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Points of Contact

Annual Summary


ColoursKraken Blue (#057D9F)
Seaglass (#61D7A4)
Founded ByLucille & August Cormier
Founded OnJuly 10, 2014
Disbanded OnOctober 31, 2018
2014 Top KrokaranAindrea (Jul), Octavius (Aug), Catriona/Semini (Sep), Catriona/Storm (Oct), Vidar (Nov), Vidar (Dec)
2015 Top KrokaranVidar (Jan), Vidar (Feb), Milos (Mar), Semini (Apr), Semini (May), Semini (Jun), Lilith (Jul), Lilith/Chien (Aug), Eliza (Sep), Aindrea (Oct), Milos (Nov), Eliza (Dec)
2016 Top KrokaranEliza (Jan), Storm (Feb), Storm (Mar), Eliza (Apr), Sylven (May), Sylven/Eliza (Jun), Tansy (Jul), Slave (Aug), Slave (Sep), Iroquois (Oct), Willow (Nov), Iroquois (Dec)
2017 Top KrokaranThiago (Jan), Willow (Feb), Thiago (Mar), Thiago (Apr), Elva (May), Elva (Jun), Elva (Jul), Oscar (Aug), Oscar (Sep), Narcisse (Oct), Oscar (Nov), Oscar (Dec)
2018 Top KrokaranLogan (Jan), Oscar (Feb), Oscar (Mar), Oscar (Apr), Oscar (May), Ascher (Jun), Ascher (Jul), Inara (Aug), Inara (Sep)


Krokar only just formed in July of 2014, but it was a busy year. Their previous home flooded, causing the loss of much of the family's livestock and supplies. It prompted rescues, salvage, and finally the decision to move. Gus and Lucille left first, back to a land they previously traveled through: 'Souls. Along the way, they met new canines, and many of them chose to join the growing group. Eventually the budding pack decided on a new home with several lakes and rivers, along with livable human structures.

Buildings were repaired in their new home, and some new ones were built; the territory was explored and claimed, and pack members got to know each other. The pack as a whole also learned how to work together, which is still an ongoing process. Krokar initially claimed a small section of territory and soon found that they could handle more, and so the borders were expanded.

The beginnings of relationships with other packs were also started. Lucille and Gus personally visited Vinatta, and Gus visited New Dawn, while members of Anathema, Sapient, and Casa di Cavalieri brought gifts to Krokar's borders. A trade was agreed upon with Sapient.

The pack's first litters of puppies were also born: Adonis and Aphrodite Donovan to Piper Dae and Aindrea Donovan, and Gregory Pendragon to Catriona Donovan. The Cormier family is also back together with the arrival of Eliza and Tybalt.

Though the pack has put in a lot of work, there is much still to be done, and 2015 will be even busier than 2014 was.


2015 was a lively and eventful year for Krokar! After bringing in the new year with their first annual Winter Feast, Krokarans worked hard to keep their territory safe, their structures sound, and their stores full, all the while welcoming new members, new caribou, and new Guppies into their folds.

Keeping the stores full proved difficult at first. Thefts from the barn led to an investigation, and it was discovered that a pair of raccoons were at fault. Spring brought floods to all of 'Souls, and Krokar was not spared. Buildings were damaged, especially the Ail Po Barn, the home to a colony of cats. Krokarans bravely went into the crumbling building and rescued the cats, and their kittens too! The colony was set up temporarily in a barn near the village while Ail Po was restored to its former glory.

The flooding delayed a trade deal that was brokered in 2014 between Krokar and their neighbor to the east, Sapient. Once both packs recovered, they were able to complete the first major trade between them and kick off their budding relationship. Krokar also began to make friends with their neighbors to the south. Plans to institute a livestock breeding program were brought to fruition in May, when Mable the hairy cow was bred with Vinátta's bull, and again in August when proposals of trade and pairings was discussed between Milos and Aspen, Vinátta's Stable Manager.

They also received several visits from an ambassador from Casa di Cavalieri, as well as a trading party from Salsola. While Casa's visits were always friendly, there was tension with Salsola due to personal issues between their leaders and Semini. In an effort to cool down these tensions, Semini spent some time building a literal friend-ship with Cour des Miracles.

Semini was not the only pack member to be affected by personal issues. Storm Cormier, adopted brother to Gus, disappeared from the pack to confront the unresolved problems of his past. He returned with grave injuries, but with the help of Pepper and the support of Krokar, he was able to make a full recovery. Eliza Cormier's friend, Peony vanished as well, and the search for her is still ongoing.

In August, Krokar saw its first Navigator promotion with Semini! Gus and Lucille felt that all of her hard work and dedication to many aspects of the pack earned her the rank. Soon afterwards, Taseko spearheaded a new venture: the Krokar Depot near Casa's territory.

Krokar also saw its first official mateship ceremony between Ciara and Aindrea. Organized by Semini and with the help of others in the pack, the ceremony was heavily influenced by the couple's shared Highland culture. In early December, Ciara and Aindrea welcomed three puppies to their family, the first of many to come!

We look forward to seeing Krokar sail into a bright 2016!


It's been another busy year in Krokar! 2016 started off with a lot of puppies: two born to Semini with Sapien, Nikita Volkov, followed closely by four to Lucille and Gus Cormier! Rounding out the year's litters were two born to Eliza Cormier and Milos Parhelion in August.

But not all was rosy in the months between the births. Hardship and tragedy struck in mid-March when Milos' past caught up with him. After destroying Krokar's Depot in the south, a group of mercenaries known as the Austringer Cartel arrived at the pack's borders in search of Milos and his friend, Sorcha. Demanding the two former slaves as ransom, the cartel promised Krokar horses and the return of Eliza's friend, Peony. The pack's refusal to give into the Austringer Cartel's demands resulted in a brief, but fierce, battle and the ensuing confrontation ended in Sorcha's death, along with several of the Austringers. Two of the survivors joined Krokar as Flotsam and began to make up for their misdeeds.

While the pack was still reeling from the Austringer Hostility, a meteor dubbed the Red Star fell into the ocean, and the resulting shockwaves damaged a lot of the pack lands while causing flooding and terrifying earthquakes. The pack came together, with the welcome assistance to their allies in Sapient, to help each other and make all the repairs they could.

With the unwelcome excitement during the beginning of the year, the pack enjoyed the relative calm that followed. New buildings were built, including watch towers at various sites along the border and they held the Celebration of Achievements with caribou races featured prominently. Malina, sponsored by Semini, won this year's race! Other achievements included promotions throughout the ranks, notably the promotion of Milos Parhelion to Quartermaster.

September saw an increase in members, and, as a result, leadership decided to expand the lands and shift their borders to include more of the Miramichi river. Trade continued as well, including acquiring a llama and other goods from one of Vinatta's members in return for a young caribou. During ongoing talks for another livestock agreement with AniWaya, the tribal pack disbanded, and Krokar acquired a large amount of livestock in the process. After the loss of the Krokar Depot, the pack started a new venture in an attempt to increase trade: the Old Ironsides Depot on the way to Portland.

With all the new animals settled in, the pack began to tuck in for the winter, looking forward to the new year.


A biting cold and wicked snow usher in another year for the fisherfolk of Krokar, putting to rest the tragedies, transgressions, and turmoil that seemed to endure the four seasons of 2017.

When their allies were attacked early in the year by a group of mercenaries, members of Krokar stood strong and brave alongside Sapient. The bittersweet victory resulted in the loss of one beloved Krokaran, Nikolas McCreery. Krokar members returned home to find that two expecting mothers had given birth: a pair of puppies born to Ailie Morgan, fathered by Finlay Cormier, and another pair born to Semini, fathered by Lokr Revlis of Salsola. Reluceo Vela, too, gave birth prior to the fighting to two children fathered by Leonardo Auditore of Sapient. While Krokar recovered from that conflict, a new adversary appeared: a sickness that ravaged the entirety of 'Souls territory. Much to everyone's relief in Krokar, the sickness was mild and the pack recovered without casualties.

At the beginning of summer news arrived from Vinátta that its leader was missing and they were disbanding. Krokar took in many of their animals because of the livestock breeding program between the packs. Many of Vinátta's members joined Krokar as well. With their numbers swelling, Captains Lucille and August decided that the time was nigh to expand the pack's territory and Krokar claimed land further to the north and west. After the stress and turmoil of winter, it seemed that peace and calm was finally settling over Krokar and its people began to breathe easy.

Ailie Morgan set off on a trade expedition with Bramble Parhelion in tow, eager to establish the pack as a fair and worthy trade power. Weeks turned into months and, near the end of summer, only Bramble returned. Ailie had been abducted and much of their traded goods lost. And, despite their best efforts, Ailie was never found. During late summer, two new Guppies were born to parents Iroquois and Sylven Firebringer, who later announced their mateship.

In order to strengthen their alliance with Sapient, leadership from both packs brought their respective people together for a late-summer beach party. A raft-building competition was held, good food was served, and much drink was consumed. After returning home, it became increasingly obvious something was not right. Some of Krokar's members had been ill ever since the party and some Sapiens were also sick. Many feared that the pestilence that had swept across the territories earlier in the year had returned. Mysteriously, it seemed only a select few were afflicted. Late in the autumn season, after trading several goods from a passing loner, a number of maps was discovered among the new items. Curious, many Krokarans followed these strange maps and many Krokarans returned.

But not all.

The body of Sapien Kalila Damaichu turned up on Krokar's borders and shortly after it was determined that Oscar Morelli, Thiago Vela, and Reluceo Vela, were missing from Krokar, and that members in Sapient were also missing after discovering maps of their own. Once again, Krokar and Sapient came together to search for their vanished numbers. Meanwhile, tragedy befell the Cormier-Parhelion family when Eliza gave birth to two stillborn pups. While the family mourned, Krokarans discovered that they were being kept in the Serpentine Mountains by a group of slave traders, and made compliant and weak with drugs. Another fierce fight commenced, resulting in the death of a Krokaran named Lilith Fairbreeze when she sacrificed herself to save her packmate, Malcolm. But their efforts, and the lives lost, were not in vain. Krokar and Sapient clinched victory against the drug-dealing slave traders and returned home with their missing members.

With Oscar returned safely home, Captain and founder of Krokar, August Cormier, announced his intention to lead a group to Old Ironsides, Krokar's trading depot stationed in Portland, and relinquish his role as leader. Long-time Krokaran, and former Navigator, Semini, too, announced that she would be leaving Krokar to sail the seas as captain of her very own ship.

After a treacherous year of tragedy and turmoil, it is Krokar's hope that 2018 will bring peace, quiet, and cheer.


Cold and cleansing, the winds of winter wiped clear the worries and the woes from the previous year and promised a bright and bountiful future for the fisherfolk of Krokar.

With the announcement of a scavenger hunt that included Sapient, Krokar, and the distant coyote clan of Inferni, January allowed Krokarans the opportunity to reunite with their allies for the first time following their defeat of the drug cartel that had dogged them both, as well as provide the chance to form diplomatic ties with a clan that was lesser-known to them than most others.

Encouraged by the success of the scavenger hunt, Captain Lucille and Quartermaster Milos held the pack's first Festival of Luck event in March. Intended as a way for Krokarans to explore new lands, near and far, or to scavenge and engage in trade, the Festival of Luck provided members with a goal that they could attain and an excuse to go exploring after a long and snowy winter. That same month, Eliza Cormier and Milos Parhelion welcomed three new, healthy Guppies to the pack.

Later that spring, after being missing for over 10 months, Ailie Morgan resurfaced at Krokar's borders and was finally welcomed home. But, as spring melted into summer, turmoil and discord rippled through the tiny Morgan-Cormier family. In an act of defiance and discontent, the children of Ailie Morgan and Finlay Cormier defected from their birth pack and sought a new life in the newly-formed Mistfell Vale to the south.

But life carried ever on and, with summer in full growth, Krokar's fourth annual Celebration of Achievements was held. This year's event saw a new game to the festivities: Ball! Envisioned by Norah Morelli, the objective of Ball was, quite simply, to score a goal by ensuring the ball crossed over the opposing team's line. In this year's first Ball game, Team Two, comprised of Eliza Cormier, Oscar Morelli, and Percival Parhelion, won over Team One, which consisted of Elias Blueridge, Finlay Cormier, and Milos Parhelion. In addition to Ball, the pack's second caribou race was held and Myla, sponsored by Ascher Stormbringer, came in first place.

As summer burned on, warm and bright, Krokar continued to experienced growth and prosperity. Milos Parhelion was promoted to Captain toward the end of June and Oscar Morelli accepted his promotion to Navigator in August. Meanwhile, later in August, Ascher Stormbringer and Tarina Skadi welcomed a new son to the pack.

It felt as though everything was finally evening out.

As it does, Summer aged and, slowly, the verdant leaves faded into hues of maple and crimson and gold. And, with this kiss of autumn, came a letter from Old Ironsides in Portland requesting goods and labor. Impressed with their outpost's success, Krokar's leaders gathered together the requested items and, eager to see her husband again, Lucille volunteered to lead a large crew that transported the goods and animals down to Portland.

Shortly after their departure, a strange young woman found her way to Krokar's borders and attempted to evangelize its people to her beliefs. Uncertain of the woman's intents, Eliza demanded that she leave.

And, for several days afterwards, everything seemed as it should have and, as it does, life went on.

Then, on a dusky late-autumn night, two figures stole into Krokar under the cover of darkness and ignited a fire in Fiskebyn. The fire spread rapidly through the village and expanded into the nearby Aster's Fields, threatening its animals. While some Krokarans attempted to fight the flames in Fiskebyn, others saved their livestock by setting the animals free from their paddocks and stalls.

But a dry and blustery autumn encouraged the flames and, despite their best efforts, Fiskebyn burned. Krokarans scattered from the flames and, in the days that followed the destruction, it became obvious that the damage that had been done was irreparable. In addition, Krokar's sole remaining Captain, along with his daughter, was missing. Leaderless and without their homes or livelihood, it was decided that Krokar would disband.

In the wake of Krokar's disabandment on October 31st, while others moved on to seek out new lives, members of the Cormier-Parhelion family stuck together and formed a new loner group called The Shoal.


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* In the spirit of [[Packs/Krokar]], the pack comes together for their annual Celebration of Achievements festivities and holds their first Sink or Swim contest, a competition that encourages members to test their skills at building a water-worthy vessel from scratch. [[Characters/Chien( Dupont)]] and his sailboat win the contest. '^[[NSoulsThread:22807|#]]^'
  • In the spirit of Krokar, the pack comes together for their annual Celebration of Achievements festivities and holds their first Sink or Swim contest, a competition that encourages members to test their skills at building a water-worthy vessel from scratch. Chien and his sailboat win the contest. [1]


July 2014

August 2014

Joiners: Kaylie, Semini

September 2014

Promotions: Theon Russo (Outrigger)

October 2014

Joiners: Tyris Kurosoul
Promotions: Artemis Nightclaw (Outrigger)

November 2014

Promotions: Octavius Poer de Angelo (Outrigger), Semini (Outrigger)

December 2014

Promotions: Gunslinger Russo (Outrigger)


January 2015

  • Krokar's first annual Winter Celebrations event is launched, starting with an ice fishing competition. [30]
  • A bonfire, one of the first of many more to come, is held for the Winter Celebrations. [31]
Joiners: Ciara, Conan, Grizzer
Promotions: Theon Russo x2 (Magnate, Wayfarer), Octavius Poer de Angelo (Wayfarer), Semini (Wayfarer)

February 2015

  • The winner of the ice fishing contest is revealed to be Theon Russo. Krokarans celebrate with a winter feast! [32]
Joiners: Sortio, Nvda Eclipse
Promotions: Semini (Magnate), Milos Parhelion (Outrigger), Vidar (Outrigger)

March 2015

  • Krokar is hit by heavy flooding in the Spring, causing damage to many buildings and sections of fencing and the loss of some vessels. Several Krokarans, including Milos Parhelion, Lucille, Sortio, Storm Cormier, Semini and Nvda Eclipse come together to help round up the livestock in an effort to keep them safe. [33], [34] In the aftermath of the floods, an attempt is also made to help relocate the feral cats and kittens who live at Ail Po Farm to ensure their safety until the floods have receded. [35], [36]
  • Lost and confused following the damage from the spring floods, Beatrice Tindall finds herself well into Krokaran territory and is approached by Milos Parhelion and Semini, the later of whom she unexpectedly recognizes. [37]
Promotions: Milos Parhelion (Wayfarer), Vidar (Wayfarer)

April 2015

  • Over the past couple of weeks since the flood, something appears to be stealing from the communal storage. Krokarans find that bags of animal feed have holes chewed in them, dried apples and other produce are missing, and tools and hay have been scattered in the process. After time and investigation, it is discovered that the culprits are raccoons! [38]

May 2015

  • The Donovan family hosts a party and all Krokarans are welcome to join in the festivities! [39]

June 2015

July 2015

  • Krokar celebrates its 1 year anniversary!
  • In the spirit of Krokar, the pack comes together for their annual Celebration of Achievements festivities and holds their first Sink or Swim contest, a competition that encourages members to test their skills at building a water-worthy vessel from scratch. Chien Dupont) and his sailboat win the contest. [42]
Promotions: Storm Cormier (Outrigger), Lilith Fairbreeze (Outrigger)

August 2015

  • August Cormier and Lucille announce Semini's promotion to Navigator, the first of its kind in the pack. Semini accepts and is congratulated by her pack mates. [43]
  • The Captains of Krokar learn of New Dawn's forcible disbandment and encourage its members to offer asylum and aid to the refugees.
Promotions: Semini (Navigator), Eliza Cormier (Outrigger), Ciara (Outrigger), Aindrea Donovan (Outrigger)

September 2015

Promotions: Milos Parhelion (Magnate), Eliza Cormier (Wayfarer), Ciara (Wayfarer)

October 2015

  • Taseko proposes the idea of a trading post offsite from Krokar but still within the 'Souls area. [48]
Promotions: Ciara (Magnate)

November 2015

December 2015


January 2016

Promotions: Eliza Cormier (Magnate)

February 2016

  • With dawn glowing on the horizon, Milos Parhelion and Eliza Cormier hold their mateship ceremony with only immediate family present to witness the joining of the two lovers. [60]
  • The Outpost disbands and, since their Outpost stall remains standing, an idea for Krokar to take over the area to form a new depot closer to home is proposed.

March 2016

Promotions: Sylven Firebringer (Outrigger)
Deaths: Sorcha Logan

April 2016

Promotions: Sylven Firebringer (Wayfarer), Aphrodite Donovan (Outrigger)

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016

Joiners: Tansy Brier
Promotions: Milos Parhelion (Quartermaster), Eliza Cormier (Navigator), Ciara (Navigator), Sylven Firebringer (Magnate)

August 2016

Joiners: Slave, Nishan

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

Promotions: Willow Cormier (Outrigger), Elias Blueridge (Outrigger)

December 2016

  • After finding an incriminating piece of paper on his person that suggests he's a slaver, Iroquois calls for leadership in the middle of Fiskebyn, where she has Walker Dupree tied and bound. Tempers flare and accusations are made, but in the end, it's revealed that Walker was using the list of slaves to find a friend from their shared past: Milos Parhelion. [89]
    • Once an understanding has been reached and Walker Dupree has been unbound, Milos Parhelion finds him attempting to slip out of the territory and stops him. [90]
Promotions: Thiago Vela (Outrigger)


January 2017

Promotions: Iroquois (Wayfarer), Thiago Vela (Wayfarer), Ailie Morgan (Outrigger)

February 2017

  • After all the chaos and drama of the previous month, February was mercifully calm.
Promotions: Ailie Morgan (Wayfarer), Finlay Cormier (Outrigger)

March 2017

  • The calmness from previous month stayed through the month of March.
  • Ailie Morgan begins a passionate relationship with a woman named Marty. While things start off well, however, there are red flags.

April 2017

  • A sickness breaks out around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Thankfully, members of Krokar seem largely to be spared from any serious illness.
  • In an attempt to provide more opportunities for successful fishing, Leadership decides to shift the pack's territory slightly to west and claims parts of Moosehead Lake and St. John's Chokehold. [99]
Promotions: Thiago Vela (Magnate)

May 2017

  • Members are encouraged to explore their new territories to the west.
  • After weeks of being subject to Marty's controlling and borderline abusive tendencies, Ailie Morgan breaks off her relationship with the woman near the end of May.
Joiners: Elva Kai

June 2017

  • On 7 June, Ailie Morgan and Bramble Parhelion depart from Krokar on a trade excursion that will take them down to the peninsula and back. Unbeknownst to them, however, someone is watching them. [100]
  • Word reaches Krokar that their neighbors, Vinátta, have disbanded following the disappearance of their leader. Krokarans offer a home to those displaced and is gifted several of their animals.

July 2017

  • Bramble Parhelion returns home without Ailie Morgan. Attempts to find her are sadly unsuccessful. [101] [102]
  • Another explosion of growth allows for leadership to expand the pack's territory once again, claiming more tributaries and bodies of water.
Joiners: Xylia Napier, Ibycus, Dagr Soul, Yngvi Leirfall, Brynja Lykoi

August 2017

Joiners: Sebastien Stone

September 2017

  • Following the end of the beach party with Sapient, many individuals from both packs find themselves with killer hangovers...
  • Sapient hosts a game of beer pong and Oscar Morelli joins in. [M] [107]
  • Afterwards, Krokarans return home with surplus fish and figure out what to do with it all. [108]
Joiners: Chetan, Keabetswe

October 2017

Promotions: Oscar Morelli (Outrigger)

November 2017

December 2017


January 2018

  • On 15 January, a multi-pack scavenger hunt is announced between Krokar, Sapient, and Inferni. Teams consist of one member from each pack, who must then work together to find a list of items and be the first team to reach Biff's Bar. The scavenger hunt ends on 21 January. [121]
Promotions: Finlay Cormier (Wayfarer), Oscar Morelli (Wayfarer)

February 2018

Promotions: Logan Cormier (Outrigger)

March 2018

Promotions: Oscar Morelli (Magnate)
Deaths: Chetan

April 2018

May 2018

  • In a distinct reflection from an earlier time, Ailie Morgan and Elias Blueridge reunite on Black Lake. After telling her story, they share an intimate moment that strengthens their friendship. [M] [136]
  • Milos Parhelion visits Mistfell Vale and presents Calia Larsen with gifts from Krokar to strengthen interpack relations. [137]
  • After avoiding her for weeks, Elle Cormier finally reunites with her mother, Ailie Morgan, for the first time since she went missing. After telling her mother she doesn't forgive her for disappearing, Elle informs her that she's changed her name from the one she was given: Elise. [M] [138]

June 2018

Promotions: Milos Parhelion (Captain)

July 2018

  • Krokar celebrates their fourth annual Celebration of Achievements event! [144]
    • Norah Morelli announces a new game for this year's celebration that she calls, simply, Ball! Two teams, consisting of Elias Blueridge, Finlay Cormier, and Milos Parhelion on Team One and Eliza Cormier, Oscar Morelli, and Percival Parhelion on Team Two, face off with the simple objective to get the ball past the opposing team's goal line. Team Two wins! [145]
    • A caribou race is run again this year, with seven caribou being cheered on! This year's results were as follows: 1st: Myla (Ascher Stormbringer); 2nd: Pana (Oscar Morelli); 3rd: Amaris (Eliza Cormier); 4th: Noatak (Percival Parhelion); 5th: Nanni (Ailie Morgan); 6th: Malina (Milos Parhelion); Jack (Finlay Cormier).

August 2018

Promotions: Oscar Morelli (Navigator)

September 2018

  • At the end of the month, Ascher Stormbringer happens upon a strange woman outside of Krokar. Unknown to either of them at the time, she will be one of the players in a devastating event that will lead to the dissolution of his pack. [148]

October 2018

  • On 1 October, word reaches Krokar from the Old Ironsides Trade Depot that they are in need of goods, animals, and help. Milos Parhelion begins to gather together some of the requested livestock. [149]
  • On 8 October, after gathering a large group of volunteers to join her on the journey to the trading post, Lucille embarks from New Brunswick to Portland with a number of animals and carts filled with goods. Norah Morelli sees her mother off. [150]
  • On 10 October, a young woman named Stella Flint arrives at Krokar's borders and attempts to evangelize its people to her beliefs. After being drawn by her voice, Eliza Cormier meets her at the borders and demands that she leave, unaware just how disastrous this single act will be. [151]
  • On 25 October, two Omniscients, Miriette Hatzi and Rosa Somnia, carefully scout Krokar's borders and identify its weaknesses. Encouraged, they to slip quietly into the territory under the cover of darkness and start a fire in Fiskebyn before absconding to the borders. The flames spread quickly, engulfing their sleepy little village before dispersing to nearby Aster's Fields.
  • Between 26 October and 30 October, scattered Krokarans begin to filter back into Fiskebyn to find it and nearby Aster's Fields reduced to ash and rubble. Ilse Verhoeven is found to have perished in the flames, likely while attempting to save the animals. While most who fled return, Milos Parhelion and Daisy Parhelion remain missing.
    • Ibycus surveys the damage and attempts to locate some of the displaced livestock. [155]
  • On 31 October, Krokar officially disbands. Without their leaders, their cottages, or their livelihood, the remaining Krokarans leave the territory they called home for four long summers – some to look for their missing, others to follow Lucille's band of travelers to Old Ironsides to deliver the news – and the ruins of Fiskebyn and Aster's Fields are left for nature to reclaim. [156]
  • Following Krokar's disbandment, members of the Cormier-Parhelion family band together to form the loner group The Shoal.
Joiners: Twist Dogvane

Leadership History

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
July 2014 - October 2018
August Cormier
July 2014 - September 2017
Milos Parhelion
June 2018 - October 2018


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