Coyote Invasion

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    1.   3.1  June 02, 2002 — First Fight
    2.   3.2  September 15, 2002
    3.   3.3  October 06, 2002
    4.   3.4  October 15, 2002
    5.   3.5  ~ October 2002
    6.   3.6  October 24, 2002 — Inferni
    7.   3.7  December 20, 2002
    8.   3.8  January 2003
    9.   3.9  January 12, 2003
    10.   3.10  ~ April 2003 — End

1.  About

In summer of 2002, a whole bunch of coyotes, some refugees from a nearby forest fire and some random travelers, begin to show up at Bleeding Souls. The coyotes show up and cause a whole bunch of trouble for people for a while, found Inferni, cause some more trouble, and eventually things calm down.

2.  Involvement

3.  Events

3.1  June 02, 2002 — First Fight

3.2  September 15, 2002

3.3  October 06, 2002

  • Blitzaugen of Silent Dawn meanders through the woods. Coyote Kesho Maisha shows up on the scene and starts to be a total creeper, lying to Blitz about his name and so forth. Shortly afterward, Yasu Zarah also arrives, though she chooses to taunt the wolf, daring him to attack her despite her wounded condition. Kesho manages to convince Blitz otherwise, and the wolf even goes so far as to offer Zarah medical help. RiotYote also shows up, along with another wolf, but the party disperses before any serious trouble occurs. However, this marks the point where the coyotes—especially Zarah and RiotYote, who served in a clan together prior to re-encountering one another in Bleeding Souls—realize they aren't alone, and the beginnings of Inferni are here. [3]

3.4  October 15, 2002

  • Kaena Lykoi pretends to be the alpha of the territory, and then kills Aquiliak, a Jaded Shadows wolf, on Storm territory and then consumes some of the corpse. Later, the body is found by Stormy Blackwolf, who is extremely troubled by the strange scent on her land as well as the body. MATURE: [4]

3.5  ~ October 2002

3.6  October 24, 2002 — Inferni

  • Inferni is formed by Yasu Zarah and Kaena Lykoi. They notice the apparent number of coyotes in the land, and discuss things. The pair of coyotes had previously served together in the Darklands Clan in their previous homeland, and they wished to rekindle the flame of their former group, so to speak. Kesho Maisha, RiotYote, Eclipse, and Mune are in attendance. [6]

3.7  December 20, 2002

  • Kaena Lykoi fights Beneremut, a freaking deer. Okay, so this isn't really relative to the coyote invasion 'cause it's a deer, but still, come on. This thread is win. >_> [7]

3.8  January 2003

  • Mars rapes Ceres Sadira of Clouded Tears, resulting in her subsequent pregnancy. Mars wasn't really involved with the other coyotes, he was way more of a loner, but this is still coyote-drama from the same era, so it counts!

3.9  January 12, 2003

3.10  ~ April 2003 — End

  • There's really no culmination point or end for this plot; the coyotes settle down in Inferni and they're dealing with their own problems—a lack of interest, deaths, and personal tragedies plague some of the members, so after a while they're not so interested in going out and screwing with everyone else.