Northwest Coast Coyote (''Canis latrans umpquensis'')

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Coyote Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Northwest Coast Coyote

2.  'Souls Range

Along the coast of Washington and Oregon.

3.  Appearance

This coyote is distinguishable from other subspecies by its darker coat. Northwest Coast coyotes have a black-tipped overcoat, and they appear much darker than most other subspecies as a result. They are typically a drab brown or dusky gray in color, with the characteristic dark markings ubiquitous throughout the subspecies. This is a medium-sized subspecies, comparable to the Mountain Coyote in size.

Canis latrans umpquensis, from ndomer73@Flickr

4.  Other Characteristics

4.1  Social Life

Depending on the locale, these coyotes are either extremely pack-oriented or mostly loners and paired individuals; to the south, the pack lifestyle prevails, while the northern portion of the population is mostly nomadic and keeps to far smaller groups as a result of wolf pressures.

4.2  Survival

These coyotes were a relatively small population prior to 1988, as far as coyote population go -- like most other coyote subspecies, in the years directly following 1988, this population suffered a slight decrease thanks to an increase in wolf competition; however, as the Northwestern Coast Coyote was already experiencing some competition from wolves prior to the demise of humanity, they were better prepared for it than some of their southerly neighbors..

4.3  Luperci

Many of these coyotes are Luperci, though non-Luperci populations may be more common in the northernmost reaches of their range. To the south, some humanized lifestyles are beginning to take hold, but it is hardly a majority. Many Northwestern Coast Coyotes are perfectly content with their traditional ways.

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6.  Citations


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