Arlo Xyl

Arlo Xyl was the adoptive son of Yasu Zarah and a previous leader of Inferni. After Zarah's departure from Inferni, Kaena Lykoi promoted Arlo to the subleader position. He assumed the role of the leader of Inferni, after which he raped Kiriska, the leader of Clouded Tears at the time. Kiriska died in childbirth, and the only pup that survived was Laruku Tears, the future Alpha of Clouded Tears. Ceres Sadira sought revenge for Kiriska and murdered Arlo, and leadership in Inferni was passed on to Kidorah Talik.



Arlo is a Northeastern Coyote (C. l. thamnos). Kris let Sie retroactively decide this in early 2013. 8D ♥kris!!!