Gotham Phoenix

Gotham Phoenix

Gotham, by Erin
Name MeaningFather's surname
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthApril 7, 2009
Age> 1 year
Subspecies50% Italian wolf, 25% Arctic wolf, 12.5% Timber wolf, 12.5% Cascade Mountains wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packCrimson Dreams

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateApril 7, 2009
Previous Rank(s)Basic Officer
SignificanceMember; birth pack

Gotham Phoenix is the son of Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira, born into Crimson Dreams.



Cheerful, sensitive, adventurous, curious, loves bugs! fairly quiet unless he gets excited, then he can be a chatterbox.


Gotham's grown a lot more quiet since he becoming an adult, having realized the direction his life was heading and the strain it might have placed on his family. His primary concern these days is his family, namely his sisters and mother. He's still adventurous and curious, and he's still got a huge interest in insects, but he's also learned to keep himself in check. He has also taken on a protective streak, and an intense loyalty to his family as compared to his pack.



In his lupus form, Gotham is a sturdy-built black wolf with brown dappling notable under the right light, like an undercoat. He stands roughly 2'3" at the shoulder in this form, with some room left to grow. His eyes are a bright, clear blue.


Not too different from his lupus form, Gotham's secui form is only a few inches larger at 2'7" at the shoulder, with longer limbs and a strong jaw.


Built well, Gotham is rather tall standing a good 6'7" at his full height. His stocky build drifts more towards athletic. Toned stomach and chest match well honed limbs, and a long, brushy tail. He's not too concerned about his appearance though, and it shows--his hair is unkempt and his coat scruffy. In this form he usually carries a satchel so he can take notes on whatever bugs he comes across during the day. However, he tends to use this form less unless he finds something interesting, preferring his eyes be closer to the ground so he can spot insects.



Previous Players

Before Mel picked Gotham up, he was played by three other people: Killi, Sace, and Sky.