2018 — The Eighteenth Year

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  1.   1.  Early 2018
    1.   1.1  January
    2.   1.2  February
    3.   1.3  March
    4.   1.4  April
  2.   2.  Mid 2018
    1.   2.1  May
    2.   2.2  June
    3.   2.3  July
    4.   2.4  August
  3.   3.  Late 2018
    1.   3.1  September
    2.   3.2  October
    3.   3.3  November
    4.   3.4  December

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2018 saw uprisings, disbandments, and the creation of a pack: Anathema disbands following an uprising and Cour des Miracles survives an uprising after killing a Pretender; Sapient and Inferni disband; and Mistfell Vale forms. Many Loner Bands form in the power vacuum that follows.

1.  Early 2018

1.1  January

1.2  February

  • 10th: Mistfell Vale formed and claimed their territory in the southern half of the St. John's River.
  • Queen Mistral was publicly executed by the Court in February 2018.
  • Kalypso Savoy assumes leadership of Cour des Miracles as the Reine/ Queen.

1.3  March

  • Anathema officially disbanded on March 1st following a month of warfare started by their own former leader, Kentaro Lykoi.

1.4  April

  • In April, strange flora began appearing along some of the coasts, sprouting upwards of 20 feet and prompting investigation from many Luperci, some of whom lost their lives to the enchantment of the flora's smell...

2.  Mid 2018

2.1  May

  • In May, former King Silvano Sadira succumbed to dementia and went to join his mate in the afterlife. His body was found by Abigail Sadira and Cicely Sadira, and the traumatic event set off Cicely's first shift.

2.2  June

2.3  July

  • 16th: Sapient disbands. When a member of the pack is murdered and a treasonous note is found, suspicions and doubt are cast upon the pack's leader, Nivosus Moineau. When the the pack tries to bring him forward to defend himself though, they find Nivosus having escaped and run off before he could be questioned before his pack. Without a leader and without any willing to step up, the pack unofficially disbands, its Portland location to follow within the week afterwards. Members scatter from the pack lands over the following weeks.

2.4  August

3.  Late 2018

3.1  September

3.2  October

3.3  November

3.4  December

  • 27th: Cent is born in off-board territory of Boka, alongside two sisters.

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