2003 — The Third Year

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  1.   1.  Early
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  April
  2.   2.  Middle
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  June
    3.   2.3  July
    4.   2.4  August
  3.   3.  Late
    1.   3.1  September
    2.   3.2  October
    3.   3.3  November
    4.   3.4  December

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While Jaded Shadows remained steady with Mordulin and Salvaged Eternity as the leaders, Silent Dawn rapidly cycled leaders, leading to its eventual demise at the tail end of the year. Although Salvaged Eternity was steady in his leadership role, outside of the pack, he was a torment to the lands—numerous rapes, murders, fights, and other such evils were perpetrated by the man. Celestial Hollow was founded, but due to its floundering leadership, it never truly took off, and was overtaken by an ambitious young female near the very end of the year.

1.  Early

1.1  January

1.2  February

1.3  April

2.  Middle

2.1  May

2.2  June

  • 16 June: Storm has a meeting. Stormy Blackwolf, Amalia, Shadowfax, Taaktuq Piqaluyak, Moondust Wolfen, VoidFane and Thyruik are in attendance. An unexpected event occurs; the former Beta wolf of Silent Dawn, Bloodblack, appears suddenly, and requests entrance to Storm for simple curiosity, though he truly was interested in the beta female of Storm, Taaktuq. Stormy grants him acceptance to the pack, and they eat. (and the reason this makes sense in light of the fact that Bloodblack is in both Storm & SD seemingly simultaneously is because back then we didn't care about timelines at allllll, seriously. ;P)

2.3  July

2.4  August

  • 04 August: A few wolves of Clouded Tears get together for a small meeting. Ceres Sadira, the beta female, discusses the state of the pack with Kiriska, the other beta. Nirupama Rashmi, who had recently returned to the pack, overhears Ceres' musings and shows up to apologies. Kiriska accepts, but Ceres cannot let it go just yet. [4]

3.  Late

3.1  September

3.2  October

3.3  November

3.4  December

* Date on the thread altered so that the timeline makes a bit more sense. :]

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