2019 — The Nineteenth Year

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  1.   1.  Early 2019
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  March
    4.   1.4  April
  2.   2.  Mid 2019
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  June
    3.   2.3  July
    4.   2.4  August
  3.   3.  Late 2019
    1.   3.1  September
    2.   3.2  October
    3.   3.3  November
    4.   3.4  December

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Following the untimely deaths of several of their Sanctum members, Salsola launched an inquisition that carried on throughout much of the year. Throughout March, mysterious sightings of hairless creatures stealing clothing from hapless Luperci were reported in remote areas of the region. At the end of March, following weeks of torment and tragedy at the hands of a group of loners hellbent on revenge, Cour des Miracles disbanded after reigning for nearly 10 years. On June 12th, Del Cenere Gang formed and claimed their territory around the northernmost shores of Moosehead Lake. On August 17th, New Caledonia formed and claimed their territory in western Cape Acadia. Only a month after forming their new pack, New Caledonians began experiencing a number of mysteries within their newfound territory. Casa di Cavalieri hosts a diplomacy summit near the end of October, inviting representatives from every pack within their borders.

1.  Early 2019

1.1  January

1.2  February

1.3  March

  • 1 March: Multiple reports of a mysterious hairless beast or beasts in remote areas of the region begin to surface. Rumors spread that it could be a human or a group of humans and that they're stealing and terrorising lone travelers, especially those with valuables such as clothing.
  • 5 March: Skadi Eklund, Sindri Eklund, and Steinarr Niequist are born in Mistfell Vale.
  • La Marea begins to operate in the Shattered Coast with the intent to destroy Cour des Miracles, prompting guerilla warfare with the pack that leaves multiple casualties.
  • 20 March:
  • [M] 26 March: After an attempt to poison Kamari Kaiser leaves the master spy weakened by alive, an increasingly erratic Delfina attacks the Inquisitor outright. Her attempt to kill the younger woman is prevented by the other Inquisitors, who [M] arrive in time to save Kamari's life. Though she puts up a fight, Delfina is eventually restrained.
  • 31 March

1.4  April

2.  Mid 2019

2.1  May

2.2  June

2.3  July

2.4  August

3.  Late 2019

3.1  September

3.2  October

3.3  November

  • 2 November: Convinced that the Outsiders their scouts discovered are worth questioning, Salsola's leadership organizes its members to capture the strangers for interrogation. Unfortunately, [M] both raiding [M] parties face resistance and are met with violence.
  • 5 November: Smokecloud is born in the neutral territories.
  • 24 November: Kalia D'Angelo is born in Mistfell Vale.

3.4  December

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