurèle later joined AniWaya, much to Tayui's delight. The next day, Tayui gave birth to her puppies.

She met up with her sister in January and introduced her to the children. They discussed their family; however, Aurèle was hesitant to reveal too much of what had happened in their birth pack.

For the next few months, Tayui met many of the pack members, including Lannen Haddix, Pilot's brother and Catherine, a recent joiner. Tayui also spoke with Dawali, eventually revealing the children's father.[48] However, the two have kept the identity of the puppies' father a secret for their own safety.

For the next few months, Tayui spent a lot of time in AniWaya with her growing family. However, by October, Noir and Ocèane had disappeared. Nonetheless, she tried to connect with Attila and engaged him in a conversation about horses.[49] Like his sisters before him, he too disappeared eventually. By November, Tayui, Honoré and Claudius were the only ones remaining from her family. However, she and Claudius did meet Conor Soul.[50] Although she did not realize it until later, Conor was probably somehow related to Colibri, or even Haku.

In December, she met a man named Jantus who enquired about her old friend, Skoll.[51] Tayui learned a lot about the old warrior, notably that Skoll's litter were still alive, and that Asphyxia was also still alive.

In February of 2010, Tayui met a new face but an old figure in the original AniWayan tribe named Nayati Utina.[52] She welcomed his company, but found his beliefs to be a little strange. Although she respects them, it made her feel more of an outsider in her own home, as her belief of the supernatural only extends so far.

In March, she sought out Kaena Lykoi to question her about the Second Dahlian War.[53] She learned of the crimes Haku had committed and became convinced that Haku could not live if she wanted her children to be safe. Later that month, Noir returned to AniWaya. In April, Attila[54] and Aurèle[55] returned, and Tayui met with both of them. In May, Noir also returned and Tayui comforted her after a distressing run-in with Attila.[56] For a month, Tayui was incredibly happy to be surrounded by her family again and wished it would last forever.

Changes and Revenge

On June 10, 2010, Aurèle informed Tayui of Noir's death.[57] Tayui was distressed and put off by her sister's apparent lack of emotions and empathy and lashed out. Aurèle retaliated by claiming Daedalus was set up by Liesl, but Tayui refused to believe her. Tayui attacked Aurèle and Aurèle left, after which point Tayui refused to speak to her sister.

The next day, Tayui returned to Inferni to try and find Kaena to figure out what was going on.[58] She ventured deep into the territory and encountered Zana, but did not end up meeting Kaena. She fled from Inferni and returned to AniWaya after realizing what a horrible choice she had made. Shaken, she returned to AniWaya to figure out what she would do next.

One June 16, she ventured in to Ethereal Eclipse, where Alaine found her crying.[59] The wolfdog tried to comfort her and Tayui tried not to burden the stranger with her problems. Neither of them knew what to do, so they just talked for a while.

On June 20, ten days after Tayui found out about Noir's death, Haku trespassed on to AniWayan territory to find Tayui.[60] He told her he had murdered Noir and began inquiring about her other children. Tayui tried to lie and say they were all missing, but Haku knew she was lying and harassed her for more information.

In early July, Dawali found Tayui and she informed him of her daughter's death.[61] Three days later, she ventured to Inferni again to find Kaena and tell her of the recent development.[62] By this point, she was hellbent on destroying Haku and wanted Kaena's advice and support to attack him.

A few days later, she visited Noir's burial grounds.[63]

In December, she finally decided she needed a change. AniWaya no longer felt like home and she decided to join a new pack: Anathema.

3.4  Apathy and Delusions

Tayui joined Anathema with Attila, but after her son disappeared, she grew apathetic and cynical. Joining Anathema had not solved her issues, even though she had created a fantasy that it would. Instead, she began stalking the coyote who had attacked Ember, and was eventually driven out of Inferni and attacked by him. She also met Eris , whom she slowly found to be somewhat distasteful in opinions, but not necessarily a bad person. Tayui persisted in wandering near Inferni's borders until she saw a group of canines heading west from Anathema. She followed them and ended up joining Salsola as she traded one obsession for another, this time following Eris. She remained in Salsola, but was still driven to boredom out of apathy. She met with Sirius in June, but was wholly unimpressed by his big bad leader thing going on.[64] She decided to try and make a place for herself in Salsola and met up with Janos. As the Informatore, she spoke with him to try and figure out a way to spy on other packs.[65] Although they initially got off on the wrong foot, she came to appreciate his quiet, contemplative mannerisms and enjoyed brainstorming with him. Shortly thereafter, she left to try and collect information. She headed to Halifax, where she met Helix, the son of Shaeniire. He was initially very hostile toward Tayui and they argued for a bit before Tayui had to tell him that his mother had died.[66]

After meeting Helix, she continued her travels and met up with Anu.[67] They exchanged pleasantries and Tayui was happy to see an old face. The two parted and Tayui was discovered by Lucia in the throes of uncertainty.[68] They had a brief chat before parting.

She returned to Salsola and felt somewhat unfulfilled. She sought out Eris to speak to her about the co-rank she was pursuing. She found one of Eris' cats hunting and commented on it, leading to a debate, at the end of which, Eris revealed that she had murdered Tayui's daughter, not knowing Tayui was her mother.[69] Realizing she could no longer remain in Salsola, Tayui tried to leave in the dead of night. As she departed, she saw what looked to be a predator attack and kill one of Eris' puppies.[70]

3.5  The Meek

After fleeing Salsola, she encountered her son, Attila.[71] She told him of his sister's death and he agreed to join her in exacting some sort of revenge. Shortly thereafter, in a fit of rage, she attacked and intentionally turned a regular wolf into a luperci.[72] Now on a path of destruction, she decided it was time to actually do something about her daughter's death.

She met Zalen and she introduced herself as Noir Aston.[73] They traded some tips about different nearby packs and Zalen revealed his distrust of coyotes. Tayui did not take this well and was rather condescending about the matter until she started relating her fears about Salsola. She may or may not have flirted with him a bit and then began forming her idea for doing something against Salsola.

She found Vesper shortly thereafter and was quite taken with the female.[74] They traded information and then warned her about Salsola. Vesper asked Tayui how she could repay her and Tayui asked for information, should they meet again. After this, Tayui worked to gather any potential allies into one group.[75] She recruited her son, Attila, Jaden Ohanzee, Drizzt, Zalen, Vesper, and Lucia Cabriel. This marked the beginning of the Sequoia Plot. Tayui then goes on to recruit three spies to scout out Salsola's borders.[76][77][78] Around this time, she also reconnects with her sister, Éloise, who elects to join her cause,[79] as well as a former packmate from Jaded Shadows: Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.[80]

In December 2011, the group of canines, which had grown considerably in number since Tayui's initial recruitment, attacks Salsola.[81][82][83][84] Tayui finds Eris and attacks her.[85] They fight and Eris throws her into the water. Tayui drifts off and is presumed dead. The attack against Salsola fails.

3.6  Relapse or Recovery?

Tayui was very badly injured in the fight and while she was adrift in the Bay of Fundy. She nearly drowned, but washed up on the shores of Casa di Cavalieri, where she was taken in.[86] Regner Vilhelmsen treated her wounds and she was immobile for two weeks.[87] It took many months before she fully recovered from her injuries. In March, Tayui reconnects with Vesper, who informs her of Verusha's death.[88] Tayui tells Vesper what happened and why she attacked Salsola, revealing that it wasn't for the sole intention of freeing the slaves. Recovering from her injuries and a wounded pride is not easy for Tayui. So certain in her cause, failure had never been a consideration. She grows lonely and hostile and lashes out at strangers.[89]

Eventually, she realizes that she needs to return to AniWaya not only to reconnect with her family (all that she has left), but to reconnect with a former way of life and revisit what had made her happy once. She seeks out her son, Claudius, and her nephew, Anatole, but meets Frodo Silvertongue, and is thoroughly fascinated and a little confused by his mannerisms.[90] She is able to later find Claudius and tell him everything that had happened.[91] She finds that AniWaya is very different since she left and Claudius reveals his role in the AniWayan conflict and Dawali's departure, and Claudius finally gets to say his piece. She finds Anatole, too, and tells him that she had returned from attempting to exact vengeance for Noir's death.[92] Anatole is upset that she didn't ask him to join in, but Tayui argues with him, as she saw what it did to Attila.

She also met up with Anu[93][94] and they lived in Berwick? as loners for a few months.[95] She also meets up with Jaden and informs him of the disastrous results of the plot.[96] He is not pleased, and leaves quickly to attend to his duties as a leader of a new pack, [[Packs/ Sangi'lak]]. She also meets Ezra Rosen, who tells her about a new pack to the north: Vinátta.[97] Tayui reconnects with Vesper again and they update one another with the goings-on in their lives.[98]

After having lived together for many months, Tayui and Anu decide to seek out Vinátta as a new home.[99] Before she leaves, she bids farewell to Claudius.[100] Tayui and Anu travel northeast through Nova Scotia, but avoid Salsola. She seeks out Zalen, now the Alpha of the pack New Dawn to seek safe passage through his territory and avoid Salsola.[101] Zalen is upset that Tayui used a fake name and that the mission failed, putting Vesper's life in danger; but permits Tayui, Anu, and Cypress to pass through his territory nonetheless. The meeting leaves a bitter impression of Zalen for Tayui and she hopes not to return to the pack.

3.7  Peace and Solace

Tayui, Anu, and Cypress join Vinátta in September 2011.[102] They acclimatize to their lives in the new pack, but Anu soon reveals that her former mate, Colibri Haki, is a member--and a mother--in the pack.[103] This discuss how to approach this, since neither of them wish to create trouble in their new pack. They confirm their love for one another and become mates.

In October 2011, Tayui meets her niece, Mésange Laurier.[104] She is upset to find that Tayui is no longer a member of AniWaya. Tayui tries to console her and sends her off with instructions on how to find AniWaya and reconnect with Claudius and Anatole. Later that month, the pack holds a ceremony for Colibri's young children and Tayui realizes, with great dread, that one of the new leaders, Lilin is actually a loner she had harassed a year ago.[105] She doesn't want the woman's opinion of her to affect her thoughts regarding Tayui's mate, so she tries to stay out of sight until she can figure out what to do.

Tayui meets Colibri, Anu's former mate, and Colibri is rude and petulant, which in turn makes Tayui quite cold.[106] When Tayui discovers that Colibri and Lilin share the same father, Haku Soul, she does not respond well. Colibri notices and attacks her for it and Tayui becomes defensive. When Tayui tells Anu what Colibri said--that Tayui didn't deserve Anu--and Anu is furious.[107] Despite Tayui's negative encounter with Colibri, she tries not to let this colour her perception of the pack. She meets Jordyn and Tayui invites her into her home when the rain becomes too strong.[108]

In November, Tayui begins thinking about the role she would like to play in the pack. She realizes that after the failed Sequoia Plot, she still has a great deal of aggression to deal with. She decides to train to become a guardian within the pack. She finds Shiloh Dawnrunner and asks her to train her to use a bo staff.[109] The lesson goes well, though Tayui quickly discovers that if she were to fight on two legs, she would prefer a bladed weapon.

As Tayui and Anu acclimatize to their roles in the pack, they begin discussing the idea of having a family. Tayui suggests that they raise a litter of puppies together and Anu agrees.[110] They leave the pack to find a loner who would not be interested in intruding on their lives. They find a tradesman, a wolfdog named Acelin, on his way to Freetown. He agrees to help them conceive a litter of puppies.

Tayui and Anu return to Vinátta. A few weeks later, Tayui realizes that she is pregnant, and seeks out Oak, Anu's son, to tell him the good news and with hopes of training for her warrior rank.[111] Tayui spends more time out in the packlands and also meets Niernan Stormbringer and his son, Lochlan, and his daughter, Teagan.[112] Tayui introduces them to Anu's pony, Englemann and in exchange, Niernan shows Tayui how to use a knife as a weapon.

In December, Tayui also meets Jiva Takekuro and tries to allay his fears about his mate's pregnancy after she miscarried the first.[113] Together, Tayui and Anu consider names for their children.[114] Since Anu has no surname, they decide to give some of the children the surname 'Aston' for Tayui's side of the family, and the surname 'Cœur' to represent Anu: Tayui's heart. Later that month, Tayui also connects with Saul Stormbringer, one of the two leaders of the pack and they discuss her pregnancy.[115] On December 31, 2012, Tayui gives birth to four puppies: Andira Coeur, Carya Aston, Auguste Aston, and Valérian Coeur.[116]

3.8  Iron in the blood

The first half of 2013 is a light and cheery time for Tayui. She spends all of her time with her new family, playing with her young children and spending time with Anu. She asks Shiloh Dawnbringer to visit Vesper in Inferni and tell her the good news: of her new mate, home, and children.[117] Shiloh visits Vesper and they get along well. Shiloh returns with news of Vesper's own mateship and forthcoming litter, too.

The happy summer, however, is shattered with news that three of Shiloh's puppies had been stolen away by members of the Ironside Coalition. Having only just become a mother, Tayui joins a team along with Saul Stormbringer, Niernan Stormbringer, and Ascher Stormbringer to rescue the children.M[118] She participates in further planning and attacks against the Coalition, including a dual-pronged attack that eliminates most of the members of the affronting group.[119] In the midst of the strife with the aggressors, Andira announces that she is leaving the pack to join Cour des Miracles to pursue her own future.[120] Although saddened by departure of her daughter, Tayui is nonetheless proud to have such an independent child.

Tayui and Colibri Haki attempt to resolve their differences--mostly that Colibri and Anu were once mates and it made their interactions fairly... awkward in the pack.[121] Although Colibri attempts to resolve the tension, Tayui still tries to belittle the other woman, but she ultimately understands that she only wants Colibri to be happy since she has been so happy with Anu.

The fall brings with it more pain, as Judas Poer de Aika XIII kidnaps and tortures Carya, and then abandons her.[122] Tayui, Colibri, Niernan, and Lochlan find her and Tayui brings her home. Tayui fights the inclination to seek vengeance against Judas after having failed to seek justice in the wake of Noir's death and not wanting to abandon her children again. Changes continue when a month later, Carya moves out of the home she shared with her siblings and mothers and into her own home in Jordheim.[123]

In an attempt to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives and to reconnect with Vesper, Tayui brings Valérian Coeur to meet Vesper and they meet her daughters, Vicira Tears and Myrika Tears.[124] Later, Attila visits Tayui for advice and they discuss how they are coping after the failed attack on Salsola and his unhappiness in AniWaya as a low-ranking member and how he is struggling to find himself.[125]

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