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ColoursSlate Blue (#778899) & Peach (#F5deb3)
Founded ByGiuseppe Agapito, Maria Agapito
Founded On22 April 2008
Defunct On20 June 2008

Past Leadership

Past LeadersGiuseppe Agapito, Maria Agapito

Insieme was originally founded by Giuseppe Agapito and Maria Agapito on April 22, 2008 along with Beppe Agapito, Ari Sohs and Anderung Meer as the initial members. Insieme is one of the shortest-lived packs at 'Souls; it was founded directly following the April 1st, 2008 fires, and it never really took off. After a few of the founding members departed, the pack broke apart.

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1.  History

A few Italian wolves had been living in 'Souls prior to the fire; they were swept up in the escape and the trip southward. Maria Agapito and her son, Beppe Agapito, eventually hooked up with Beppe's father, Giuseppe Agapito, and they founded Insieme in an attempt to recreate their homelands. While they were friendly enough, the pack wasn't as open and accepting to new members as other packs might be, and they struggled to retain their hold on their lands after the fire.

Savina Marino joined, but shortly after her joining, several of the founding members—Giuseppe Agapito, Maria Agapito, and Beppe Agapito disappeared from the pack, leaving the members to find their way elsewhere. Savina Marino headed to Twilight Vale and remained there to see it form Crimson Dreams. Eventually, Beppe Agapito eventually returned with a few children by Empusa Radu.

2.  Ranks

Giuseppe Agapito established himself as the Dirigente, and Maria Agapito established herself as the Colonnella, as part of the royalty tier: Dignità. Ranks were established, and were comprised of three tiers: the Bambini, which included the Bambino (male) and Bambina (female) was the children tier. Estranei was the outsider tier and members were given either the rank of Estraneo if they were male or Estranea if they were female upon joining. Membri was the member tier, including Membro for males and Membra for females.

The first three members, Anderung Meer, Ari Sohs and Beppe Agapito were all given Mebri ranks. More ranks were added, with Giovani (junior members) added between the Estranei and Membri ranks, with Giovano for males and Giovana for females. A senior member tier was also added- Anziani- with Anziano for males and Anziana for females.

3.  Territory

In the northeast corner of Quartz Shoreline, the remains of a sleepy village are tucked in among the hills. The fishing-town turned summer tourist-getaway is a quaint locale, boasting only a handful of houses, shops, and restaurants. A solitary path leads through the hills to face the sea. Here the trail branches, the first leading to stretches of fancy beach houses, occupied by the wealthy in the pleasant summer months. Many have fallen victim to the raging seas, but the better-built ones still stand. The second trail leads to a protected cove that serves as a natural harbour where man's docks persist to this day. In the areas untouched by the rough hands of humanity, the remaining landscape is thickly wooded, rich and full of

3.1  Watcher’s Rest

The shoreline of Insieme boasts a solitary island. The isle is rocky and windswept, home only to a handful of hardy sea birds. An ancient lighthouse still stands sentinel for the old town’s harbor, although the building is discolored and built with stone. The structure’s stairs are treacherous, but the view from the top is stunning indeed.

4.  Culture

4.1  Familial Bonds

The Insieme pack relied on the strength of their relationships with one another. Family was a central theme; as was trust. Outsiders were met politely, but were not immediately welcomed as full members. Joinees were given a rank among the Estranei (literally, “outsiders”) until they proved their loyalty to the pack.

Important Families

4.2  Human Lifestyle

Familiar with European lifestyles and customs, the Insieme pack struggled to recreate the fringe civilization they once knew. Members usually spent more time on two legs than four. Most lived in human houses or construct cabins of their own. Self-reliance and literacy were encouraged; value was given to making one’s own things as opposed to relying on scavenged human artifacts. Members tended toward omnivore tendencies, gathering and growing to supplement their mainly-meat diet.

4.3  Pack Relationships

As Insieme was particularly closed-off and more interested in intrapack bonding, they did not keep especially close ties with anyone—even the leadership of their closest neighbors, Shadowed Sun, described them as "quiet and [staying] out of everyone’s way." [1] As such, they can be considered dead neutral with all of the other packs. Insieme was not around long enough to establish any alliances or enemies within the land.

5.  External Links

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