Amata Sadira

Amata Sadira is the daughter of Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira, born in Crimson Dreams. She grew up to learn the healing arts, and participated in the AniWaya Conflict when her pack became embroiled in war. It is presumed that she returned to Italy with the rest of the Marino family in the spring of 2012.

Amata Sadira

By Kiri

Former PlayersRequiem, Shawchert, Mel
More Info'Souls Profile
Name Origin"Having been loved"/"Beloved", Latin ; "Of the Sea"
Name Pronounciation"Ah-mah-tah" "Sa-deer-ah"
Date of Birth2009.04.07.
Birth PlaceCrimson Dreams

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  2.   2.  Family
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1.  History

She was born within the pack of Crimson Dreams. Born to Savina and Kansas, Amata had a great childhood growing up next to her brother Gotham and her sister and best friend Cambria. She had no lack in friends wherever she went, so it was a wonder when she suddenly announced that she was going to be leaving to better her medical skills. Something her sister didn't want to do outside the pack. Amata felt that she needed to do this, that without the experiences of the outside world she would not understand the her whole job.

She had many adventures during her time away, though she never strayed too far, but the one that stuck out the most was when she was nursing a loner, he wooed her and sang for her the love songs that any girl could dream of, and one day she woke to find him gone, no letter no nothing, not even a goodbye. Heartbroken Amata didn't know what to do and it took her a month before she finally decided to move back into her own pack lands. She settled in quickly and soon was already at work when Savina, Ghita, and Jazper got into a fight with a bear. She did her best to heal both Jazper and the bear, which turned out well enough, and soon after came the fall of her younger sister, Artemis, who fell off the roof when playing with Denali Reitzer. Amata had been at wits end trying to care for her with Cambria, not sure what to do in the days her sister was in a coma.

During the time of Denali's absence and Artemis' coma a Snowstorm comes and devastates the area, making everyone scramble to keep one another safe. Amata stays within the confines of the mansion to take care of Artemis and anyone else who is effected by the cold. Soon the storm ends and finally Artemis wakes up and things seem to go back, though Denali is still missing and Amata continues her search for him. She finds herself in Dahlia de Mai where she meets Saluce, a confused man, who isn't sure of who he is, or if he's known her before, and she inadvertently saves his live as he has a seizure right in front of her. If that wasn't enough she finds Fia in the middle of Rabbit Lake, on a small iceberg nearly ready to make her slip off, Amata saves the girl by diving into the frigid cold water and pushes the ice towards shore, almost suffering from hypothermia herself.

The pack is full of accidents, sick, and it keeps the woman quite busy throughout the winter, she even nurses a newly changed wolf, named Leonard, whom she'd met before and convinced to join Crimson Dreams, and has become her friend. She is then visited in the early spring by Saluce once more, for help with his seizures and headaches, and she gives him her diagnosis on his problem and something to treat his headaches. Only when she finds the plants growing that could control his seizures, did she go to him in his home, where he showed her around and started teaching her how to use a bow.

The AniWaya Conflict comes to the pack, and Amata's skills are put to the test again. Cambria and Anu are kidnapped, but safely recovered, and eventually the violence is resolved and peace returns to the land. After many years leading Crimson Dreams, Savina chose to gather her family and sail back to Italy, leaving the pack to Anu. It is presumed that Amata went overseas with her parents, and is living in Italy today.

2.  Family

Immediate Family

Extended Family

3.  Personality

Falling under neutral good with lawful tendencies. Upbeat and lighthearted, Amata is easy to get along with. Unburden by any sort of shyness, she loves to play and talk and chat, even pointlessly, especially with a good friend. Sometimes, she sings to herself, and sometimes she sings with the birds and the bugs. Her goodness is pure and untainted, and her faith in her family and pack are strong. She loves the peacefulness of the world and will not have anything to do with violence. She doesn't like violence at all, not even within a male. She'd prefer that boys would play just as nicely as she would and be gentle and loving.

4.  Appearance

Optime by Mel

With a slender build, Amata's coat is a creamy colour, an attribute of her father. the tip of her tail will darken to an inky black. Her left eye is a peircing green while the right is a stunning baby-blue. She is often seen smiling, and her appearance is overall friendly and easily approachable. In optime form she wears her hair up in a half ponytail and adds in a few braids randomly. She likes to keep up her appearance.

5.  Skills

  • Languages: Italian (Fluently), English(Main Language)
  • Healing abilities to not only Wolves but felines, large hooved animals, birds, and rodents,
  • Can Read and Write