Kesho Maisha

Kesho Maisha

Kesho, by User?
Date of BirthSometime in 2001
Age> 9 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans latrans
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth place??
Current packInferni

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Inferni II

Joining dateOctober 24, 2010[1]
Previous Rank(s)Tirones, Equites, Hastati
SignificanceMember; warrior

Previous Pack

Inferni I

Joining dateApril 2, 2008
SignificanceFounding member

Kesho Maisha is a founding and longtime member of Inferni. He was romantically involved with Yasu Zarah for a brief period of time, though they bore no children and Zarah disappeared soon after.


Kesho was born, along with 2 siblings, in 2001 to an unknown pair of coyotes. The pair abandoned the litter; unable to handle the prospect of raising children, they simply hoped they would die. Kesho and his unnamed siblings were then taken in by a pack of wolves, who would raise the pair. However, as the pups grew the unsentimental pack realized the trio's heritage; coyote. Being a feudal group, they chased the pups out of their lands, furious at their supposed betrayal, as if the children should have known. They ran, but the female of the litter was attacked and killed, leaving Kesho bitter and angry.

His brother followed him for several months(they were now about 6 months old), but they soon began to fight and Kesho took off, not knowing where to go but hoping he might find a home.

Again, he ran into a wolf pack; one that seemed more open and trusting, though by now he was wary. He stayed here for a few more months, building up a relationship with a young ivory wolfess named Ava. However, before anything was able to come of it, the pack's leadership was overthrown, much to many members' dismay. It became a hostile environment for a coyote once again, and Kesho was picked on and abused. He displays quite a number of faded scars from this period. It was during this time that the presence of a second personality started to become clear, though he would not notice it for a while. He ran away this time, again confused, hurt, and filled with anger and resentment. Never again would he be able to fully trust those canine relatives.

It was around here that Kesho came to the Bleeding Souls land in 2002, desperately seeking a home for his wandering feet; a home that would not change, disband, or turn him away. Standing on that beach with Kaena and Zarah, Kesho willingly and happily joined up with a ragtag team of coyotes they called Inferni. They formed a ruthless group, clearly detesting wolves and their blood.

While here, Kesho formed yet another strong bond with one of the coyote leaders, Yasu Zarah. Their relationship was building when Zarah unexpectedly disappeared. Soon, Kesho got word of her having birthed a small litter of pups which she had left under the protection of the Storm wolf pack. Along with Kaena, Kesho attempted to retrieve the puppies and bring them back to Inferni, but they were unsuccessful.

Following this traumatic period, Kesho went back and forth with himself, trying to decide whether to stay or go. Eventually deciding that he could not emotionally stand to be there anymore, he left.

From approximately 2005-2010, Kesho wandered around Canada, doing various things which I haven't decided yet.

Then, in October 2010, he decided that his feet had been wandering for far too long, and that Inferni had been his only true, [relatively] stable home. And so he returned, ready, willing, and eager to serve the still-living Kaena Lyko


Kesho is slow to trust, unless within his clan(and sometimes even then). He is quite judgemental, but remains, generally, bluntly, grumpily cordial with most, unless he is provoked. Provocation could be loosely defined, and might not take much, sometimes.

He has some sort of strange psychological attraction to authority, and is easily swayed by it; but only if he sees them as worthy.

Kesho would do nearly anything to protect Inferni, including give his own life. Despite his wariness at the idea of having a wolf-looking leader, he is working on getting over it, and is slowly accepting Gabriel as an adequate, if not excellent, Aquila.

Kesho has Dissociative Identity Disorder. His other personality, hereafter referred to as Bael, occasionally takes over Kesho's body, and does lots of things that Kesho probably wouldn't do. Like kill lots of people for no good reason, and things like that.

His alignment can be described as Lawful Evil.

VOICE: Like Dr. Gregory House.



  • Parents — Unknown


Kaena Lykoi

Love Interests


Kesho, by Kiri

An orangeish-brown mostly, with grayish-creme stomach, paws, and underside of tail and graying fur throughout(though it is concentrated around his nose and eyes), from age. His eyes are crimson red. He has a thick scar on his front left leg from a fight(with Shawchert!), several small scars on his face from various fights, and a slash across his right hind leg, from Skye's knife.

Throughout his body, Kesho also sports various scars from his childhood, as well as from his years spent as a loner, where he encountered all sorts of adversaries.

Precise Size

  • Form · Weight · Height · Length
  • Lupus 50 lbs. 25 in. 33 in
  • Secui 170 lbs. 28 in 55 in
  • Optime 185 lbs 5ft 11in --

Preferred Form: Lupus. Optime is used occasionally, and Secui rarely.


He does not always carry all of these items with him.

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