Ari Sohs

Ari Sohs

Ari, by Alex
Name OriginAri: from Aristotle or Hebrew for "lion".
Sohs: a rough Greek translation of a name, mainly modeled after an "SOS".
Date of Birth12 May 2007
Age> 2 years
Subspecies50% ''Eastern Timber wolf, 50% Canadian wolf
Birth placeVeneficus Marshlands, northwest of Bleeding Souls
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining date
Joining RankMembro
SignificanceFounding Member

Ari Sohs was one of the founding members of Insieme

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

Prior to coming to Bleeding Souls, Ari's unfortunate life started with his very birth. His mother, Melantha, was the Diviner of their pack and she foresaw a terrible omen upon him when he was born alongside two dead siblings. She had the better of mind to have him killed immediately, but she couldn't bring herself to do so and decided to bide her time in his case. As the youth grew up, Melantha paid very little attention to him — luckily Ari was a child who could amuse himself through art and other activities. His standoffish nature only made Melantha more nervous about his omen. So, when Ari was eight months old, she bid her eldest son, Nikolaos, to take Ari somewhere and kill him. Nikolaos obeyed, and took Ari on a "journey" to Bleeding Souls, where he was left for dead. Nikolaos, who had always had a bit of a soft spot for his younger brother, left Ari with a promise, though — if Ari could stay alive, he would come back to get him. So now Ari lives in Jaded Shadows, awaiting someone who might never come. It was days after that when Ari had a vision-like dream in which he saw Nikolaos and his mother talking. Melantha had learned of Nikolaos not killing Ari outright, and got angry with him as he stood against her. She eventually struck him, and stormed away. Ari's vision stopped there, but he suspects that Nikolaos will either be killed or banished by the Council, under Melantha's influence.

Weeks later, after stewing in uncertainty and anxiety, Nikolaos reappeared with dramatic news. He was truly supposed to have been put to death by the Council at home, but his friends had helped set him free the night prior. He had left and hid, with his friends supplying him with food and information. They told him that his mother was so filled with fury that she had set Pelagios against him. Their silver brother was now consumed with the task to destroy them both. With this fear settling over him, Nikolaos had set out to tell Ari, recuperate for a few days, then leave once more to confront their brother and see who would be the victor of the family dispute. This would not come to be, however, as a rampant wildfire blazed through the lands known as Bleeding Souls and forced all the inhabitants to flee. Despite the tragedy, Nikolaos saw it as a chance to lose the trail of their brother, so they set out over the mountains in search of a haven. Of course, fate would have it that they were moving back towards where their old home and, indirectly, to eventually cross paths with Pelagios...

They regrouped with their friends, mainly the Agapito family, and ended up settling a pack in a small coastal village. The pack ended up being named Insieme, and Ari began to be a bit overwhelmed by the Italian influence of his new home. Therefore he asked his newfound friends and family to teach him Italian and, through it, how to read and write. Nikolaos, however, began to set out to find Pelagios and try to dissuade him from his dark mission.

1.1  Pack History

  • Veneficus — Youth (05/07 → 02/08)
  • Jaded Shadows — Lehrling (02/08 → 04/08)
  • Lone Wolf — 04/08
  • Insieme — Membro (04/08 → PRESENT)

2.  Personality

  • Soul grade: Neutral-neutral

His ignored life has led him to a personality of duality, and based on if he is alone or in the presence of others. When in the presence of others, he generally keeps to himself, replying when spoken to and generally keeping a matter-of-fact thought process. When in the presence of others, he knows who he is and usually degrades himself. When alone, however, his imagination runs rampant, allowing him to be beyond who he is. This offsets his preferences and usually makes him prefer solitude. Nevertheless, he will be polite and speak to others, and seems to be a smart individual who simply had no schooling.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Ari's only known family are his mother, Melantha, and two older brothers, Nikolaos and Pelagios. Melantha was never known to have a single mate, and as the Diviner of the pack, many simply believed that spirits graced (or cursed) her with children. None of the children know who their father is, or who he even might be. Nikolaos, born first to Melantha, was a stoic individual who seemed to be neutral, if not slightly compassionate, towards Ari. He was named Nikolaos because he was the strong first son destined for great things. The same could not be said for the second-born son, Pelagios. Melantha said she named her silver son after the vast coldness of the sea, and that was exactly how Pelagios was. He was as stoic as Nikolaos, but he had a cold, unforgiving nature that made him Melantha's favorite. Ari, cursed by birth, was ignored by his mother, berated by Pelagios, and silently watched over by Nikolaos until he was taken from the marshlands by the latter and left.

3.2  Acquaintances

4.  Appearance

A rather nondescript boy whose fur is a general gray-brown and agouti-patterned. The hair on his head is unkempt and matted in places and is generally a deeper brown color with slices of golden-blond going through it. His eyes are a brilliant blue which stand out against his gaunt features. He usually wears some ragged canvas pants in shifted form. He is usually in his shifted form, unless stated. He stands at roughly 5'2", weighing around 120 pounds, in his shifted form.