Kieran Heartsong

Kieran Heartsong

Name OriginGaelic
Name MeaningKieran: "Little Dark One"; HEartsong:
Date of Birth7 November 2004
Age> 5 years
Birth placeHeartsong Pack
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateSeptember 2007


Joining dateUnknown

Kieran Heartsong was a previous member of Jaded Shadows in 2007.


Kieran is a warm-hearted wolf, always willing to reach out and meet new individuals. While he used to be open and trusting to most others he meets, past experiences caused him to retract from developing strong bonds with others. Subconsciously afraid of being betrayed by those closest to him again, he refrains from fully trusting those he becomes acquainted with. Despite this, Kieran still maintains a giving personality. He may not trust others completely, but he still feels the need to lend others a hand when needed. Even with bad experiences, a small part of Kieran still believes that there may be good in all. The ones he seems to be the most open with are pups. Kieran has quite a soft spot for the little fuzz balls, and will go out of his way to entertain and watch over them if he sees the chance.



  • Father: Cormac
  • Mother: Niamh

Love Interests

Previous Mates

  • Selene


Besides the typical skills of hunting, tracking, and the like, Kieran ‘specializes’ in certain crafts, specifically carving and blanket weaving. Having been taught the skills as a pup, experience has helped him improve over time. In addition to this, Kieran had also learned how to read and write, but he is out of practice and may need to re-teach some things to himself. He also has a particular love for singing, and can been seen singing or humming tunes from his old home.


Kieran’s fur is almost a uniform black shade all throughout, except for some patches of sable hue around his underside. Contrasting with his dark fur, both his eyes are a warm, golden color. As far as accessories go, he has five piercings in his ears. In both of his ears are two small, silver hoop earrings. On the left side, the lower of the two earrings is attached to a brown and white hawk’s feather. Each of these is a symbol of his rank from his previous pack. Despite no longer belonging to the pack, he keeps each to remind him of his past. The final piercing is a larger, golden hoop at the top of his right ear. This was added after he had left the Heartsong pack in defiance, as the pack had forbade both the use of gold earrings for non-alphas and any piercings that did not denote rank. This earring at times clinks against the smaller silver on beneath it, sometimes hindering his stealth in certain situations.

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