Parker Sadira

Parker Sadira is the daughter of Savina Marino and Kansas Sadira. She was born into Crimson Dreams on March 26, 2010, alongside her brother, Silvano Sadira, and her sister, Artemis Marino. Her older siblings are Cambria Marino, Amata Sadira, and Gotham Phoenix. In the spring of 2012, her family left Crimson Dreams to sail to their homeland of Italy. Parker spent a year overseas before returning to Nova Scotia by herself.

Parker Sadira

Parker by Sie
Previous PlayersShadow, Harper
Date of BirthMarch 26, 2010
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packN/A

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Former Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateMarch 26, 2010
Most Recent RankPlebeian
SignificanceBirthpack; puppy

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1.  Personality

Parker is a quiet introvert. With rare exceptions, she prefers her own company to the company of others. She enjoys spending time on her own walking, drawing, or simply sitting quietly, lost in thought. She is a bright, eager learner and loves soaking in whatever knowledge she can garner about any and all subjects. Because of her quiet nature, she is also a rapt listener and gives her most thoughtful advice.

Deceit is a foreign concept to her. Her emotions are almost always on her sleeve, though her expressions aren't often extreme. She prefers to go off by herself when she feels herself losing control, which has happened only a few times in the past. Since she was very young, Parker has been called the "sunshine girl" by her family. Despite her quiet, soft spoken nature, she has a sunny attitude that doesn't easily darken. Her bright demeanor seems endless, and her smile is contagious. She loves being happy and she wants those around her to be happy, too.

Her voice is sweet and soft with a gentle Italian lilt.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Even her looks mimic sunshine. With a creamy base, her coat shifts from pale blonde to a mixture of cinnamon and reddish gold; the long fur has a soft, silky texture. Her body is an average height with a willowy shape. Lithe and lightly muscular, Parker carries herself with grace and poise, holding her head high and her back straight. She walks with the light gait of a dancer. Bright, honey-colored eyes flawlessly convey her moods.

Her strawberry blond mane falls in wavy tendrils well past her shoulders. She ties it back with leather or twine if she wants it out of her face, but she usually wears it down, framing her face. She has a particular love for bluebird and hawk feathers, and she is rarely seen without one or two of them tied into her hair. She likes to tie little braids here and there among the feathers. The only clothing she ever wears is the woven scarf her mother gave to her.

4.  History

Parker was born into a close-knit pack called Crimson Dreams lead in part by her mother, Savina. She and her siblings were raised in a stable, loving environment, where they were encouraged to have strong values. Her childhood was a happy one. There were few responsibilities other than those she held to her family, giving her freedom to explore the world as she pleased.

The only adverse event Parker has yet experienced came when she was an adolescent. War broke among Crimson Dreams and the packs surrounding it. To this day, she does not fully understand the reasons for the war, yet she will never forget it. Beloved Crimson Dreamers were captured and held hostage, and her parents and some of her siblings risked their lives in battle. Since Parker disliked the violence, she felt helpless to her family throughout the war.

Luckily, Crimson Dreams had suffered no losses at the war's end. Soon after the war, her parents decided to return to Savina's homeland, Italy. They invited Parker to join them. As she had always dreamed of seeing her mother's exotic homeland, she happily agreed to go. She loved Italy, but it never felt quite like home to her. More than a year after leaving, her homesickness became too much to bear, and she returned to Nova Scotia on her own.