Through the Valley

T h r o u g h · t h e · V a l l e y

Date: April 2019 — 15 June 2019

Location: Burnt Church Mountains, northern Moosehead Lake

Outcome: Solomon's Band is destroyed and the Del Cenere Gang forms

B e l l i g e r e n t s

C o m m a n d e r s

C a s u a l t i e s

  • Solomon's Band

Through the Valley was a multi-phase pack formation plot that became the catalyst for the Del Cenere Gang to form as an official pack. Taking place from April 2019 to June of 2019, it brought the two coyote-run Loner Bands, The Cartel and the Drygrass Posse, together against a common enemy: Solomon James and his small band of wolves.

1.  Summary

Note: See the Timeline for specific events.

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2.  Timeline

2.1  Phase 1: A Meal Fit for Bandit Kings

Spring has sprung, and the thaw is taking hold in the locality around Moosehead Lake and the Burnt Church Mountains where the two bands now reside. The nights still linger, bitterly cold, but that's what the firelight is for - and for the first time in what seems like ages for the two groups, things seem to be looking up as they start to establish themselves in their new homes. Tentatively, the trusting threads of an actual bond are forming between them.

To celebrate the changing of the seasons, and newfound allies, there's talk of a dinner buzzing about to help stave off those grim, cold, early-spring nights. What better way to spend that time than getting to know one another?


2.2  Phase 2: We Are Not Alone

You have to love yourself a fire, it's one of the blessings - sure we can have fire. And we can have the knowledge of fire, but with it comes the knowledge of everything.

An uneasy dinner is set into place, and the festivities are underway, but things don't feel quite right; discoveries during preparation have folks on edge. One thing's for certain: w̡é ҉ar̵ę ̨n̶o͟t ̕a̛lo͡n̴e̢.


  • Strange things start to unfold throughout the week while coyotes investigate!
    • [M] have I ever told you 'bout the time I - (April 29)
      A lone horse, still in full-tack, is wandering the woods alone. A fleabitten mare with a gentle disposition, she certainly doesn't seem the sort to be turned out feral, but before further investigations can be made, she wanders back off into the forests from whence she came.
    • [M] The Slip (April 30)
      West of the Cartel's camp, signs of a scuffle are evident. There's three scents here, one of which seems to smell coyote, but it's hard to tell amidst the smell of turned-up earth and mud and coppery blood - it seems fresh, perhaps a day old, and there's all manner of tufts of silvery hair thrown about. Nearby, further up a hill, there's rope.
    • [M] Thurday, 2nd May (May 2)
      A grisly discovery is made.
    • [M] And Storms Will Surely Come (May 3)
      A tiny camp is made to settle in at night, to wait out a storm. It's dark, and the fire can't seem to stay lit - the deluge picks up, and it gets hard to hear. Someone else is there. A scuffle ensues - and someone ends up with a minor injury, though the assailant is chased off, worse for wear. He vanishes, beneath the cover of night and heavy rainfall.
    • [M] the debt un-reconciled (May 4)
      A wounded wolf is found and confronted...
  • [M] strange hands halted me, the looming shadows danced
    Calhoun Escuella's body is sent to the Posse's camp as a message.

2.3  Phase 3: How's it Going to End?

After the weeks, the wondering, the concern, the conflict has been left to steep. A body was found, a wounded wolf confronted, and a Posse member has been murdered. But how's it going to end?


2.4  Phase 4: The Curtains Draw to a Close

And so the curtains draw to a close.

Wolves have been harassing, and menacing the coyotes, but they drastically underestimate who it is that they're tangling with. With their camps partially destroyed, their spirits rattled, but their attackers now known, the coyotes double down in their defense.


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