Emerald Mist

Emerald Mist

Date of BirthFebruary 20, 2000
Age> 9 years
Birth placeWhispering Cedars

Previous Pack

Storm (First)

RankSpaher, Gamma Female, Beta
SignificanceMember, sub-leader

Celestial Hollow

RankSpaher, Gamma Female, Beta
SignificanceFounding leader

Storm (Second)

Joining dateJuly 12, 2005.[1]
RankLehlring, Spaher, Wahren

Misty was the Gamma Female of Storm for a short while in 2002. Like the Beta Female before her, Nirupama Rashmi, who left to found Clouded Tears, Misty left Storm to found Celestial Hollow with a beta pair selected from Silent Dawn -- Ravyn Stormbringer and Freak Oriel?. She did not last long in her position, however, and soon abandoned the pack to the beta pair, never to be seen from again. She disappeared for years, but later returned to join Storm in July of 2005.[2]


Misty was born in the Whispering Cedars pack a ways north of Bleeding Souls. She struck out on her own as a yearling, bouncing from pack to pack until finding Storm two months before her second birthday. The founding alpha, Stormy, accepted Misty as a Spaher. She also held the ranks of delta/gamma and beta. Misty was briefly mated to Hatsui, who disappeared, leaving her broken-hearted. She left her position in Storm to found the pack Celestial Hollow. When illness and depression set in, she deserted her responsibilities, causing the already weak pack to decay. As a lone wolf, Misty became friendly with a wolf named Fadevorn who eventually raped her, resulting in the birth of her two children, Jenae and Tiernan. Tension over a third adopted child named Lillith, ironically from the pack that Celestial Hollow had merged into, caused Misty’s children to leave. It was then that she decided to accompany Lillith back to Bleeding Souls. After living as a lone wolf for a few more weeks, Misty rejoined Storm, where she has held the ranks of lehrling, spaher, and wahren. At five and a half years old, she has seen great change in Bleeding Souls.


Misty has many symptoms of bi-polar depression. She has no strong relationships, as she has trust issues stemming from past experiences.



  • Children with Fadevorn — Jenae and Tiernan
    • Adoptive Children — Lillith

Love interests

  • Past mate: Hatsui


  • Eyes: Green
  • Markings: Red tipped ears, dark patches, scars on her cheek and shoulder