Phoenix Valley-Inferni Tensions

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1.  About

Though this was not a true war, Inferni and Phoenix Valley experienced a fair amount of tension throughout 2009. It escalated to violence in very few instances—war was never officially declared, but it provides an explanation for the dislike harbored by both sides.

2.  Leadership

2.1  Inferni

Gabriel de le Poer is the Aquila (first in command) throughout the tensions. Ryan de le Poer is the Centurion (second in command) for most of the tensions.

2.2  Phoenix Valley

Iskata Sadira is the Matriarch (first in command) at the beginning of the tensions; Jefferson Soul takes over partway through. Jefferson Soul is the Savant (second in command) during the beginning of the tensions; DaVinci Daite Nasphrite takes over partway through.

3.  Backstory

Phoenix Valley began to stir tension with the Inferni clan when a few of its members began trespassing on the clan's territory. One of Iskata Sadira's daughters, Zana Avaya Lykoi, was found wandering by the Inferni clan's members several times, and the clan decided to keep her, since she was partly coyote anyway and they believed that her mother was doing an exceptionally poor job of raising her. Of course, Phoenix Valley took issue with this, especially Iskata Sadira. She showed up on Inferni borders, only to be killed by Gabriel de le Poer, who hid the crime and did not speak of it. Iskata was never found.

Tensions escalated further when the subleader of Phoenix Valley, DaVinci Daite Nasphrite and the subleader of Inferni, Ryan de le Poer (rank successor to her father, Anselm de le Poer), began to kindle a romance. The former of the pair trespassed on Inferni territory several times, and the coyote clan was rather peeved at this (leader Jefferson Soul, though disapproving of the secrecy, maintained a friendship with Ryan and allowed her to visit Phoenix Valley). Tensions died down primarily without conflict, the exception being a victory to Jefferson Soul when trespassed Valley borderlines and a fight ensued. Ryan de le Poer and DaVinci Daite Nasphrite eventually eloped to happytimes together, leaving the subleader position open in Phoenix Valley. It was later claimed by Geneva Stockholm, formerly of Crimson Dreams and Jefferson's unexpected mate. Though Phoenix Valley and Inferni aren't particularly fond of the other, for the moment things seemed to have cooled down between the two.

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