Lotus Phoenix

Lotus Phoenix

Lotus, by Carbon
Name MeaningLotus: a fruit that induces forgetfulness and a dreamy languor in those who eat it
Phoenix: a legendary Arabian bird said to set fire to itself and rise anew from the ashes every 500 years
Date of BirthDecember 11, 2009
Subspecies100% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAniWaya
Current packn/a

'Souls Profile

Lotus Phoenix entered AniWaya as a young puppy in early 2010, and became adopted by Ember Phoenix.


Sadly he doesn't remember too much about his own history. Not that it has been that long ago either. But with what took shape to lead to his birth it was probably best that he didn't remember. When his older sister was just barely a year old she was raped by her own father. This rape resulted in Lotus and Lichen. Also it led to their mother's death because of complications from her having a litter too young. Their father was killed because of adultery and rape. And the grandmother simply wanted nothing to do with them. This just left the boys being separated and cared for that way. The one that took in Lotus was unable to care for Lichen as well. So to this day Lotus doesn't even realize he has a reversely identical brother.

Instead he was told, by his caretaker, that his mother had went on ahead with a group of others from the tribe to scout out the lands beyond. He had been told that his mother was making sure things were safe for him and she would send word when she found such a place. He had been briefed that this place would be away from illness that had claimed other members of their tribe. He had no idea of the correspondence between the two in order to set this up. He simply believes what he was told and so was dropped off because his mother had found the perfect place for them to live.


Lotus's coloring is quite simple. There is nothing too special about this pup. He is just a simple white color all over with a single black stripe down his back, from nose to tail tip. His eyes are a simple grey in color. So all in all his looks are very minimal at this point. He hasn't learned to shift so there isn't clothing to be placed upon his body nor hair to be described. He is too young to have the body modifications that his Mommy does. So really there isn't much to say about his looks.


Being a pup still he is easily excitable. This also means that he is full of energy and so he can be found to be bouncing around and getting in trouble. He doesn't exactly mean to get into trouble but it just happens. Most of his trouble comes from his endless curiosity. He can't help himself though. The world is new to him and so he has to see it all for his own eyes. But with that youth comes a sense of gullibility. He easily believes what he was told. His whole life and family as he knows it is based on a lie.

He is a friendly little thing and is unaware of the harshness of the world around him. Because of this it isn't strange for him to run up and eagerly greet strangers. To him everyone is just a friend in the making. He doesn't realize that such could be a dangerous prospect. Though that tends to make him a handful. Especially since he is apt to get into all sorts of mischief because of innocent curiosity.

While he is quick to believe what he is told there is one thing he won't budge on. Despite the facts to back it up he believes that he is a girl. It is how he views himself in his mind. That is one thing that won't change. He can't alter his mental perception of himself. And he doesn't understand why others can't see him as he sees himself.


  • Parents -- Solange and Dechleon Maurader
    • Siblings -- Solange and Lichen
  • Adoptive Family -- Ember Phoenix