Palestine Golden Jackal (''Canis aureus palaestina'')

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Jackal Subspecies Map
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1.  Common Names

Palestine Jackal, Palestinian Jackal

2.  'Souls Range


3.  Appearance

Canis aureus palaestina, from yuvalh@Flickr

The coloration of these jackals ranges from tawny to reddish, with yellow or brown in the spectrum between. The back is typically darker than the underside, tinged with black and gray, often with a dark band from the nose to the tail. The underside of the Palestinian Jackal is typically either off-white or white. The size of the Palestinian Jackal is moderate if compared with the larger Egyptian Jackal and the smaller Common Golden Jackal.

3.1  Other Characteristics

Discovered in 2008 by Dr. Sc. Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher Khalaf-Sakerfalke von Jaffa.


This Jackal subspecies is surrounded by various other canines, and so there is not much that distinguishes it from them; of course, as time progresses and interbreeding occurs, this jackal subspecies, occupying a rather small range to begin with, are beginning to lose their identity and defining characteristics. The Palestinian Jackal is almost universally Luperci; they are also rather humanized, as well.

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