Phoenix, by Zaets?
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthDec 17 2004
Age3 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus fuscus ortus
50% Canis lupus arctos ortus
Birth placeSomewhere in Canada
Current packN/A
'Souls Profile

Phoenix was a previous leader of Storm and father to four children with Iskata Sadira.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
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  4.   4.  Skills
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  5.   5.  Appearance
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1.  History

Phoenix’s father, Anubis, was a charming and manipulative loner who convinced Cecilia, the omega of a pack that he often visited, to leave her home to start their own family and pack. They’re timing couldn’t have been worse though, as they gave birth to a litter of five just before a drought hit. Phoenix was the biggest of the five, the others being four boys named Ramses, Chicago, Arthur, and Pharaoh, and a girl named Isis. The five pups grew up happy though, totally unaware of the crisis that troubled their parents. One day Anubis went out hunting, but never returned. After a few days of waiting, Cecilia decided to go searching for him, but she too didn’t come back. The five pups waited in vain for their parents to return, eventually succumbing to starvation and dying one at a time until only Phoenix was left.

Realizing that he would also die if he continued to stay and wait for his parents who were in all likelihood dead, Phoenix left his den and the corpses of his siblings at the young age of four and a half months. It is some miracle he survived, scrounging whatever edible matter he could find and staying one step ahead of predators. At one point he encountered a heard of deer, but being just one lone pup he had no chance of catching any and instead ended up walking away with a a scar above his left eyebrow, left by the lead bull of the heard. His only company was the imaginary companionship of his parents and the babbling noises of the river that for the most part he followed, searching for more of his kind.

It wasn’t until he was nine months old that he found them though, in the incarnation of Gibraltar, the new alpha of Storm. Fighting not to be overwhelmed by the prospect of finally finding a home, and struggling to remember how to act around the company of others, he eventually managed to convince Gibraltar to allow him to join. Elated, Phoenix instantly made himself at home, but he didn’t find a permanent den right away.

During his first pack hunt with elder wolves Skoll and Misty, Phoenix couldn’t keep his first encounter with deer out of his mind, and ended up balking before the massive bull they had cornered. It took notice and slashed into his right shoulder, again scarring him for life. One night soon after he stumbled into the den of a young Ember, exhausted and half-delirious from the pain in his haunch. After she found him lying within the entrance of her den, she awoke him and gave him some herbs from the pain. They got to talking and soon learned that they were both orphans, forging an instant and deep friendship with each other.

Soon after he found a den of his own and things began to look up, even getting promoted to Wahrer. For a while Phoenix just roamed around, even venturing outside of Storm occasionally. Fore the most part he got along with other wolves, with the exception of a “visitor” he found inside his den named Deuce Rhiannon. A few months after being in Storm he took in a pup that he had found at Storm’s borders, promising Gibraltar to take care of him. Around that time he started developing migraines, painful headaches that came and went suddenly for no apparent reason. During one exploration trip in the human city he was found by a female named Piper, lying on the couch and waiting for another episode to subside. After it went away he dismissed it, not wanting to let it ruin his day off, and the two went exploring. Inside a chest he found a necklace, which he put around Piper’s neck. The two became almost instant friends, and while he was totally unaware of it, she soon developed a crush on him soon afterwards.

The headaches continued to manifest themselves, until one day a wolf from Jaded Shadows found him by the river, waiting out his worst headache yet. Instead of fading away rapidly though, the pain suddenly stopped and Phoenix saw into the other’s mind, referring to him by name even though they had never met. Both panicked and ran away from one another, and Phoenix discovered he was a telepath. Not wanting the ability, he secluded himself away for days while he tried to figure out what was going on, practicing with his ability in the hopes that he could control it and perhaps understand it better. What he feared, and still fears, is violating someone else’s mind like he did when his telepathy first manifested itself.

He continued to see Piper, still blatantly ignorant that she had feelings for him, or that he was starting to develop feelings for her. One day after walking her back home he heard her scream and rushed back to find a young cougar attacking her. Enraged into a protective mode, Phoenix killed the beast, but not without taking substantial wounds along his back and losing a lot of blood. Reluctantly he took up Piper’s offer to stay with her while he healed, but only on the condition that she return to Storm the next day and let someone know what had happened to him so that care for the pup in his charge could be arranged. (Little did he know that the pup had already run away.) He ended up staying a week with Piper, despite his dislike for the place where she lived—the fog made him nervous, as well as the obvious awkwardness of the whole situation. During one night while they both slept Phoenix telepathically entered her dream and the two ended up reliving parts of each others’ lives.

When he was recovered enough to return home, he was crushed to discover that Achilles had disappeared. This would have sent him into a deep depression, if not for Deuce’s daughter, Dierdre, who had taken on Phoenix as a father-figure, despite his discomfort around her mother. Life goes on for Phoenix, as he spends time exploring and making new friends. On one venture, he got his braid caught in a dead shrub and had to be freed by a young female coyote named Faolin Mogotsi. To his amazement, he sensed an empathic ability in her, and reveals that he is a telepath to her. A few moments in each others’ minds forged an instant friendship between them, and they made a pact to help each other learn about their psychic abilities. One night in a dream, he suddenly remembered his parents’ forgotten names, reminding him all over again of his losses and sending him into a depression. Needing time to think, he went out by the river and started a fire, which attracted the attention of an elderly wolf named Mordulin. They spoke, and she gave him the advice and encouragement he needed.

But just as things finally felt like they were falling into place for Phoenix, fate gave him a harsh reminder that life wasn’t all sun and roses. Forlorn and depressed, Ember stopped eating and just let herself whither away, and he discovered her on the day she died. Of course Phoenix blamed himself, believing that if he had just spent more time with her he could have prevented the death of his “Little Sister.” Shocked into a downward spiral, Phoenix spent many weeks brooding and mourning, letting his appearance go and even snapping at a pack-mate. He lost weight and didn’t eat much, most of the food he caught being given to the pups of his friends Drako and Satin, who he visited frequently to try getting his mind off his sorrows.

Eventually he recovered though. One day on the beach, he met the alpha female of Syemv, Phasma Kiles, and in that meeting was seeded a crush for her. Later on, in the human city, he encountered a another Syemv-wolf named Zorish, who had been blind his whole life. Feeling empathy towards him, Phoenix offered to use his telepathy to show Zorish what it was like to see, and the blind wolf consented. After showing him a few images from his memory, they arranged to meet on the shores of his home one week later so he could show Zorish those he loved. On the beach that day were a coyote named Nyika and of course Phasma. Phoenix fulfilled his promise to Zorish, allowing him to see through his eyes for a few moments, but the strain caused him to pass out. He awoke the next day in a bed inside the Syemv house. During the day Phasma came to check up on him, and the two talked for a little while, encouraging the feelings Phoenix was developing for her. For a few days afterward he wondered if he should tell her about his feelings (one day talking to himself and discovering that he could now speak Russian, which he had accidentally “picked up” while in Zorish’s mind). Finally he decided to do it, and traveled once again to Syemv to admit his feelings to Phasma. As he began to tell her though, he sensed that she was pregnant and was taken so off-guard that he told her that instead. Realizing that she had feelings for another male, he decided not to tell her about how he felt and quickly retreated back to Storm.

This sent him into another bought of depression, though this time it was not as serious as the last. Following a trail of blood to a house in the Luminous Sanctuary, inside he found a dying wolf named Lyla and her two children. She and her mate had come to Bleeding Souls to start a new life, but instead both had ended with tragedy when a cougar attacked them. Disparate, but sensing that Phoenix could be trusted, she asked him to adopt her children, and name them, as was custom for the father to do in her culture. Seeing their yellow and gray eyes, he named them Sun and Moon and vowed to raise them as his own. The next day, he buried Lyla and brought his new children to Storm. Gibraltar soon found him hunting for food for them, and after an introduction to the two pups, he asked Phoenix to help him run the pack and offered him the rank of Gamma. Phoenix reluctantly accepted.

And so the story continues….


Joining dateUnknown
RankSubordinate, Lehrling, Wahrer, Jager, (briefly) Lehrer, Gamma, Alpha Male

2.  Personality

Phoenix holds a deep sense of responsibility, first to his family, then to his pack, and then to anyone else he considers a friend and doesn’t fall into the first two categories. All he ever really wants is a peaceful life raising his family. He isn’t easy to anger, but when he sees someone he cares about threatened he becomes ruthless and dangerous until they are safe again. A reluctant alpha, Phoenix attempts to maintain a façade of professionalism and self-assurance, for fear of showing weakness as a leader. Underneath his somber exterior, he has a sociable, polite and gentle nature, which is becoming more and more prominent as he grows surer of himself. He is much smarter than he gives himself credit for. Phoenix also is a telepath, although he is fearful of his abilities and extremely careful in his use of it, unwilling to violate anyone's privacy.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • MOTHER: Cecilia [missing, presumed dead]
  • FATHER: Anubus [missing, presumed dead]
  • SIBLINGS: Chicago [M, deceased], Arthur[M, deceased], Pharaoh[M, deceased], Isis [F, deceased]

Phoenix's mate is Iskata Sadira whom left in search of their daughter, .

Together Phoenix and Iskata Sadira had four children;

3.2  Friends

Organized alphabetically by last name; a strikethrough implies death. Please add your character if I missed them!

4.  Skills

4.1  Telepathy

At all times Phoenix is at least aware of the sentient minds around him. He can sense others nearby as a sort of “luminescence” and sometimes even pick up on emotions. However, he must concentrate on someone in order to connect minds with them, and he can only do it with one mind at a time. With enough focus he can even “transmit” a message into another’s mind, though he cannot hear a reply or someone else’s thoughts without connecting. Once connected, his telepathy primarily consists of data exchange: he can sense thoughts or view memories, or send thoughts and memories of his own to the other. With enough concentration he can even unlock suppressed memories, though such effort usually exhausts him. It takes less effort to work with another psychic, though the same limitations usually apply. Some days his perceptiveness can “flare” and he loses control; his mind connects to anyone within range. On these days he attempts to isolate himself until he regains control. These days come less frequently now that he has had more chance to develop and understand his ability, but they still happen.

5.  Appearance

Phoenix's fur is colored a dark brown, almost a coffee color. He has coarse and mono-colored hair. His mane stays long and does not retract when he shifts back into his wolf form, so he has to keep it in a foot-long braid to keep it out of his face. Phoenix has emerald green eyes which blend into a lighter green on the inside. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of Storm's insignia. While Phoenix has many small scars underneath his coat, prominent ones include a small one above his left eyebrow, rather sizable one across his right shoulder, one across his collarbone on his left shoulder, and one on his left arm running from his elbow down to his wrist.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Phoenix has a well-built and very muscular physique.


  • Height: 3'6"
  • Weight: 165 lb
  • Length: 6'


  • Height: 8'7"
  • Weight: 410 lb
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