Tempest Tide

Tempest Tide

Date of Birth23 April 2002
Birth placeApocrypha
Current packNone

Previous Pack


Joining date?
Joining RankSubordinate

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  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  History

Tempest was born into the Apocrypha pack in April of 2002. Her mum and da were Alpha's, however, they were killed by Diable Noir, a cruel tyrant who took over the pack when Tempest was a year and a half old. Tempest lived through it, however scarcely. Finally, Norjei Sachik killed her father, and took over the pack. Norjei was a close friend of Tempest's, and Tempest left her "little sister" Caesura Fatale to Norjei before she left the pack. Caesura's own parents were killed by Noir, and Caesura had been under Tempest's care. However, she couldn't handle the lingering pain in Apocrypha, and left. She travelled until she found Bleeding Souls, and Storm, where she was met by Zero and accepted into the pack. She soon became mate to Sober M'elname, but he died shortly after impregnating her, leaving Tempest alone, and pregnant with his three pups.

1.1  First Person

"She was sick of herself. She could no longer see the scars from her old life, but she could feel them. Defiled, hurt, angry. The side of her that nobody ever saw. She'd never tell her new family what her life before had been. She didn't want them to know. If she were honest with herself, she would say that, personally, she didn't even want to know. Didn't want to remember all the pain that she once lived in and by. In her eyes, she saw shadows of her father. They shared the same bright green eyes, a thin sheet of metal between the world and their minds. It wasn't easy to break through Tempest's cold front. She always managed to smile and mask her feelings. She locked all the pain away, hoping that nobody could see it. She didn't want to see it, but it always found it's way into her mind after sunset.

The shadowy female stared into the waters against, looking deeper. She had Nikolai Aserbikov's eyes. And the rest of her... Ivory. Ivory Caesura, her mother. She was a shadow, a vision of Ivory, all except for her eyes. Ivory, whose eyes were an icy blue, whose face Tempest saw in the water. She could see her parents faces mesh together into the femme in the water before her. The memories came back. The fight. Ivory had told Tempest to hide, and she had. She'd hidden within a cave and watched as her parents fought to their death. It had only been to protect her, to protect the pack. Afterwards, Sadako had taken her in when she became Alpha. Sadako had been as close to a mother as Tempest had known, for six months before it happened again. Tempest was left alone. When Diable Noir had taken over as Alpha, everything changed. Respect was no longer a part of the pack. Noir got what he wanted, and the pack suffered for it. Tempest had done her best to protect the pups. Sadako had given birth just before her death, and out of three, only one was left alive when Noir had finished. Caesura Fatale, who was named for Tempest's own mother, was left. Tempest took her in, and kept her safe. When Noir was finally killed by Norjei Sachik -- Noir's own daughter, at that -- The pack began to recover. But Norjei had seen the pain within Tempest. There were too many memories for her to ever be happy in Apocrypha. The femme promised her that she would care for Caesura, and told her to go and find somewhere to be happy."

2.  Personality

Tempest is a bit reserved, and tends to keep to herself. She's very fearful of being hurt, as she barely lived through a short but violent reign in her old pack by a cruel male wolf. She tends to be pretty submissive, and quite easy to get along with. She loves pups, and desperately misses her "little sister" Caesura Fatale from her old pack. She loved her mate, Sober M'elname, with everything, and misses him horribly. She's open to meeting new wolves, although relatively cautious and suspicious at first, which often comes off as a false "egotistical" personality

3.  Notes

Phoenix, fix this page! Events of note:

  • Pre-Souls life: Noir's reign, Caesura, trek to Souls
  • Storm: Greeting by Zero, friendships, mateship with Sober M'elname, puppies
  • Death

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

5.  Appearance

  • Eyes: Bright green.
  • Fur: Grey.
  • Markings: Scars beneath her coat.
Category: Storm