April 2008


April 1Gabriel leads Inferni out of Bleeding Souls after he sets fire to the lands.[1]
April 1Jaded Shadows disbands.[2]
April 2Conri Church and Naniko D'Angelo form Twilight Vale.[3]

Fire, Evacuation, and Rebirth

On 1st April 2008, Gabriel de le Poer started a fire that would spread to consume the entirety of Bleeding Souls, forcing all packs and clans to abandon their homes and to flee to the west. Inferni relocated to The Waste, while Jaded Shadows, Storm, and Clouded Tears disbanded in the chaos that followed.

In their wake, new packs are formed. Twilight Vale and Labyrinth Glen are formed on April 10; Shadowed Sun is formed on April 13, Dahlia de Mai is formed on April 21 and Insieme is formed on April 22.

Twilight Vale claims a part of Shiloh Hills, Labyrinth Glen claims parts of Whisper Beach, Arachnea's Revenge and Shattered Coast. Shadowed Sun claims the southern part of Halcyon Mountain and Quartz Shoreline. Dahlia de Mai claims half of Overgrowth Sunrise and Insieme settles on a strip of Quartz Shoreline southeast of Shadowed Sun.